Friday, November 2, 2007

So Sorry!!!!

I haven't posted in two days- I am so sorry! I was getting ready to go to Hawaii and then end of the month at work and then I was trying to leave my desk in decent shape before I left.... so I got sort of busy.

Our friend David, from high school, was in town last night- so Adrian had a quick dinner party. I ran home from work- I took out the trash, ran and unloaded the dishwasher, unplugged things that don't need to be plugged, turned off the icemaker, packed B, packed me- and then took B to the kennel. I cried all the way to Adrian's. I feel like the WORST mom on the planet.... is this how human mom's feel? At least I DID find out she won't be in one of those little boxes type things- they keep the doggies in dog runs. So her "room" is 8 feet high, 8" long and 6" wide- she has plenty of room and will go outside several times and I paid extra for more playtime. I hope she'll be ok.

I haven't QUITE gotten over the guilt. It's not quite 6 AM- Conrad is in the shower and I'm next up - so I gotta go. PRAY FOR ME about this long flight. I tried to bring a bunch of stuff to keep me occupied- like a little kid. HA HA- but seriously. PRAY.

I'll post more from the island! ALOHA