Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Addition

Well ... we went sort of a new direction!

We got a 2004 Toyota Camry Solara this evening ... it only had 34K miles on it. Silver with gray leather interior. Moonroof, nice radio, fully loaded, not a scratch on it. One car owner, with a 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty ... I am VERY pleased.

My payment has dropped $175 a month and I'm welcome to pay it off at any time and I just might ... in the next few days I'll take pics and post them here. I'm so proud!

It drives like a dream ... and it was a very pleasant buying experience. I work with a lady who's husband is a fleet manager. I found the car online today- went in, drove it and bought it ... it seemed to take forever, but other than that, a very nice experience ...

I think it's a good car, it will hold it's value and Toyota's are great cars. I'm happy.

Big thanks to Conrad for the help, the support, going with me, etc ... couldn't have done it without you!

I am so glad to have this out of the way. I felt so unsettled with the rent car in the driveway and no car of my own ... and trying so hard to never get a scratch on it. All the worry. I'm hoping this purchase goes a long way to getting things back to normal around here.


Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's not been that easy to think of a new car to get. I sort of was happy with the one I had - but I'm not in the market for another $30K truck.

I've narrowed it down to the Mitsibishi Lancer or Galant. We test drove them yesterday and a dealership in Houston has a lot of 2008 and 2009's in inventory - the only thing I need to do is add leather. I don't think any of the ones in inventory have it and since I have a messy dog, I sort of need it.

Anyway I lean towards the Lancer. Check them out! Pretty cute little sporty things. I haven't heard back yet from the total loss department at Allstate, but I'm sure they will want me out of the rental car this week sometime ... so time is a tickin' ...

This happening during Christmas and New Year's has not helped. So many people on vacation, it's hard to get anything done ...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wear Your Seat Belts, Kids

Allstate called yesterday after nine days- they had finally looked at my truck ...

The first thing the guy asked was everyone ok? And I said yes and he said well because when I looked at the truck my first thought was something bad had happened to the people who were in it and I said oh no- I walked away from it- I went to the hospital and I hurt, but I'm ok and he was like hmmmm.... I had no idea what he meant until I got to the storage yard yesterday to sign it over to the insurance. WOW, It was really pretty bad. The last time I saw it was the morning of the accident and I was in shock and hurt and I didn't pay much attention. I knew it had some damage, some major damage and I was PRETTY sure it was totalled - but I had no idea ...

The good news is they gave me within $40 of what I owe on it ... which if you know me, you know I've had all kinds of cars and trucks in my short driving life and I always roll the balance of one into the other - and now that I'm older I know that's a stupid thing to do. Makes no money sense at ALL ... but I figured I was way upside down on the truck, but since I've had this one the longest- five years almost, I had gotten to the point where I owed what it was worth. WHAT A RELIEF! I thought I was going to owe some residual to the bank.

I looked for the other car out there and I didn't see it- so I'm hoping they took it to a shop to fix. It was a Range Rover and it was pretty much like hitting a tank. I'm hoping his isn't totalled and we still don't know who's fault it was yet - so waiting for that ... BUT at least I know the truck isn't going to cost me any money, I signed it over and can look for a new car next week when everyone is out wheeling and dealing ...

The moral of this story is: Wear Your Seat Belts Kids! I am positive it saved my life.

Here ya go .... pictures peppered in this post of what I walked away from ...


Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey All ...

So sorry. I've been hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. I haven't felt much like posting or even logging on. The bumps and bruises are healing, but my head is not. It's been EIGHT days and Allstate has STILL not looked at my vehicle or the other guys ... and I am SO worried ...

He says it was my fault and I say it was his, the investigation has not yet begun - they have to wait ten days for the police report to come out. The police report says it was my fault, but Allstate has assured me they do not take that at face value, they investigate.

So with being in pain, I have also had to deal with daily phone calls to them checking on status. So far, nothing and Christmas is two days away - I bet nothing will be done until at least Monday ...

