Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well .. my nine days of vacation are almost over. In some ways it was great, in some ways incredibly boring (who would have thought I would get bored at home, but I DID) and in some ways it will be hard to go back. I think the hardest thing will be getting up early - I've been sleeping pretty late (at least late for me).

I have enjoyed the daytime TV like the Today Show, The View, Oprah, Martha, Ellen ......... and I did get a ton of things done here at home ... errands and such. 

I have no idea what we'll do tomorrow, but I know around 3PM I will start to get incredibly depressed. I can't believe it's already OVER.

I also can't believe it was 85 degrees almost the entire week. It almost ruined it all. I had visions of being bundles up, drinking Starbucks, out Christmas shopping all week  ... but I barely got presents wrapped. I was and am still SO NOT in the mood.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ed Hardy

I found these:

They are by Ed Hardy and are pretty close to the Ugg boots. They are less in your face, since they have some suede and not completely 100% covered in sequins. I love these too. They go for $100 less than the Uggs.. Conrad asked me to send him the link.



Favorite Things 2

Holy crap on a cracker!

She had a Favorite Things show PART TWO. WHATEVER! Now I have more choices and you're just going to die when you see what I fell in love with.

I think Ugg boots are the ugliest things out there, and yet, their holiday versions are NOT. They are AWESOME and I have fallen in love with the black ones.

YES they are COVERED in sequins. Couple of problems: Houston has about 4 days a year I could actually wear these. It's Thanksgiving week and today's high is 83. They cost $175 DOLLARS. That is CRAZY ... CRAZY. I told Conrad last night and he just looked at me. He didn't tell me no, I don't think he would ever tell me no, but he knows I'm not CRAZY ... even though I am crazy about these things. The last problem is I can't wear them to work. After our United Way campaign it became clear that the powers that be frown on sequins. They have been strictly prohibited, LOL and I know that sounds funny .... but showing up in boots covered from sole to top - clearly violates that rule.

but I LURVE them!

So Conrad had a good idea. He said I should start a search for some knockoffs and that sounds GOOD to me! We talked about it last night. If I can only wear them 4 times a year, they will last me the rest of my life. My budget is going to be $75-100.

How crazy am I ????


Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things

Sorry for my silence, AGAIN.

Life just catches up with you ... and the next thing you know, it's been 18 days.

So I know most of the world knows about Oprah's Favorite Things. Today was her last Fav Things show and I just watched it. Besides the diamond watch, the cruise and the cashmere stuff, most of the things are surprisingly affordable and I really like to learn about new things in the world I never knew about.

I assume since her magazine will keep going even after her show is gone (and she does Fav Things in her mag every December) ... we will keep hearing about things most of us underlings don't know much about.

So today I made an executive decision. I'm not a big shopper and I am for SURE not extravagant ... but I do think once in awhile I deserve a little pampering! SO ... beginning this year, right now .. and continuing on as long as that December magazine issue is coming out ... I am going to buy myself ONE favorite thing every year ...  I'm almost debt free ... I make good money ... and most importantly I WANT to.

So my choice this year (you can view the entire list on her website, .... I choose

Breville Panini Press which retails for $99.95 at Williams-Sonoma. I am getting this baby NEXT WEEK.

Monday, November 1, 2010

2nd Opinion

This afternoon Conrad and I took Blanca in for her second opinion. I am having REAL issues with my vet and I have lost confidence in them. I called last week to get B's pathology report and what I saw made me even madder. She just called and told me that Blanca had "Fibrosarcoma" and that the surgery WAS the treatment. Well YOU Google Fibrosarcoma, all KINDS of stuff comes up. Turns out she has Low Grade fibrosarcoma, which has been contained in the subcutaneous region (skin, not muscle or bone).  She told me NONE OF THIS - SO - time for a new vet!

This new doc went word by word through the results and stopped to explain everything. I now have a clear picture of what she has. It may or may not come back- he did examine her and he KEPT saying what good shape she was in - he inquired about arthritis but to my knowledge she has never had it. He said her heart sounded great, eyes clear - everything good. He said in a dog her age sometimes they began to show signs of heart disease, but she has not. This little blip is all we have that's wrong.

He made sure to be honest and let us know, hey - once there is a cancer of any kind- you just have to check for the remainder of the life. That's people or human. You wouldn't go in to be treated for lung cancer and never go back - you would go back every 3 to 6 months for life. You just DO. He said this could be an isolated incident and she could live to 15 problem free, OR next year she could have full blown cancer of another kind. You never can tell - and again, that's people as well as animals.

I'm glad I went - and as we were leaving he did say he wanted to ask a question and the question was, "Do you believe me?" and my answer was "Yes".

He is going to go ahead and take the percaution of calling Texas A&M and speaking to the person who did the histiopath and find out if there is any other information he can give us. We should know something Wednesday or Thursday. I did tell him to please call Conrad - I just think that's better for me. Otherwise I will be waiting and stalking my phone and every time it rings, my heart will drop. That's just the kinda girl I am. Conrad loves her as much as me.... but he is much more logical and I just would rather hear anything, good or bad, from him.

Ok, that's the report!  Pics very soon on my dining table. SUPER CUTE.