Friday, October 19, 2007


We were bored a few weeks back, and did some self portraits at the house. Conrad had gone into the bathroom and came back in with his hair all combed wild. He calmly sat down in his chair and acted like nothing had happened. I laughed... cause he looked like a dork. So I got up, went into the bathroom, and fashioned my hair into many little ponytails on top of my head. Here is what we looked like.

Super cute, right?


Then it turned really ugly- we started making faces into the camera and we captured some truly horrifying results. Conrad is just tickled over the outcome. He thinks this represents another, silly side of us. He wants me to use these photos some way, in the wedding. I don't know if he wants me to blow them up for display, or if he wants it printed on the programs or (OMG) the invitations, or what... he just wants them somehow represented. I agree with him, they do represent another side. I disagree that it needs to be THAT public... but hey, how about on the blog, where the entire WORLD is watching- because yes, my blog is THAT good. Everyone reads it! Anyway... here are the offending pictures.

Fit it into the wedding? You tell me!



Dickie said...

ummm, STEPDADDY Brian is the cotton pickin cotton stealer, not your Mom...I was the look out and not a very good one..and Brian says to tell Conrad that he has saved these pics and he will have them printed and incorportated into the wedding theme!! HAHA