Friday, October 26, 2007


I so totally think I should be famous. I want, deserve and SHALL BE FAMOUS.

I was reading on one of my Favorite Websites- and she has a blog. A little back story- about three or four years ago I Googled myself and came up with a website called and it was created by a girl in NYC with a FABULOUS name JUST LIKE MINE! I immediately forgot about tracking myself through cyberspace and began reading. Karyn had gotten herself into some financial trouble and was asking people to bail her out and THEY TOTALLY DID. She set up a PO box and asked for people to send a dollar or five or whatever they could spare. Soon she was posting money-saving tips and people were sending her shampoo samples, etc... I soon found myself facinated with the website- I was a complete cyber-stalker. I logged on daily and if she didn't update her site that day, it ruined me...

Anywho- good things have happened to Karyn since. She has written TWO books, of which I have read and LOVE LOVE LOVE (Save Karyn and 20 Times a Lady) and also she has written I think a screenplay. She donated all the money she got from the website to some agency when she was able to get back on her feet and she is brilliant! She is totally one of my Myspace friends and I read her blog all the time.

Today I was reading her blog and saw that she was promoting this other blog- and it's called Pink is the New Blog.,.. and then let's not forget how famous Perez Hilton has gotten on his. So this got me to thinking- I am just as witty as these cats... just as smart... I just don't live in a particularly metropolitan place- I know, I know- Houston is metropolitan - but I actually LIVE in Tomball, Texas- and these peeps which I totally just promoted are living in NYC and LA and places like that... anyway - HEY, I think the world is in need of a Southern Blogger. Not only southern, but Texan, which everyone knows is a thing unto itself.

So I'm totally on the warpath to being famous. I'm going to continue to be witty and clever and eventually, you'll see me on the Today Show or better yet, Conan O'Brien.

I am also now going to send this link to Karyn and see about getting some Blog Love on her site. Wish me luck!

K-Dog 3000


Christie Rogers said...

Great blog! I found you through Pretty in the City. Maybe you will be famous!