Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oh and uh yeah- he smashed the cake, in my FACE.

More super cute pics! It's end of month, so I can't really talk ...

but I will say there's nothing like a bride, with a handfull of beer ....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today I'm playing catch up at work. No time to post much.
Who's idea was it to get married at Month End?!

A co-worker of mine took some pics, and so I can post these ... although I'm sure there will be more as time goes on.

In the meantime, enjoy ....

Monday, April 28, 2008

We did it!

This will be a quick post.

Today is the day we took off work to relax and be together and recover and get the house back in order. I just wanted to post and tell you we got married and everything was PERFECT!

It could not have gone better... there was not even one small hiccup ... everything arrived on time, in one piece- nothing was late, etc ....

Conrad and I had about a twenty minute drive to our hotel Saturday night and we spent the entire time talking about what amazing family and friends we have. Everyone pitched right in and we set up in an unbelievable three hours. We had plenty of time to get back to hotel rooms and houses and get ready with no stress... the resturant was PERFECT and the manager even came in on his day off and helped and then they tore most of it down... and it was EXACTLY the price they said it would be. If you are ever in Houston- please go to County Line BBQ and make sure this place gets the credit it's due!

We thank you all who helped and all who were able to come. It was the perfect night. It was so so so much fun ... and I think they said they booked two more parties that night off of ours .

In the days to come, as I get pics, etc ... I'll post them. Today was just an update.

Mrs Hopkins

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This'll be QUICK

Hey ...

Just checking in. I'm here at work for half a day then I'm OFF ...

I just wanted to say that everything is still going smoothly we just have a lot of last minute details and errands to run these next few days ... I'll try to post up and blog as long as I can- as we approach the day, just don't know what everyone's expectations of me are going to be, but I'll try to sneak away.

We have family members arriving yesterday and today- then a large large group arrives tomorrow. Then some on Friday and my two brothers on Saturday.

I seem to be remaining calm and composed ... nothing going on yet to get upset about or nervous about. I just seem to be hungry ALL the time ... but finally being able to not worry so much about lists and what's left to do has set my mind at ease. I actually slept last night!

Thanks to all who have been so supportive and wonderful and funny and distracting and everything else these past few months. Conrad and I are truly overwhelmed with how much people love us and are so happy for us.

T minus three days!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Gifts

Since Conrad and I have bucked tradition thus far, concerning this wedding, we decided we'd just go for broke. I think it's traditional that the bride and groom present each other with some sort of token. I was thinking a watch, a ring, a bracelet or necklace. Maybe it started because the bride would WEAR whatever necklace she was given during the ceremony or something. I don't know. At the rehearsal dinner, we are giving gifts to the two Best Men, and the parents, grandparents, rehearsal hosts ... and I thought we would present ours too.

But then I got to thinking about it and I presented Conrad with another idea and THIS is why we are perfect for each other. I thought about how much I WOULD love a new necklace- but he's never seen my dress- what if it doesn't match ... would his feelings be hurt? ... and do I REALLY need a new necklace right now? ... and he already has three really great, quality watches. I can get him a sight scope for his birthday ... this is our WEDDING, our UNION. We need something that means so much more, signifies something much deeper.

I came to him with the idea that perhaps the best gift is the gift of togetherness, activity, competitivness .... I suggested we go halfsies on a Wii- he wants Guitar Hero and I have a hankering to get out there and shake it to Dance, Dance Revolution. So I suggested we buy the console and both these games to start. He is IN! The smile that spread over his face was worth more than I can put into words and I know he loved me more at that moment.

I'd like to learn some culture, some songs - and dancing in your living room with wild abandon- well, nothing can be better. Conrad loves to laugh at me and make me laugh ... It should be healthy and I should enjoy some exercise, some activity and this is GUARANTEED to drive Blanca crazy. We so rarely are able to get on her nerves on purpose.

