Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Overprotective Parent

I am starting to re-think Miss Daisy's Dog Camp for Blanca.

I keep thinking about those two acres where the dogs just roam free. What if one of them digs and then she and a whole bunch of them get out? Are their fences reinforced with that concrete to keep them from getting out? I mean, I know this is a facility that has insurance and probably has to think of these things... but she's not THEIR dog. She's OUR dog and if something happens, we'll just be devastated.

Then there is the issue of the no kennels. I LOVE that- but we all have bad days. What if one of the other dogs steals a pillow B is laying on and she gets upset... will she get into a fight? I just want her to be safe and happy while we're gone. The truth is, she is NEVER happy when she is away from her daddy. *sigh* We are TERRIBLE parents for going away and leaving her, and enjoying our time in Hawaii. Awful, awful... I already feel so guilty.

She is in desparate need of a haircut- so Saturday she is going to Strawberry Dog for a grooming treatment - or as we call it- doggie spa. While she is there, I am going to visit a few kennels around the area... and then later next week, I will drop her off at Miss Daisy's during the week and let her have her interview during the week.... let her try it out.

There are so many decisions! We only want what is best for our children...



Anonymous said...

What if someone steals Blanca's pillow? Are you nuts! That dog will take every other dog's stuff and make her own castle with all of it!