Today I had a bit of a scare. I was driving to work (in my rental) and I started seeing stars and halos around the lights of other cars. I got into work and turned on the computer and it was like being drunk. I called my dad and since he works at a hospital he went to get a doctor and it was determined I am VERY sensitive to the muscle relaxers. I took one at nine PM last night and I think it finally wore off sometime this afternoon. Apparently Norflex has a half life. So when you take the second dose the first one is still in there working. I thought I was going to be ill this morning but all seems to be going well.

Then on the way home, Enterprise Rentals calls and tells me I have to return the car, Allstate will no longer pay for it. UM, WHAT?! So I have to pull over and gain control of myself and we got to the bottom of it. Apparently, every four days Allstate has to renew it with the rental company or they make you bring it back.So they renewed it for me, but I am still suffering the heartburn that call caused me.

AH, the things I am learning.

I am ok, I am alive- but I am frustrated beyond belief and worried about the outcome of the investigation- and yes, Conrad is being a dear. He listens when I cry, he cheers me up when I get down, he speaks sense to me, cooks when I just can't seem to make myself do it - and all manner of other things. He's a prince. It's good to be part of a team.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm not doing too good. Every time I close my eyes I see his truck coming at me and I feel all over again the impact. Every part of my body hurts - being sore is an understatement. The only thing that wasn't hurt is my face - everything else is killing me.

I am so upset and so depressed and I feel so stupid. I have no idea yet who's fault the wreck was or how much this is going to cost me. I called today and upped my liability because apparently I only carried what is necessary in Texas ... and um, he had a Land Rover. So if his car it totalled and it's my fault- I have no idea what I'm going to do. I am hoping hoping that's it not and it just needs a lot of work ... my truck, I have a feeling is a goner. The entire front is smashed in - and with the age and milage, they may just total it out. What a pain to have to find a new car.

Oh and speaking of a new car, getting into the rental and driving to work is almost more than I can stand. I just sat in the bedroom sobbing this evening because it took everything I had to get back into a car this morning ... I honestly think I am going to have an anxiety attack when I even see it. I drove white knuckled into work and breathing heavy all the way home. Getting up tomorrow and leaving is almost more than I can think about.

I have some serious post traumatic stress ...


Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey All ...

I totalled my truck this morning- won't know for sure until I heard from the adjuster, but from the looks of it, I'd say it was a goner. The entire front is torn off, it was leaking, heaadlights on the ground ... quite a site.

I was t-boned in an intersection this morning on the way to work. Pretty much a head on hit. We spent five hours in the ER this morning and now I'm at home, resting.

Pretty banged up- they were checking for internal damage, but I appear to be ok, My first CAT Scan was today! My left leg is a mess, my right foot is hurt - skin on my left arm was taken off by the airbag, fingernails broken, a big bruise on my belly and chest from the seat belt and a nice big purple bruise on my neck, chest and collar bone from the airbag. I feel like I'm 100 years old. The only thing spared was my face.

Oh well I am ok- the other guy is ok - and now maybe I will go ahead and get that fuel efficient car I've been thinking I need. I don't know if the truck will be paid off or not, I owe more than it's worth- like everyone else ... but at least I'm alive.

I saw my life flash before my eyes and I will never forget the sound the cars made when they met or the jarring my body got or the smoke and the powder (from the airbag) and the feeling I had when I thought the other guy wasn't ok and wasn't getting out of his truck. I really thought he was dead for a minute or two. But he was fine- he walked away and I think went into the office . I took 80% of the brunt force of it.

Please pray for us both that we recover quick, that both our cars are maybe not totalled and that everything will be ok. Pretty wild day.

Oh but hey- I got some morphine! It's NICE ...


Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Conrad

Yesterday was our Conrad's birthday!

He's the big 34.