Monday morning, we are SO at Best Buy!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Name Change

Well, here we are- five days out. It should pass in a big blur. Today is a normal day, I guess ... people begin to arrive tomorrow evening, by Wednesday we'll have more than half of the parents- Thursday and Friday I've taken off work - and most other family members like siblings and the like will have arrived. Friday will be a wild day, for sure, then rehearsal, then wedding. I probably won't remember a thing!

Hives have cleared up. As of yesterday, I am back to my normal self. I went ahead and took a Tylenol PM last night because I KNEW my mind would be racing and it would start the week off wrong if I didn't sleep. But sleep I did- I feel good, and have a busy day ahead of me here at work. I have lots to get done before I leave for a few days.

The biggest thing, for me, personally, has been decided. It wasn't like I wasn't going to DO it, I just had to think on it really hard. I AM going to change my name. There's nothing in the world wrong with "Hopkins", it's just that I've been an "Abercrombie" for over 32 yaers. That's ME ... it's who I AM and I think I was struggling with that. I thought about Abercrombie-Hopkins but like Conrad said, "Well- YOU'RE the one who has to sign that everywhere" and signing Abercrombie on everything my whole life hasn't really been a picnic. There were plenty of times when I was jealous of the White's, Jones, Long's of the world... people with four and five letters instead of 11. Anyway- I think the excitement of changing the name is more for the younger bride. By the time you get to my age, well, it's just more of a hassel legally- you have credit cards, cars, houses, bank accounts, so many things to change. So many things you've acrued over your life.

BUT- anyway, I am changing it. I am happy and proud to be a Hopkins and a Hopkins I shall be, once the certified marriage license comes in and I can prove it to the Social Security Administration. I AM going to drop the Elizabeth though ... so I will be Karyn Abercrombie Hopkins. I will probably go ahead and have the credit cards switched over to reflect the whole name ... but I'll be signing things Karyn Hopkins ... in the next few months.

Ok- well, crunch time folks! 5 days ....

Karyn Abercrombie

Friday, April 18, 2008

K Puffy

P Diddy gets a nickname- so do I.
K Puffy

I blew up like a blowfish yesterday. By 9AM I was sitting here with a my right eye swelling up and then it was a quite a day! Three hours in the doctor's office, a shot in the butt, going to drop off prescriptions, going home, passing out ...

The bumps on my face aren't GONE, but they are much dimished .. the ones on my neck are faded and then the ones on the rest of my body are gone. At least I can sit and work today without scratching everywhere, but I'm very tired. They gave me something like the equivalent to 6 Benadryl and if you know me, you know that 1 is pretty hard stuff for me.

Anyway- back at work. Everything seems to be ok ...

and as for not seeing the bride before the wedding- true. But that means full out bridal costume. No one has seen the dress or jewelry or anything and that won't even REALLY be my hair. At the point the pics were taken, we were at the halfway mark.

I'll be completely different, no worries.

.... and I would just like to add that I AM going garage saling tomorrow. I know our house is filled to the rafters especially after the showers ... but I always feel I am missing out on something if I don't go AND I don't ALWAYS bring home kayaks ... maybe just some ribbon and some cross stich stuff ... or a nice new necklace and a couple of books I haven't read and will later donate. You never know. But I'm GOING!


Edited 2:40PM- bumps on face gone, bumps on neck worse and red.
Don't feel well due to the steroids, I guess. Feel tired and ick.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bandanas and Bridal Veils

Well... scratch the tanning!

I have broken out all over in hives... legs, arms, back, neck, face... everywhere. I can't take it! So I guess I'll be white for the wedding. I can't use SELF tanners because of the allergy- but I guess I didn't think about this mist thing being made of the same stuff. I am miserable!!!!

Quick post to say... here are the pics of the bandanas I ended up doing. I killed the first idea of fabric paint and ended up with bows. I think they turned out fab!

