Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fine Dusting ....

Conrad and I went to Home Depot this weekend so I could show him subway tile live and in person. I couldn't find any. See, NOT TRENDY!

Anyway - I just realized as I look around and think I NEED TO DUST AGAIN?  ........

This is a 1700 sq ft house.

Now I'm going to have to dust a 3000 sq ft one?



Monday, May 30, 2011

Subway Tile

Conrad just broke my heart into a million pieces, y'all.

As you know, we're moving forward on this house building thing. We met with the builder last week and gave him the re-vamped plans. We shrunk the house by 144 sq feet, removed some built in's, killed a porch, etc - in an attempt to lower the price some. I expect to hear from him in a few weeks. Once we do, we'll call a couple of loan places and then I think before we know it, we'll be off to the races. I'm trying to be a little proactive by putting together a little story board on each room. So that way we'll know what flooring we want, what colors we like, the cabinets we like, the stain we like, the faucets, etc ... and there will be no tears as we move into the design center to decide on finishes.

So as I've found things to paste in our book I've run them by Conrad. I have ALWAYS loved subway tile. It's CHEAP # 1 - I think it's like less than $1 a tile - and I think they are classic and won't "date" our house. They aren't trendy - like those itty bitty glass tiles are now- and I just love them. So I showed him a picture similar to this:

I wanted him to see the white tile against the black cabinets. We've decided on black cabinets.

You guys THIS is the kitchen of my dreams

When I showed him these, he scrunched up his nose and was like mmmm .... eh ..... and so I thought OH we have such a white kitchen right now, he's probably super tired of it. He doesn't want to see anymore white tile. White would be my choice but COMPROMISE! Got it! Back to the drawing board.

So today I showed him some colored tile and even some glass subway tile. Look at this deliciousness!

So I proudly show him and he says to me, "Um, I think I just don't like subway tile." I ..... I have been speechless for hours. WHAT? How can he just not like subway tile? What does that even mean? I just stared at him. I don't think he knows he ripped a jagged hole into my subway tile loving soul.

I could cry a thousand rivers. I think in my heart, I had a vision of the kitchen just ENCRUSTED with this stuff. I am SO hoping he doesn't want big, chunky, super square tiles. If so I am going to FREAK OUT. But I'm trying to remain calm. This is OUR house, I get that -- but I WILL have my subway tile. Even if it's the back wall of the bathroom upstairs in the tub - I will have it. That's 84 inches STRAIGHT UP, baby ... I WILL HAVE IT. If it's relegated up there though I can not be responsible for what I will do. He will be looking for me all over the house, and will pull back the shower curtain and find me in there, stroking that beautiful WHITE subway tile. I am hoping to gain some self control between now and then.

My question remains, however, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? I thought his mama raised him right?! I need to call her and see if his hatred of subway tile stems from her. I bet if I showed his sister, she would LURVE it.

I'm going to go now and try to put the pieces of my heart and soul back together. Grrr ....


Sunday, May 29, 2011


I was DE-termined not to waste this Memorial Day weekend. I took Friday off and used it to clean the house and run my errands, like the post office and grocery shopping. That always seems to eat up at least a day during the weekend. I also wanted a lot of laying around ... book reading, moving watching and super yummy grilling. But more than anything, I wanted to do a few things around the house we never seem to get around to:

* Hanging pics
* Organizing the laundry room
* Organizing all my magazine and recipe clippings

Etc ... and I am happy to say all of these things are either complete or in progress.
That is a GOOD feeling.

For instance, I got Conrad a NICE picture of Texas. He always wanted one that looked like a map and had that nice, big, thick leather frame. Those are not cheap. So ... I waited until Christmas and got him one. How I got that GINORMOUS picture home in my tiny Toyota Solara with only two doors is another story unto itself, but I did it. Well after all that, it has sat for exactly 5 months. Finally I said Conrad, let's HANG IT and so we did and it looks AWESOME.

Before the pic:

Taking a break - while the drill charges: (and yeah, they are ALWAYS together)
WAIT ! Is he holding her HAND? Good Lord!

Picture hung:

Yeah, I know, night and day difference. I don't know WHY we waited so long. Lazy.

Also, you may be asking why we are spending money (even if it was 5 months ago) on THIS house when we are going to be building another one. Well I told Conrad a few months ago, as money allows, as I find things here and there I will be dragging them home to "stage" this one, as we build the other one. Conrad has always wanted one of those Texas map pictures and it's REALLY nice as you can see and will be perfect for his office in the new house. So why not buy it and enjoy it now? It will go with us to the next house and will just be one more thing we don't need to buy when we're faced with a big house to fill... and really wanting things to look "complete".


Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Rugs!

After making the front door area all spiffy I started thinking about the kitchen. We seem to have random rugs thrown everywhere. Like a rug fairy has come to visit. But if that were true, I'd have much higher quality of rugs!

There are actually nothing wrong with these rugs, except that there is no navy in the main areas of our house. Conrad had them when I moved in - so I don't know, I guess boys gravitate to stuff like navy. He must, our master bedroom is navy.... anyway, the rugs ... they are still in good shape.

But I thought we needed a fresh look and for like $11 - why not? It made me feel better. So I threw these in the washer and folded them up and put them away. I figured we could use them somewhere in the new house, even if it's outside. I still have all the navy bedding from when Conrad lived alone before I took over :)  --- and heck, maybe the upstairs master will be navy and these can be the bathroom rugs. Who knows? I am NOT a waster!

So here are the new lovlies ...

I think these are totally great! We have tons of these colors in the house - white, black, browns ... all over the place. So these really look good. They are also really fluffy. I can tell the difference when I do dishes at night. It's like standing on a cushion. LOVE!

But don't tell Conrad ... I don't want him to think I ENJOY doing the dishes.


Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Difference a Rug Makes!

Conrad had this rug at the front door when I moved in. I think I had the SAME rug in Dallas, before I moved. Pretty sure mine were in the kitchen. This rug was fine, for a long time but last weekend when I was sweeping I noticed how bad and how frayed it looked and really - for a 7 year old rug from Wal-Mart probably, not bad. But can you see where at least in three places the strings are coming out?

So I took myself down to Wal-Mart last week and bought a new one. One that's a little different, or quite a bit different. I just needed something small in the space there - but I wanted it to POP, for whenever we start showing our house - so I went with a bold color. Red and khaki.

The reason is, if I back up a little you can see our dining room is red and khaki and I think it looks GREAT (click on the pics to make them bigger). I was so surprised how good it did look when I put out the new one. Blanca doesn't like it. She keeps smelling it and glaring at me. I guess she can smell all the people who have handled it - and it does not meet with her approval. She doesn't like change. She had probably JUST gotten that old rug to smell like her and now she has to start all over again. I'm a terrible mom. :)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Top of Spaghetti!

This is one of my favorites now - regularly in the rotation. It's Conrad's grandmothers spaghetti with meatballs. These meatballs ROCK. I made this Friday night. Look how delightful!!!

1 lb of ground beef
1/2 lb of italian sausge - I get the kind in casings and just make a slit and pull out the meat - usually if there are 5 sausages in there, I use 3 for this recipe. Freeze the other 2
4 pieces of toast / ripped into tiny pieces
2 tbsp of chili powder
1 tbsp of garlic powder
handful of parmasean cheese
1 onion- chopped fine

I just dump all that in a bowl - and mix it up with my hands. I make meatballs with it - and bake them for 30 minutes at 350. His grandma makes her own sauce, but I don't. I never have time. I just pour some Ragu or Prego or something in a pan when the meatballs are done, transfer them to the pan and let them just sit in there on med/low while my noodles are cooking.

Good stuff, takes no time at all! It's one of Conrad's favorites. I never liked italian sausage until I started making this. Now I love it.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Can ANYONE on the EARTH please tell me why boys can't put a new roll of toilet paper on the roller? I swear I go into the guest bath once a week and find this ... I don't get it. How hard is it to change it out?


Monday, May 23, 2011


My weekend was GREAT! Which is good ... because work is going to be crazy between now and July 1. So I need every weekend to be good - relaxing and yet productive. If I can fit those two in, then I will be doing good. On the work front, we have one person moving on via promotion and one person moving on via a new job, elsewhere. So that's a lot of change in a small amount of time. I am losing some accounts and gaining some others and am also I guess LEAD person of the transition. So I have to be managing all the transition  .... So between today and July 1 - craziness, but busy!

I cooked a couple of times this weekend. We also went to see the new Pirates movie. I really liked it - we went to the Movie Tavern. I almost always see movies this way now - a little lunch, a little iced tea, sitting back and watching the movies. Regular movie theaters don't appeal anymore!

