Thursday, October 18, 2007


OK, so I am CRAZY.

I went to work and told the girls about the dress. We looked it up on the Alfred Angelo website and they told me I was an idiot. SO- I emailed the lady and told her I wanted to take the dress to a cleaner and alterations person to see if it could be fitted to me and also maybe, I don't know, thinned out or something - it's SO HEAVY. Also I don't like my arms and I think a strapless just SCREAMS look at my arms.

So she let me take it and I got it home. Oh my GOD, I am a fairy princess!!! I put it on and my arms looked GREAT. I was GORGEOUS. I needed a tiara. I was shocked. Heavens! I don't think anyone can look bad in a wedding dress.

So I took it today and all the necessary changes can be made and for a very reasonable price too... so I took the woman $100 after work today. I totally did NOT think I was a princess gown kinda girl- but... maybe I am. :)

So now I got two things checked off the list today- bought the dress and also sent out all the Save the Dates. We are TOTALLY all caught up. We can now have two more weeekends in relaxation and then Hawaii and then back to the wedding grind... but until at least Mid- November we're DONE!!!

... big thanks to my mom for going out into a cotton field in the middle of the night and stealing stalks for the centerpieces!!!! Now I can go spend your bail money- we didn't need it!