Also, my hair lady called and said she could see me this evening. I did a quick touchup on my roots and then she put on the veil and we played around with the hair. This is for SURE the hairpiece and the veil and I am for SURE making the back really messy - but the individual pieces of hair will be a lot more separate and way cooler looking. We just did a quick dry run and tried to figure out if the veil would stay in and if it was long enough, etc, etc..

Here are pics of that too.

... AND all of the programs have been assembled. Thank you DVR~ I got that done this evening while I was watching tv. Awesome!


Girls Night

No, not a bachlorette party .... I don't think we're doing that!

Conrad has gone to Galveston to work for the next two days. I suppose this is Blanca and my big night together ... before the wedding.

I have big plans. I have several shows DVR'd I probably need to watch- What Not to Wear, Trading Spaces, Paula's Home Cooking, High School Confidential ... and then I figured I would put the programs together with the ribbon while I'm watching TV. Also, for tomorrow night (he will be home late) I was thinking perhaps I could watch Stardust- it's one of my Netflix movies and one I don't think Conrad would be particularly interested in. It seems sort of Macbeth'y to me .... it has Michele Pfifer in it. Sort of a witchy show I guess ... fairies and things ... Conrad would so not be interested! So those are my two days of WILD livin' I'm going to be looking forward to. HA HA

Nothing much else to report ... I have two friends here at work who went to Kroger last night for the last day of the big sale I posted on last week. They each had something like 50% in savings. They are all about it now .... at least my being frugal has benefitted someone else! Coming up soon, I'm going to start the CVS thing ... I should maybe post about that one tomorrow ... too much involved to really get into it today.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bridal T

Pretty funny ....

Presidential Tan

Two topics today on the blog - and thanks to you all for your kind words for Blanca and her wonderful win!

First of all- tan. I went last night and did the Mystic Tan at a tanning salon near the house. I am white. Pasty pasty white- see through my skin, wow- how many veins do you HAVE white ... my dress is ivory and I think I need to be a tad darker to really set it off. Not to mention, having more color really does make you look like you've lost ten pounds. So I went last night to try it out ... because it fades in 5 days. SUCCESS! I went to bed white and woke up tan. I'm not like "laying on the beach in CA" tan ... but I have color. I would NOT lay under those lamps- I do NOT want to increase my chance of cancer of any kind and I am proud to say at the ripe old age of 32, I have nary a line on my face ... not even crows feet ... I have some other body issues , but skin has never been one. I have beatiful skin and thank you very much, I'd like to keep it ... I moisturize and exfoliate and I take good care of it. I would rather be a white young woman than a wrinkled and pruny old woman ... I am gonna be one HOT old lady ....

Anyway- the tan was a success! YAY! I even came to work this morning quietly, wondering if the girls would say I looked orange, but everyone was SO excited ... they said I looked GREAT and they could see the difference and I don't look orange at all. They all were asking about it and I'm pretty sure in the next four days, a few of them will be walking in here looking darker. HA HA.

Anyway- fab results! I am going to go back on Sunday (since this will have worn off) and get the base tan back- like I have today ... and then back again probably Friday morning to get it a shade darker ... so I will be perfect for the wedding day. I may go Thursday cause I'm a fraddy cat ... but anyway, tan thing taken care of!

Now the President. My parents thought it would be funny to send him and the Queen of England an invitation to the wedding. Never one to back down from a challenge, I did. Since Jenna Bush is getting married two weeks after me- I figured the family would be in Crawford so I sent the invitation there ... and figured that it would have a better chance of making it there than to the White House. I was right. We got a reply this week ... from his Events Coordinator. Very nice letter ... saying thank you for the invitation, the President is not going to be able to attend our "function" but they wish us the best AND, here's the best part ... I am being considered for an official response. Wow ... I am being CONSIDERED for an OFFICAL TURNDOWN. How exciting! Anyway- I kept the letter, for the scrapbook. It was nice of them to respond.