I got a lot of cleaning done Saturday morning too. I took an hour and straightened, swept, starting washing clothes, did some dusting ... also some extra stuff like - washing a load of bathmats and things I don't need to do every week. Conrad cut the grass ... I did a small amount of re-decorating and cleaned out the DVR on the TV. I also fit in a nap .. and we watched an AWESOME Saturday Night Live. I love it when Justin Timberlake hosts, his skits are pretty funny. I also went to the library and got a ton of books, including two new cookbooks. Love that! I smiled almost the whole weekend, which was just what the doctor ordered!

This week- LONG WEEKEND! I took off Friday and of course, Monday is Memorial Day. So I have 4 days. I am hoping to do a lot of napping, a lot of cleaning and organizing and a lot of nothing. We'll see how I fit that all in! Oh and I also plan to garage sale this coming Saturday. I have been on a long hiatus because frankly we're busting at the seems in this house - but I figured I'd head out and see if I could find some books or some cute LITTLE stuff. I'm excited about it!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Roses

I discovered something new!

They are called Happy Roses or Rainbow Roses. Have you ever seen such a thing?

I think they are SO beautiful. I want some so bad but they are EXPENSIVE.

Here is how they do it, according to Wikipedia:

The rainbow rose is a rose which has had its petals artificially colored.
The method exploits the rose's natural processes by which water is drawn up the stem. By splitting the stem and dipping each part in a differently colored water, the colors are drawn into the petals resulting in a multicoloured rose.

CRAZY and they are like $89 for a dozen. That's a lot - but I would pay that for a special occasion. They are so pretty !!!! The process doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I could get some white ones and try .... Think about if I had known they existed when we got married! That would have been such a colorful and happy looking wedding.

As a matter of fact, let's pretend:


Friday, May 20, 2011

Repair or Toss?

I got this bag about ten years ago from TJ Maxx - I think it was about $35 and it was SO nice. It's leather, it's a nice bag - and it's made to look worn. I bought it when I was traveling so much - and I needed a nice overnight bag or if I was going to be gone longer (in the days before Kindles and IPads) and I was carrying books and magazines - a nice carryon bag. The longer you carry this thing, the more worn it looks. It's really nice.

About 3 years ago I pulled it out for an overnight trip to Philly and one of the back straps had snapped and I was HEARTBROKEN. (here it is fixed!)

I don't even know what happened but I was SO SAD. This is where my frugality kicked in - I didn't know what to do. It is a nice bag - and it's pure leather and I think the tag said it would have normally sold at something like $200 - so I just stashed it in the bottom of my closet. I have a hard time throwing anything away. I buy RIT dye for when my white clothes start to look dingy and the next thing you know I have new black pants or a new navy shirt. I'm just like that ... and I could not bring myself to throw my bag away.

So this week I pulled it out again - since my credit card is paid off- and finally felt like whatever it cost, I could afford to go get it repaired. So I took it to a tailor over here by my work on Friday and I picked it up Monday at lunch. $20 and it's like new. If I had known it would be that cheap, I would have done it a long time ago. I really am so glad I had this done. Every time we would travel I would pull it out and just be sad all over again. This bag served me very well back when I was living in Dallas. Welcome back into the rotation, leather bag!

Now I can't wait to travel again!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Emails

I was going through old emails - and I found some from everyone. Funny pictures, birthday greetings, etc ... and I save some of the sweet ones Conrad has sent.

I ran into this one- where it was this game to email everyone and ask them to use one word to describe you. Here was his answer and he is the SWEETEST. 

I KNOW. His word was " Everything" .... AWWWWW
As if I needed a reminder that he is PERFECT and that ....  I could not have found anyone more perfect for me.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Conrad got me a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas and I had not yet used it. I was feeling sort of shoppy this weekend and so I decided to run by there and see what there was available.

I used to cross stitch - so I wanted to check out and see if they had any new kits or patterns I liked and they didn't. Those things are getting SO corny. I am probably going to have to design my own. Then I remembered HEY- Hobby Lobby sells Wilton cake stuff and I need new cake pans SO BAD. I swear the ones I have are the ones I bought in 1995 when I got my first apartment. They are all rusty and crusty - and I think I threw them away a long time ago. For the wedding I got some nice square ones and a loaf pan which are all silicone. But I wanted some round pans and I thought I would check out their selection. I have been baking square cakes now for three years.

SO glad I did.

I got two round pans AND found a set of three sheet pans which I needed so badly. I have one sheet pan with no edges and one with edges. The one with edges is starting to turn black. YUCK. These all have edges and I love them! Three different sizes. HEAVEN. I also found this cute mini loaf pan. I've never had anything like that before - I started imagining little banana breads around Christmas- and mini meatloafs - some to eat now and some to freeze. I am going to have SO much fun with that little pan.

