Monday, October 8, 2007

Where's the Beans!?

Do you know what the most essential ingredient is for green bean casserole? YES- you ARE smarter than a fifth grader!!!! Green Beans... and uh, we didn't have any. So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to pull off the green bean casserole last night. So difficult I was not able to do it. SO SAD... it's on the grocery list for next week!

Well. I forgot to mention the most exciting news of this weekend!!!

I took Blanca into Strawberry Dog this weekend for her hair appointment. She LOVES that place. She nearly breaks the leash to get in to see and kiss Ms. Diane. They adore her there- they say she is the most well behaved schnauzer and also that she is beautiful. DUH!

Anyway, THEY BOARD!!! It's not well advertised, but they do! They have dog runs in the back and she will get to go outside four times a day and also for $6 more, they will let her out once a day for like 30 minutes to do whatever she wants. They play ball or run or just sit there - whatever she wants to do. They also have staff in the building 24 hours a day!!! That is almost unheard of. No place I know in Dallas or Houston has that and it makes me feel so much better. Miss Daisy's is $30 a night, Tomball Pet Resort is $25 a night with extra for playtime and Strawberry Dog where she is already known and loved, is $13 a night with the $6 extra for playtime. GOOD GRACIOUS! SIGN ME UP- so I went ahead and signed her up. I shaved off hours of errand time on Saturday- I was prepared to visit kennels all day and find a good place for her. I am excited and Ms. Diane and her people are excited. It was a good day!

It was such a good day- I had time to run and order the wedding cake. Would you like to see it? It will be this cake shown below, but the scrolling will be in Maroon (for our Texas A&M themed wedding) and the intials of course, will be K and C.

Things are just moving right along! Conrad's mom called last night with some great decorating ideas... which I will pass on to my decorators. :)

She is also going to make my garter- a Texas A&M one, she has some cake serving sets left over from when Conrad's grandmother was a caterer- she is having them engraved with our wedding date, which is AWESOME. I had been looking at some, but had not yet decided on one and now I don't have to worry! She is also handling the unity candle. I am sending over the verse today. Some people do poems or sayings. I thought a Biblical verse would be great... so here it is - "Philippians - Chapter 2:2 Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose."
I think that's a VERY nice and uplifting verse and it really does reflect Conrad and I. I think it's perfect.

That's all to report today!