The Queen? Not so much- you would think with all their formality- they would send a formal regret. They only have like ten more days to get that to me! Otherwise, I will post it here ... and alas, their reputations will be shot.

They also wanted me to invite Texas Governor Rick Perry but I don't care much for him. Plus he's in Austin, less than three hours away and I was thinking, there was more of a chance for him to show up. So I didn't send him one. HA HA --- although I guess it would have been really something for the Gov'nah to show up ... the Queen hasn't replied so I'm wondering if she's gonna show up on her way to the Crawford Ranch for Jenna's wedding ... you never know, it could HAPPEN and I am just as worthy.

11 days ....


Monday, April 14, 2008

Pet of the Month

My baby has won Pet of the Month!
I am so estatic! I am so proud. I am so over the moon.

I submitted her months ago and watched as month after month she was passed over. My baby finally has her chance in the spotlight!!!!

Please go to this website and check her out!!!


The List

We have almost nothing left on the to do list, AND we narrowly missed my having a complete break down this weekend. I went into full pout-mode, but pulled myself out.

First of all, the lady who was doing the "dry run" on my wedding hair called Saturday- well, her husband did, she was in the hospital. No dry run for me- unless we do it this coming weekend. He didn't say what was wrong, but I think it was an injury- he called it an "incident". OOOOOOOkkkk...

We did get the two easels I needed assembled ... and they were wooden. I wanted them black. I spraypainted them both yesterday- three coats each and they were dry by nightfall.

Then the breakdown part. Our printer was WAY to slow - so Conrad had to take our programs to Kinko's and I was upset about it. Another $80 and I thought our spending was over. He took care of it and calmed me down but I already had to go with Idea # 2 for the programs and was already disappointed. The paper for Idea #1 was not printer friendly. Anyway, he got those done and last night I punched holes in them for the ribbons, but I did not assemble them- I needed a break!

Then breakdown # 2 - I was supposed to use the rubber stamp that says Karyn and Conrad, April 26, 2008 - with white fabric paint and stamp the solid color maroon bandanas. It ended up looking like a white fabric paint blob-mess. I was SO upset! I didn't want plain bandanas. Conrad, ever the wise one, told me to sleep on it. I did ... and came up with the CUTEST idea!

I took the bandana and made two slits in one corner and ran a white sheer ribbon through it and tied a little bow. I took the opposite end and did the same. Two white bows on each bandana and it looks FABULOUS! I took pics and will post them tomorrow. It's way cuter than the first idea. It's so classy looking and so simple and so cute. I am SO pleased with how they turned out. I did all 30 of them.

So, this brings our to do list pretty much to a close. I need to assemble the programs- but we can do that in the evenings ... and make my last minute phone calls to check on the cake and flowers and stuff. Otherwise. WE ARE DONE!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Houston Shower

Second post in one day!
Houston shower pics are just in... so I thought I'd post them.

the Queen ... then Ellyn and Debbie

Me with my silicone bakeware ... then my friend Tamara, Monica and Sherry- one of the hosts!

My super cute cake

Two of my friends- Joanna and Tosha

Me and my boss, Angela- she hosted at her house and is an AMAZING cook!

Me with my beloved polka dot cups

Men Just Don't Understand

Men do not get how we feel about shoes! I am going today at lunch to DSW and I'm looking for some new black sandals. Conrad is baffled about why I need so many pairs of black shoes. Fine, I will tell you and you can tell ME if I am unreasonable or if all of our closets match. Here are the black shoes I have:

* Closed heel and toe black pumps- about 2.5 inch heel - good for suits, slacks, work stuff
* Closed toe, open heel black with white dots- 2.5 inch heel - good for more dressy situations
* Closed toe, open heel slip on flats- good for capris and for those days when I don't have a pedicure OR when it's just a tiny bit to cold for "real" sandals
* Steve Madden Black flip flops- causal
* Black flip flops with white and black beads in a starfish pattern- good for all casual; These are dressier and I can wear them to work- the ones above, I can not.
* Black sandals- open toe and heel, a bit of a heel on them- good for wearing 2-3 hours, but not all day. So I can wear these to church or a party or something- but never to work. My legs swell if I do.
* Black boots- winter
* Black flip flops with 2 in platform- my mom gave me these because she doesn't like things between her toes, but they are so cute and I wear them with capris... and they were FREE
* Black Clarks with white flower- got these at a garage sale, brand new for $4. HELLO!?