Grand total was $43- and my gift card was for $50. Nothing like FREE money shopping!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is just a fun post- my mom is a shoe junkie. I might have inherited that sickness. I don't buy them often, but I do seem to keep them forever (if they are in good condition).... and if you can't think of something to get my mom for birthday or Christmas, a shoe is just her ticket. She likes classic, but she also likes funky - and when I buy them fo her, I try for a wild color like royal blue or purple. She digs it. I guess I do too. Case in point:

These are the ones I wore Friday. I actually have had them for like ten years - they are Enzo's and I got them when Foley's was still open. I haven't worn them in forever. I was in the closet that morning and was wearing an outfit in various shades of blue and I thought OH my pale blue patent leather shoes! ... (yeah that is not a trick of the light. These could totally be Easter shoes!) and I went hunting and found them. I have never, ever - on any work day gotten so many comments on my shoes. Everyone noticed them and I started to really like them again. I guess I should dig up some of my old shoes more often. I have an entire rolling bin full of them. Time to put them back into rotation!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to Normal

I am not 100% yet- but I think it's time to get back into the swing of things. I cleaned house this weekend and nearly killed myself, but it needed to be done. It looks SO much better- it was driving me crazy.

I am going back to water classes starting tomorrow. For this week, maybe just the two classes during the week and maybe walking on the treadmill this weekend. Just something slow to get me back on track. Zumba they said maybe a month or six weeks before I can get back to it. So I think slow and steady wins the race here.

Also last night I went and saw Mama Mia! at the Hobby Center. Kelley and I have season tickets and we see all the shows. I haven't been impressed with ALL of them this year. It's actually been rather disappointing. One we left in the middle of, one I wanted too- and one I didn't like but I stayed and Conrad went with me on that one ... but Mama Mia! has been my favorite. It was so good! This morning I dug out my Mama Mia! soundtrack from a few years ago and rocked out to Abba all the way in to work!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sink Cabinets

Conrad and I have met with who we really think will be the builder a few times now ... and I think we've figured out a way to save money. Sink cabinets!

Joanna owns Refined Spaces in Tomball and she really helped me out. I think we are doing this in the powder room and also in the downstairs guest bathroom. Otherwise we have to pay for the sink, granite, the actual cabinets, hardware and stain/paint. This way -we just buy this thing and all we have to put on is the hardware. It comes with the sink and everything. You can buy them big and small ... with long counters or just one sink ... you ca get them painted or stained and you can get simple ones or really wild, carved ones. It's WAY cheaper ... and the company is in Arlington, mere steps from where Conrad's people are from. We can go home for a visit, and pick these babies up on the way home. No shipping!

I talked to the builder and he is ok with us providing these. Not to mention I just REALLY like the look of them. I did how it feels like another piece of furniture. I like how many styles they have and can't wait to pick some out!


Friday, May 13, 2011


Conrad and I bought these two bushes last spring. I LOVE the smell of jasmine.

We didn't cover them this winter - and we had like a million hard freezes. I thought they were gone for sure. They were BROWN and stayed BROWN until about a month ago when I saw a little peek of green. Conrad worked in the yard one Saturday and did some weeding and they came back! This morning ... this was what we had. Even little jasmine flowers!

If you notice the ground looks pretty dark it's because it's finally rained. For HOURS yesterday and I was so excited. I swear I can't remember rain, even a faint rain in about ... at least 2-2.5 months. So weird for Houston.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I got this cute dress for a weddding we went to this weekend. I really dug it and it was really comfy. I also think it's un-dressy enough to wear to work. I don't like buying things I can only wear once. That's probably why I got my wedding dress (originally $800 brand new) from Craigslist for $100 and resold it for the same amount a week after the wedding. LOL

Anyway, this weekend I got to wear my new shoes (which did hurt after standing FOREVER) -- and I also wore my black pearls.

I don't know if anyone can tell (I can) but I lost 11 lbs during my workout/gallbladder phase. I was super bummed I had to stop working out for about three weeks. However I can start back up later this week - I think I may shoot for Thursday's class. Anyway, getting there ...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Maybe I won't kill the blog. I got some emails, a comment and a few FB messages. I just feel I am running out of things to say. I look at other blogs and these women post EVERYDAY and everyday is some project like refinishnig a dining table or cooking some four course meal and I think I don't have TIME to do that.