I took a half day and came home to get the house set up for his birthday. Decemeber has to be the WORST birthday month EVER - so I try to make his birthday day all about the birthday. Blanca and I hung signs on his mirror so he could see them when he woke up. I came home and did the cake thing- and got his present wrapped. We then we out to dinner. YUM-O!!!! AND I am pleased to report that I cooked for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS before the birthday dinner. So I was good and ready to get out and get waited on - and it was a fabulous dinner ... we found this place a few months ago and this was only our second time there ever. I didn't even turn the Christmas tree on it was ALL about the birthday yesterday. Ok well- I DID buy Santa cupcakes at the store, but that's ok.

We had a nice time - and this weekend have no real concrete plans so that's good. Probably just wrap presents all weekend- drink hot chocolate and eggnog, gain about 10 pounds and watch Dallas Cowboy football on Sunday night. YAY!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow, PJ's, Country and Western Music

Sound like a backwoods, hillbilly vacation? (... and HEAVEN to me)
But alas, it's just the topics for today's post.

First- snow. We have SNOW in Houston tonight. It's been snowing all day actually. Not much accumulation - but big, fat flakes coming down hard. It's awesome ... and the first snow here in four years. It's so cold, I pulled out my coat and gloves this morning.

Second- PJ's. I want to know something. I am the Queen of PJ bottoms. I love them. Fleece, T Shirt, capri, long, whatever - when I get home the first thing I do is get into my PJ's. I remember many moons ago I was dating someone who actually had a problem with this. It was a long time ago- but I think he sat me down and basically told me I was a slob and should dress better and my thought was it's MY house, it's SATURDAY- why do I have to dress up to sit around the house? GET OUT ... but now I am wondering why in the summer when I wear my capris ones made out of t-shirt material, I can not SLEEP in them? I have to take them off and go with only a T shirt ... but in the winter, when I am wearing my black fleece with Christmas trees, these babies come INTO bed with me. SO COMFY. On the weekends sometimes I get up, take a shower and put them right back on. Do you think this is a problem? Thank God most nights Conrad can be found in his sweatpant bottoms as well. We are not dress up at home people.

Third- country and western music. Notice I did not say COUNTRY music, which is what it's called today. I recently discovered an XM station called Roadhouse and it's all country music from the 60's and 70's. I am SO in love with it. I never liked it - it always seemed depressing and twangy- but lately on the way home, I have been really digging on it ... I mean Johnny Paycheck, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Tammy Wynette- SHUT UP they do some good stuff. I mean Dolly and Porter. HELLO. I feel sort of hip and cool and like I've discovered some unearthed jewel that nobody knows about, except for maybe my dad ... I sit in the car and I cheer these people ON- I tell Tammy Wynette "Heck YEAH! STAND BY YOUR MAN!" ... and I say to Patsy Cline "Girl I KNOW. I've been CRAZY too ..." and George Jones- "Sweet Lord - I stopped Loving her today ... I understand ... I totally do" .

Let me just say if you are Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain and you are a "cross over" artist this is not a good thing. You can not be both a pop star AND a country music star. I place the blame for the transition of Country and Western music to just plain country squarely on the shoulders of Marie Osmond with her "Paper Roses" crap, I mean what is a paper rose?! ...and you know who else- those Judds ... with their stupid songs about "Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days" ... or "Mama he's crazy- crazy over me ..." - come on Judd's ... LOVE can build a bridge? No- it can't ... engineers can, but love CANNOT - you hear me Naomi? Wynona? CRAP! All CRAP ... they have singlehandedly led to the downfall of country and western music- like my daddy's style.

I can still hang with Reba and Randy Travis and George Straight- but I am so not down with the Taylor Swift's or the Rascall Flats or the GOD FORBID, so super "country" Keith Urban who is from AUSTRALIA- I mean COME ON. It's now Country and Western old school for me - I am totally digging it .. totally ... I can't wait to see dad again so we can sing a few George and Tammy duets together. I'm totally going to practice.

