Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fountains of Chocolate

Since they came out with chocolate fountains you can have at home, I've wanted one. I don't entertain that much- although it would have come in handy at my sister's bridal shower, but I always just wanted one.

So then I decided when I met Conrad and knew it was heading in a "forever" kinda direction- I decided HEYY- I'll just have one at the wedding! Now, I don't know.

1) I can go get one from Sam's or very easily. They are less than $50. The first problem is- if I bring one from home, my own personal one, then we have to clean it- such a pain! Also I would have to go and buy all the stuff for it the day before. That day is already going to be SO busy- I have to pack, rehearsal dinner, all kinds of last minute decorations... who has time to run to the grocery store unless it's for HARD LIQUOR?! Also I think these "at home" ones are a little too dinky for a wedding...

2) I can rent one- from a party rental place. They are big and nice. They set up and tear down and I think they even can bring the stuff to dip. SCORE. But how much is THAT? I would much rather get a nice stereo system or something set up for the outside ....

I remember when I worked for Pro Pac and handled all those events, we would order NICE stereo systems- same kind of deal. They come and deliver, set up, tear down and take away. It's probably about the same cost.

Surely music wins out over chocolate? Right? SURELY! Why am I saying such things? Chocolate contains life saving antioxidants!

I have the money for both- but here comes Christmas, Hawaii next week- I ended up blowing my monthly budget cause I found my dress a full three months ahead of schedule. The wedding budget thanks me but the October budget is crying... November will be crying too. I found the invitations- right now they are 40% off, so I think I'm going to get them now, even though again, not on the list until WAY down the line. But we could get them now and start stamping them. Of course, the postal service has a good six more months to raise the rate three or four more times. :)