I have not really felt myself since the surgery. I guess it's a mild depression. I don't feel BAD. I mean I can totally be here at work, I can cook at home- I can clean again ... I did the laundry this Friday ...  I can do most everything I could before except for workout (that's next week) ... but I don't feel GOOD either. My incision sites itch and they hurt. I'm still sore. I still sleep a lot and when I don't - I feel like I should be. I still get exhausted at work and I have this pins and needles sensation on my incision sites. I looked it up yesterday and it said that they had to cut nerves and it's just the nerves growing back. It's a very annoying feeling. We went to a wedding this weekend and a part of it was outside and I started to sweat some and it got on my incisions and it just felt ICK ... and I just feel ICK. I don't feel GREAT and I don't feel NORMAL ... but I don't feel BAD enough to justify anything.

I sort of feel like I need a day or two off to just get back to myself- but I just had an entire WEEK off. I think though unless you've had surgery you don't understand that it wasn't a week OFF. It was a painful week. I didn't get to do anything around the house- moving was hard. I wasn't going out to eat or shopping- couldn't drive. I wasn't reading or watching movies even though I stocked up on both- I could barely keep my eyes open. I wasn't swimming or taking bubbles baths- I couldn't submerge. I was basically sleeping, getting up and taking a shower, making it back to the couch to sleep some more. I got that headache you get when you sleep too much- I was miserable. I couldn't really get dressed since pants hurt where I was cut ... there was no point of makeup. I was in a huge funk for like 7 days. It wasn't a vacation, it wasn't relaxing or fun. I couldn't even wash clothes or do anything useful. Conrad was only home with me the first day, the surgery day, so I was home alone, I was bored and lonely. It felt like the whole world was going on without me and going on just fine ... But how do I explain all of that to coworkers?

I'm just not feeling myself. I'm grumpy- I want to workout again. I'm tired. I'm  ... whatever.
I guess this is normal. I hope it's normal. I'm giving myself the rest of this week to get home from work and sleep, to cook craptastic meals like grilled cheese and not feel bad about it ... but next week I am back to 100%. I am back to cooking, cleaning and reading .. watching movies and working out.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Closing Up Shop

I'm thinking of killing the blog ... I harldy ever get comments, I feel like not many people read. Comments are the lifeblood of a blog. Especially when I post on something like being debt free. You'd think people would rush to comment, but they don't...

So I sort of feel like this is an internal diary of sorts and I can buy a journal and do that ...

I'll probably leave this up - because all the great blogs I love are cataloged here - on the sidebar and I need those links. But as for me? I might be done. It's been 4 years or something so not a bad run.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yes I'm Sure~

I logged on to Citibank to make SURE I was paid off. Sometimes you get a straggler ...

This was the message I got:

I don't know if I've ever seen anything more beautiful.


Friday, May 6, 2011


5 YEARS ago I moved to Houston and I was in a world of debt.

I don't want to go into all the reasons, etc but let's just say it wasn't ALL me. Someone else helped me out - and I didn't appreciate it. I had other bills that were all me like when my AC went out and my school and just other assorted things. I moved to Houston with 80K in debt - and that did not include my truck. I was in a MESS.

I got this job and we get bonuses and things here and I also worked REALLY hard and I also didn't shop much and tried to just be really frugal. Conrad helped a LOT in that he paid the house payment and all that - and really let me use my paychecks to get this debt knocked down. I started the Dave Ramsey way. I picked the smallest card and paid as much over the payment amount as I could. When that card went away I picked the next card- sent the payment in and all the rest I had leftover (which was more than before because card # 1 went away) ... and so on.

I have done this for 5 years. We still went on trips and we eat out. I belong to a gym and Massage Envy. I still bought Christmas and I made sure I had new clothes when I needed them, but there was NO crazy spending during this time. I worked HARD and Conrad worked hard too - just by the support and by not requiring me to contribute 1/2 to our household.

I am ESTATIC, PROUD, overwhelmed to say that yesterday I paid the last $886 towards that $80K. It's done, over - I didn't declare bankruptcy - even though there were days I thought I would. It is OVER OVER OVER.

I think I owe $7K on my car and really at this rate I could pay it off in 3 months. It's nothing I'm not used too. But Conrad and I are meeting this weekend and we'll decide. I think I am going to increasse my 401K to the match amount and THEN we shall decide what to do with the extra. The options are pay off the car, save for the house/furniture or else Conrad will maybe want me to make the land payments (and overages) now as we get closer to the building the house. We're just not sure yet.