XM Roadhouse- channel 10


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We are THIS close to calming down and enjoying Christmas. Next year the goal will be to reach this goal by Thanksgiving.

We have two more presents to buy and we are DONE - we need to wrap them too - but the FL and SC presents were mailed yesterday. YAY! Conrad's birthday is Thursday- that will be a busy day. I won't say why HERE since he reads this- but it will be a busy day. Then Saturday night we have a party and then our obligations are pretty much done. From there on out, relaxation- I hope.

I am talking cookies, eggnog, Christmas tunes and Christmas movies. I am going to try to do that the last two weeks of the season OH and torture Conrad about what I have gotten him and trying to get him to tell me what he got me. HE HE

Secret Santa at work is next week too. Last year I had my boss- this year is someone else, but I am SO excited. I worked really hard on her gifts and I hope she likes them. I really enjoy playing Santa more than getting things - I like to put the time into the thought of it. Also we only have a $30 limit, so you have to be WAY creative to squeeze three fabulous present out of that. It's so much fun!!! As soon as it's over I can tell ya what I did. YAY!

Ok- that's all for tonight. I'm really sleepy today for some reason- rain today and then a cold front coming in tonight. They say there's snow in Dallas tonight.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Productive Weekend

This is the first weekend in a long time where I think we were both productive AND we relaxed.

Friday night started with a nice dinner out- early to bed.

Saturday we woke up and split up- each off to do some Christmas shopping. Conrad suggested we go at it alone. I went to Target where I finished up for my Florida family and I think he went to the mall. I went to the grocery store and got lots of yummies. I had SO slacked off in the cooking department. I think we ate out for two weeks straight.

Saturday night I cooked a dinner I saw on 30 Minutes Meals and it was YUM-O then we did the agreed upon split. He watched his games and I watched my long awaited Netflix movie- Stardust. I swear I've had the thing a year ...

Sunday we got up, I made pigs in a blanket and we headed off to see Four Christmases. I seriously could not tell you when we last laughed that hard. Vince Vaughn is SO awesome- SO funny ... it was the highlight of the weekend and a movie scratched off my list. YAY! We are buying this movie and it's going to be a must see every year like Elf and Christmas Vacation. Totally a new classic.

Sunday night some more awesome cooking- a TERRIBLE Cowboy game and then I read some of a new book I got from the library. I also wrapped ALL of the FL and SC people's presents, and boxed them up. Today I took them to the shipping place. ALL DONE!

I have one more gift to get for C-rad this week and I am DONE! I am going to see Nutcracker with one of my friends from work and now, here on the week of the 8th I can finally enjoy my Christmas season. We also got the tree up and it's been fun to look at.

Now begins the wrapping of the TX families gifts and Conrad's.



Friday, December 5, 2008


Conrad took great offense to my blog post yesterday- he's afraid that all the readers will think he's a bad shopper ... and I told him nonsense. He teased me some more and then he said "Oh I've thought of one more thing to add to my Christmas list - a wife beater. But I can add my own stains, right?" He's so funny ...

When I got home last night I actually had more energy than I had all week. I attribute this to getting home and instead of plunking on the couch, I kept moving. I washed some pots and I started the dishwasher- clipped coupons from last Sunday's paper, etc - so by the time Conrad got home, I was still awake and functioning. YAY! The week after a holiday is HARD.

So we were in the kitchen kidding around and I was doing some high kicks. No matter what I do (activity wise) or don't do, no matter how old I get, no matter what I weigh I have always always been able to go high kicks. So I was messing around in the kitchen pretending to kick Conrad and he said "I bet you can't hit my face" ... and if you know us, we act like we're 5 so of course I said "Oh yeah? I bet I can" and so on - so I was warming up, and getting ready - I took a deep breath, pulled my leg back, released the kick and kicked my poor sweet baby doggie right in the face. The only thing I remember is hitting something soft and WAY low on the ground and hearing a muffled "RaaaaafPHpTTT" .. as she was struck. Um, WHOOPS!