.... and finally, the ones that have caused this trip to the store. Last April I saw a pair of Clark's slipons at Marshall's. They were $40. I left them there and thought about them until June, when I went back. They were then $15 and I SNATCHED them up! I wear these maybe 3-4 times a week. Almost everyday- to work. They are sort of my everyday work sandals. But the inside sole is made of this weird, but super comfy fabric that unfortunately traps sweat and so now, after a year, they look fine but they STINK! So I'm looking for a new, less stinky pair. I can't even pack them and take them places. When I took them to Hawaii last year, I had to wrap them in a plastic bag so they wouldn't smell up my entire suitcase. I NEED NEW SHOES!

Now after having read all of that- you can SEE that I NEED every single one of those shoes listed above. Right?! Right!

......... and no, I do not want to talk about ALL the other shoes I have ... which Conrad doesn't also understand, although God bless him, he doesn't complain- I just KNOW he is bewildered. But I can't wear all the others everyday. I can't wear the turquoise ballet flats, or the silver Guess flip flops with the rhinestones on them, or the red slip on leather ones, or OMG! the PATENT leather red slips ons or the hot pink rhinestone slip ons I got on Ebay every single day! I don't really have THAT many outfits I can wear with my patent leather pink Lord and Taylor slip ons or even my patent leather light blue Enzo's ... those are just every now and then shoes. You know?! YOU KNOW!

Back to today at lunch- the also super wonderful thing is I got a coupon in the mail. If I spend $24.95 today at DSW I get the CUTEST silver bag- I don't know if it's a purse or an overnight bag because I can't tell the size, but either way, it is CUTE CUTE CUTE! .... and today, it is mine.

Ok- who agrees with me?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am pleased to announce the State of Texas has seen Conrad and I fit to marry. We are not cousins, or related in any way ... neither of us have any warrants (dodged a bullet on that one! KIDDING!), we are not married to other people (I wondered about Conrad ....) and have never been married to other people, therefore neither of us has been divorced in the last 30 days... and better still, neither of us has children, therefore neither of us pays child support ...

In just a few minutes and after proudly announcing the cities of our birth, we were handed our license and ushered right back out of the door. WE ARE LEGAL. WOO HOO... that was such a major thing out of the way. It is a PAIN in the butt to have to leave work and go to the court house and get all that figured out. I am glad it's done!

Today is my boss's birthday so we are doing a potluck here for lunch. I went last night and got shrimp and meat and made some taco meat. We are having a taco/tostada bar - should be fun. I also have to figure out some time to sneak out of here and get the birthday cake. Today will be busy and most none of it work related. HA! Those are the days I love ...

I also have to have to have to finish the programs TODAY. I will be working on that later, let Conrad review the final copy before letting the printer just go to town. Doing it ourselves was $30 - and everywhere I went to get estimates was anywhere from $240-500. What a rip off.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Down for the Count

Well, last night was super fun.

It started off so well ... I was so proud of myself. The night before I made these little english muffin pizzas using a spaghetti sauce I had made. Delicious. I saved the spaghetti sauce and decided that last night I would just make some ravioli and we'd have a quick dinner. I just so don't like going home after working all day and then cooking for an hour when I get there.