But the albatross is GONE off my back and his and I could not be MORE pleased !!!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011


I just posted on Jess's blog yesterday because she raised the question about Bin Laden and how she felt about all the people celebrating in the streets, on Twitter and Facebook - and I told her how I felt on her comments section and then I said I didn't even blog about it... I didn't want to shove my thoughts down people's throats. But after a day has passed I decided well maybe I WILL blog about it because two weeks ago I was crying in Chili's over George W's book and the chapter The Day of Fire.

So here's how I feel.

I didn't shove my feelings down anyone's throat. I didn't put flags on my car and I didn't come in to work hooting and hollering. I'm not TACKY. But inside, I am dancing a jig. I've been listening to ALL of these people on the radio and TV saying how BOTHERED they are by the jubulation and how we should never, ever celebrate a death. That he was human and we should care about his humanity and he had kids and wives, blah blah.

Here is how I feel about it. He was anatomically human, yes. So was Manson, so was Ted Bundy. NONE of those men had a drop of humanity in their bodies. When BL decided he was going to plan this Day of Fire, he did it over a looooong period of time, he sent people over here to go to flight school and even during all of that time he was still bombing ships and spreading his terrorism all over the planet. He sent those people here and he KNEW there were babies on those planes. He knew  there were mom's and dad's in the Pentagon. He KNEW there were parents working in the Trade Center and innocent people eating in the resturant at the top. HE KNEW and he didn't care. So I don't care about him.

I don't believe that everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus should be nailed to a cross to see how it feels. I love Hindu's, Jews, Christians, Buddists. I have respect for everyone. It REALLY ticked me off that just because we don't believe the same things, he sent his Nasty Ninnys over here to do his dirty work.

When I first saw the news Sunday night, I sat in my bedroom and cried for about 30 minutes. I cried for all the people who lost their lives and all the families that had to carry on without them. You can laugh and say "Oh she's from Texas death penality state " .... but I believe in an eye for an eye. I believe if you kill people, you deserve to be killed. It's in the Bible.

I was VERY proud when George W said "the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon" ... I do support the death penalty and I'm not afraid to say it.

I think I'm fairly non-judgemental, but I actually sat in my car listening to the people talk about humanity and how they "could not celebrate a death" and the first thought that went through my head and it has NEVER gone through my head was "Bleeding Heart Liberals- MEH" and I switched off the radio. That's how I feel. If people want to cry for him, then go ahead but I won't be joining you.

Justice was served. As Toby Keith said "we'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way"  - I am 100% ok with that. After I was done crying, I did a little celebratory dance in my bedroom and and as Conrad and I watched the President talk I just kept thinking GOOD, GOOD, GOOD. He deserved it. It was 9 years, 7 months and like 20 days coming.

Also, I have heard from several accounts they didn't just break into the compound and shot him. He knew and he ran. He looked right into the faces of the black ops people and he knew the jig was up and that America was going to make him pay for what happened. That is satisfying to me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back at Work


Sorry - I have been out of it. I went back to work on Monday. I've been doing ok about getting here within 30 minutes of my start time. I'm having a HARD time waking up and getting out of bed this week. I have a sit down job- but I do have to hop up to the printer and scanner a few million times a day. I think it's wearing on me a little bit. Every day by 3PM I am pretty much toast.

My boss is being really great about it though. She's concerned. She was on the CALL list when I came out of surgery. She checked up on me last week and comes by a few times a day to the cube here and asks how I'm doing. I know if I needed to roll home at 3, she'd be cool with it. She keeps telling me surgery effects people for a month or so sometimes afterwards and I know she gets it. But for now I am toughing it out. I am just so DOG BONE TIRED.

I am in bed at 9 and I struggle to get up by 6. My inscions hurt. A lot. At least two of them do. The one down by the bellybutton is a killer - but the rest I guess are ok. I had them looked at on Monday when the stiches came out - and they look the way they are supposed to. I have been able to cook and stuff at home though since Monday. I haven't vaccumed or cleaned anything really and Conrad did the laundry this weekend - but I think by Monday I will be ok to bend over and scrub things again. I have just been USELESS besides the dinner making and even then I am the Queen of Grilled Cheese and Sausages in a Bun and soup, frozen pizza. Conrad hasn't been enjoying chicken parmasean, turkey meatloaf or homemade mac n cheese or anything. It has for sure been simple, kindergarten type meals. At least it's something. He's so good though. He says he's fine with peanut butter and jelly - so I know as long as I am grilling cheese and making soup and things that are hot, he is happy.

I am supposedly cleared to get back to water aerobics (not Zumba) next week. So we'll see how I feel on Tuesday. I hope I am up for it. I miss it!