Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fallin' Asleep

Conrad has been away on business for two days. I can not WAIT for him to get home (6:15PM today). I mean, YES I absolutely miss him but I really need to get some sleep.

I guess Blanca and I are used to the sounds our old house in Dallas made... so when it's night-time here and Conrad is not in the house making noises, it's dead silent and then the house will creak and scare Blanca and I both to death.

It happened Sunday night... the house creaked and Blanca looked at me- I looked right back at her. I think she was saying YOU'RE the mom! ... and I was saying YOU'RE the guard dog. Instead absolutely nothing was done... we just looked at each other warily.... and settled back down to a restless night's sleep.

Last night I kept the TV on all night and we both seemed to sleep a little better. It's a little odd and scary though when she glances up in the middle of the night, barks sharply and jumps down off the bed. I always want to say WHAT- WHAT did you hear???? I'm sure it's just a dog thing and I bet she does it normally all the time- I'm just too busy sleeping the rest of a person who feels safe and watched over. I really do when Conrad is around. Most nights I just drop right off, peaceful as all get out- but we REALLY need him to hurry home!

Ah yes- the wedding favors were decided upon yesterday AND I broke down and decided to hire a DJ. We need someone there to kind of walk us through everything. They are pretty helpful keeping things on track. They really are pretty inexpensive- so it's not that big of a deal. I'm thankful I'm not going to spend 10 nights in a row downloading songs from ITunes and then praying my computer doesn't crash that night. It's all good!

Tonight is relaxing, tomorrow is snack shopping for the EIGHT HOUR plane ride and also washing clothes... Thursday is packing and taking B to Strawberry Dog for HER vacation.



Dickie said...

I FEEL your pain...thing about WHERE I live..10 miles on the other side of NOWHERE! Talk about dark..whooooo hoooo, you cannot see a thing out there! YIKES

Christie Rogers said...

Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Marriage is wonderful beyond words. I wish you the best! Wedding are so fun - What are your favors?