Ravioli turned out GREAT! There really is something to letting spaghetti sauce sit for a day or two. It was great. After dinner and cleanup I decided a nice hot bubble bath was in order. Normally I put the bubble bath in and sort of swish it around and then come back. But last night I put the BB in and just left it. I suppose the original clump was still there on the bottom, because I stepped in, after getting my latest book to read and then HIT the deck! I haven't fallen that hard in FOREVER and like I told a girl here this morning- I don't think I have STRETCHED the way I stretched last night since I was about 15. I didn't really know it was possible to get your leg that high over your head. I am in SO much pain this morning.

I guess I stepped on the bubble bath and went flying ... I know my right leg when very high up over my head, and my body turned sort of weirdly and then my left leg ended up sort of behind me and scrunched up next to the bathtub wall. I caught myself with one of my arms, which is sore today. WOW, I am sore everywhere today. I thought for sure I would be black and blue this morning, but I'm not. However my BONES hurt. I didn't know they could hurt. But they do- deep into the marrow they hurt. I hope I didn't damage something internally ... and end up like 30 years from now finding out I knocked something loose and it will end up leading to my demise. (look! Hypochondriac Karyn is back!)

I suppose I should be grateful I didn't break something or bruise something that is visible in a wedding dress ... but today I really just want to sit with a bottle of Tylenol and maybe some whiskey.


P.S. We are getting the marriage license today at 3PM

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Final Count

Our final count for the RSVP wedding list is in!

Originally invited 302.


136 adults
10 children
2 infants

We are missing some key people- from both sides that we are horribly disappointed about, but you can't have everything. I believe we're going to try to send them all a nice card when it's over with a wedding photo. They are family members, not random invites, so the gesture will be appreciated.

We are also missing 8 of our 10 precious grandparents. (They have passed on) There will be a special memorial before the wedding processional begins, to acknowlege them and their lives as well.



We're almost there! I got so much done yesterday .... mainly I was able to finish up all the information I owed the DJ about times (for first dance, cake cutting, etc ...) and the songs we want- Dixie DID win the processional vote! ..... this is sort of a load off my mind.

I was going to stamp bandanas last night, but instead I did my taxes, which I suppose is good. If it comes down to the IRS being after me or the wedding mother's ... I'm going to pick the IRS every time. The wedding mother's can be scary ... but at least they can't freeze my bank accounts and charge me interest and penalities ... !

Read an interesting post today- wondering if any of you have the same problem. If you go over to my Cool Blogs link and see Jess ... go read her post today. She is also a bride to be. She posts today about arm bumps ... and I thought I was the only person in America who had this problem. She even has a link on her site to the medical information concerning this condition. I didn't even know it WAS a condition. Now before everyone gets all riled up, I KNOW I sometimes am a hypocondriac and I KNOW that I spend far too much time feeling for lumps and cancerous growths.... and heart palpitations but if you had my family history you would too! I fully admit that this is not leathal or dangerous in any way- but interesting that so many people have the problem, they had to do research on it and there's information floating out there about it.

Anyway- I have this arm thing too ... and I got a long veil because of it. I even told Conrad about it a few days ago. I think we've even talked about it twice ... and what a dear he is, pretending that he had no idea I had this problem ... like he's never seen my arms before or that he is so enamoured with my beauty and marvelous personality, he has had no time to inspect my arms for flaws.... HA! I had no idea it was an actual condition. It's really just sort of larger pores and they're red. I've had it my whole life. Funny thing is .... that the medical information says most people grow out of it. HA! I am 32- and haven't grown out of it yet.

We can put a man on the moon, lasso electrical power from the sun, we can make vacuum cleaners that run themselves and cars that run on vegetable oil, but we can't help young woman clear up their arm bumps for sleeveless super cute shirts in the summer, and strapless wedding dresses.



Monday, April 7, 2008


Processional music has been decided.

An acoustical version of Dixie, by Bobby Horton.

Look it up!

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy and productive weekend!

Conrad took the mower in to be serviced, he went to Home Depot and got us a new fridge! Ours had something wrong with the freezer and we could never get ice out unless we chipped away at it with a knife.