She's ok, she's fine. I didn't even get her hard- I think I got her on the downswing - and I barely grazed her- it just startled all of us. I felt SO BAD- but she looked fine. I offered her a cookie as an apology and she ran to get it- this morning she seemed ok too. WOW- I forget we have to look out for the little ones when we're roughhousing. I should have known- a few minutes before the Face Plant Incident of 2008, Conrad and I were in the kitchen dancing- to an imaginary song. You know, just to see who could look the coolest/most ridculous and she was in the kitchen weaving all around us. I should have looked. SORRY B!

She is so funny- this morning she got up and I watched her in the mirror while I was getting dressed. She sits up straight and arches her neck and head up towards the ceiling, EVERY morning, while she stretches and shakes. Then she walks sleepily to the edge of the bed and lowers her head- which means RUB ME- and she got her morning rub ... I massage around her head, neck and shoulders. We go out- and then she walks me to the door ... and later on , when her daddy gets up- she goes to the ottoman where he puts on his shoes - she tells him I didn't rub her and she gets another one. SNEAKY!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Marital Christmas Shopping

I guess I had this picture in my head of what marital Christmas shopping would be ... well, two pictures.

1) It could be like the Wizard of Oz- all chipring birds and rainbows. We would skip down the aisles of Target together holding hands, seeing the PERFECT gift- giving each other identical, sappy smiles and racing with delight to put it in our cart. Running out to the truck in the snow and stopping for hot chocolate on the way home. VOMIT

2) Version two is Conrad saying "I'm married. I don't have to do JACK. Take care of it" - and me spending weekend after weekend coming home all sweaty and haggard looking like death, dragging in piles and piles of gifts while he sits on the couch completely zoned out- wearing a yellowed wife beater and holding an empty beer can.

Well it turns out, it's not either one.

I start shopping VERY early- I'm talking summer. So by the time the season rolls around I only have a small little bit to pick up - Conrad starts on December 23rd and it drives me INSANE. We are often driving to Dallas with me asking when he plans to get so and so's gift and he offhandedly tells me there's a Wal-Mart in Greenville, he'll get it there. I CAN NOT HANDLE IT!!!!

This being our first year of marital bliss, I handled what I handled- picked up things I saw here and there and last weekend I gave him a list of what was left. I put the person's name and what to get. That's his job - he has his 1/2 - and I've been waiting for him to be OFF TO THE RACES with it! The list is still laying in a bowl in the kitchen.

I went to him last night and asked him if we would be Christmas shopping this weekend. With what can only be described as disbelief he looked at me and in all seriousness said, "Karyn, this is a BIG weekend for College Football" ... ok, first of all, I've heard this before. It's starting to sound like a broken record. Texas/OU was big - the FL/ LSU game was huge - he could not go to the airport with me one Saturday night to pick up my daddy because Texas Tech and Texas were playing- and finally, this past Thanksgiving when Texas destroyed A&M- also a HUGE day in college football. I said "Yeah RIGHT" ... and he said, "No, it's the SEC and Big 12 Championships" - well CRAP, I'm no fool. Those ARE big games in College Football- so I said, "Well the Cowboy game is at 3 on Sunday. WHEN are we going to shop???" - I mean, are we REALLY having a standoff about football- both with their own agenda? Oh yes, we are. I am NOT missing the Cowboy game unless I'm on a gurney in the back of an ambulance - and if I miss it, someone ELSE will be on a gurney in the back of an ambulance.

FINALLY- we came to an agreement. I am tired these days. DOG tired. It was agreed that he could hijack the TV in the living room for his precious games and I will lock myself in our bedroom with Christmas movies, the Lifetime Channel, my dog and my PJ's- with some hot chocolate and a big bag of marshmellows- left to cry along with all the Hallmark movies I want to - and on Sunday we will shop, eat lunch out and come back in time for the Cowboy game.

