Thursday, October 11, 2007


Registering is such a problem for me.

At first, I felt like registering was tacky. Are you supposed to assume or demand that people buy you presents? Just because *I* decided to get married, now YOU have to shop for me? Then I went to a few baby showers and weddings where people did not register... and I spent hours wandering the aisles debating on what to get... does she already have a baby blanket, has some bought her a diaper genie... do you think one of them came into the marriage with a toaster oven... I can't remember if they drink- would wine glasses be good?

So now I am on board with registering... but then here comes Conrad and myself. Before we met, we each had our own houses. When I moved to Houston it was RIDICULOUS... we had three couches, four bedroom sets, two toaster ovens, two microwaves, three sets of pans, two coffeemakers, the list goes on.... so what do two people who have a lot of what they need register for?

So I logged on to and Bed Bath and Beyond to see what it was I needed. LET ME TELL YOU

I need: a 10 piece PINK silicone baking set, I absolutely desparately need this ceraminc platter shaped like a football, if I do not have the Dallas Cowboys chip and dip set I am going to DIE. Target has the cutest little pumpkin pie server set. I make a LOT of pumpkin pies this time of year- why should Conrad have to continue eating them out of the metal pan they are made in? ESPECIALLY if I could make the pie in that cute little pink silicone deal. I was not aware that I wanted to make Belgium waffles, but I saw this little do-dad that flips over and you get the most perfect waffles EVER. I have a burning desire to make waffles every weekend! There is the cutest little chip and dip set that PLUGS IN so your queso and artichoke dips never get cold. I could just cry. How have I lived without all these things? Where is my Christmas list???!!!

Anyway (calmer) this is what I discovered by going on to Target and the BBB websites. Conrad is just as bad about the Lowe's registry. I mean REALLY how have we gotten by without a 50lb sack of fertilizer and a hummingbird feeder? The conditions we are forced to live in....

*sigh* So.... I guess it's not so tacky anymore. If I don't TELL you that I can't live without the Fagor 4-cup commerical egg poacher, how are you supposed to know???