Monday, October 1, 2007

Bullets and BBQ

Wedding venue is BOOKED.

April 26, 2008 at County Line BBQ in Houston, Texas. Be there!

We went last night, took pics and ate dinner... paid the deposit and left. Easy breezy... the manager concerns me a bit because he was pretty distracted, but I have been dealing with someone else on the phone, so I'm going to call him back today and confirm. Then it all should be fine. Now all just fun stuff from here on out!

Conrad has purchased me an "engagement gun" of sorts. If you know the Hopkins clan, they are GUN LOVERS- and so are the Abercrombie's and the Doran's.... so I come by it honest, I guess. Anyway- Conrad thinks I need something I can handle, so I now am a proud co-owner of a brand new Smith & Wesson 38 special... this one has a laser too... I guess for easy "girl shooting". The thing is, PLEASE, I can shoot a fly off a mosquito. It's in my blood. Conrad said fine, we are going to try out that theory. He is going to bring some "big stuff" to the range next weekend, whatever that is, and put me to the test. Fine. It's not a problem. Shooting, drinking, fighting-all in my blood and heritage. I say bring it on... I say give me your biggest gun and I'll shot the target with one eye closed, holding a beer. Problem is, I think they frown on drinking and shooting at the gun range. Kind of sad, I'd say my ancestors did some of their best shooting while drinking. *sigh* HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND ME! (kidding.... )

and of course next weekend Blanca also has her big interview at Miss Daisy's Dog Camp. We are VERY excited about that. I hope she does well. I think later this week I'll have her hair done, so she can look her best. Most people are dazzled by Blanca's beauty and tend to overlook her actual personality.

Blanca's Mom,