Teamwork, at it's best.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I need some Christmas Spirit- motivation!

I am having such a hard time purchasing those last few gifts. I guess because Thanksgiving was late this year, Christmas sort of snuck up on me. I didn't do cards this year, although I wanted too ... I didn't put up a tree yet ... I'm not done shopping. All I've done is drink hot chocolate and listen to carols. This weekend I've gotta get DONE!

I am getting the presents DONE. I am mailing the ones I need to - to SC and FL. I am putting up the tree, and going to rent Fred Claus ... I just have to get into the spirit.

I think the losing my friend thing just killed my mojo. Maybe I can get it back.

We do have Secret Santa coming up, our Christmas luncheon at work (the Christmas party was canceled), a few parties outside of work to attend, some shopping with friends and I intend to start baking here soon. Oh and Conrad's birthday next week. We have some fun stuff coming up.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the Record

Sunday night MTV premiered the Britney Spears documentary, For the Record. She had it come out two days before (today) her record dropped ... I TIVO'd it and last night had a chance to watch it.

As you know, I'm not really a Britney FAN but I was really looking for some explanation from her about what the heck HAPPENED. How do you have all that money, and access to so many things the rest of us don't and you just go completely and totally crazy. She could have FLOWN a head shrink to some far corner of the world to be at her beck and call for a month ...

I didn't really get any answers, although the show was entertaining. When the show came on they said that "questions were asked, all were answered and it was no holds barred". I think the last day of filming was like November 6th of this year. Less than a month ago. At NO TIME did they ever ask or did she ever mention the fact that she doesn't have her kids. I REALLY want to know what makes Kevin Federline DAD OF THE YEAR and makes her such a bad mom. In order to lose your kids to K-Fed, you have REALLY dropped the ball. I DID learn that he left her- I thought it was the other way around. Apparently not. He got what he wanted- somewhat famous and $20K a month in child support for the next 17 years and I think like $350K with the divorce. He completely and totally used her. JERK. I know some Kevin Federline's myself.

The hour BEFORE this aired they had like a "Top Ten MTV Moments with Britney" show and all she asked was "are they going to show last year's?" ... honey that's the first question I would have asked too ... you know, when she wore that bikini thing and WALKED around the stage instead of danced ... and how it was the talk of all of us for WEEKS. Well, they didn't show that- but at least she is somewhat rational now and knows that wasn't her best career move. They actually gave her an option of a corset vs bikini. She took the bikini. BAD MOVE. First of all, in the months before she had shaved her head and it had not grown back yet. She is a brunette, so I'm not really sure why she choose platinum blonde extentions with an inch of black showing through ... but I am also not sure why you choose a bikini when you have given birth to two kids almost EXACTLY one year from each other AND you have recently been photographed, ONLY been photographed either with a mouthful of cheetos or clutching a bucket of KFC.

I mean, listen, if I review the following month's worth of pictures of me and in all of them I'm either holding a taco or a bucket of chicken there is a PROBLEM - and I would chose the corset. They are much more forgiving. Britney is still young- that chicken hadn't hit her butt yet- she could have totally played it off. *SIGH* but alas, she did not. If I were her, I would have been concerned about MTV pulling that little performance out of the archives as well.

Anyway, it was worth the hour watch I guess- but no big secrets were forthcoming. Disappointing ...


Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a good holiday.

I'm still recovering- I guess from lots of things, not really in the mood to post much today.

Came back to a LOT of work, which is great news- so I'm going to focus on getting that done today and work on a better post for tomorrow. I still need some time to gather my thoughts ...

I had a nice Thanksgiving though and I hope you did too. I have a lot to be thankful for and need to be more focused on being happy about the good things.

I am WAY ready for Christmas and turned on the all Christmas music station on the way to work. I intend to make this a GREAT month, very Christmasy- lots of holiday music, cookies and hot chocolate.

Until tomorrow ...