I had my shower, super fun! But then ... where to put the gifts?! So last night we pulled all the cabinets apart and figured it out. I put all the "entertaining" stuff in the laundry rooms in the cabinets and closets in there, still in the boxes- easy to keep in there, I won't use it on a daily basis and they will stay safe. I think it was a good plan and it freed up SO much room in the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets! I also love, love, LOVE cookbooks. I need more! But he moved in this little buffet piece tht is perfect for cookbooks. It had some non-cookbook items in it though and I moved all that out last night too ... so tonight I can organize my little collection and make room for more of them that I will inevitably drag home through the years. I love to organize and re-do things!

I also ironed all of the bandanas (for the centerpieces).... and Conrad put together some of the parental gifts we are getting. I finished shopping for the mom's, thereby shopping for everyone is done! ....

and this morning I called the County Clerk and got the info for the marriage license. Conrad is in Galveston next week, so it's this week or never! As soon as he tells me what his schedule is, then we can get that license thing locked and loaded and we're off to the races!

Next weekend is assembling and spray painting the easels for the entrance and bar signs. Chugging right along!


P.S. Start praying the day of is a clear sunny day- with no rain. This IS Houston!
19 days

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick Sunday post!

I watched the Oprah on Friday... the one about the dogs. It was so awful I'm not even going to talk about it. I can say that I was completely surprised that I ended up curled into a ball at the foot of the couch in loud, wrenching sobs. It was horrible. Oprah of course was doing the same thing. She cried through that entire show... I just cried at the really terrible part, but my eyes were swollen when I got up yesterday morning. It was something we all needed to see, but something I would rather have not seen.

The Houston shower was FABULOUS! That was yesterday... it was really really nice and big thanks to my boss Angela for hosting. We had this macaroni and cheese she got off Food Network- it was a Throwdown with Bobby Flay one- that had 2000 calories per serviing. YUM-O. We also had beef short ribs, chips and hot sauce, cream cheese dip with crackers, and big muffaletta sandwiches and a great white cake with whipped cream icing from HEB. I think they have the BEST cakes. I got to take the leftovers home. I had some cake for a snack yesterday when I got home and also for breakfast this morning. Not acting much like a bride, huh?!

Anyway, we got some really nice gifts. A lot of entertaining type stuff, a nice bagless vaccum, some great cookbooks (one for dogs!), a Texas A&M heirloom quilt which Conrad LOVES, bowls, zesters, and these polka dot mugs I had my heart set on and HAD TO HAVE!!! I was hoping and hoping I would get those and I did, with a coffee mug tree ... so those are now happily displayed!!! I also got this beautiful paisley bowl and matching platter... isn't this delicious?!

It was a really nice time and now we are less than three weeks away. We can't wait ... we're excited and happy and nervous.... and ready for it all to be over with. :)


Here are FABULOUS new mugs. Don't you just want to come over and have coffee with me?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's Go Krogering !

I hope you have a Kroger in your area.

They are having their Mega-Sale thing right now. It's Mix and Match. They have something like 50 products involved. If you buy 10 of these items at X amount, you can get an automatic $5.00 rebate.

So last night I got $44.00 worth of groceries, for $16.00

and yes ... I can use and do normally buy these products. I didn't need them RIGHT now, but I think most of the grocery game is about stocking up in bulk on things you DO normally use and need, you just get them for a way better price.

Last night I used some coupons and Kroger DOES double and triple coupons as well. I think I had three coupons, so the savings really were just in the deal itself. Some things I picked up:

Manwich Cans - 50 cents, Lipton side dishes rice and noodles- 50 cents; Betty Crocker cake and cookie mixes - 50 cents. French's mustard- all varities - We didn't have Spicy Brown! - 50 cents. Scott Mega Rolls paper towels- $1.50 each. I had a $1.00 off coupon if you buy 2. So I got two and they were $1 each. Also pillsbury pizza crust, biscuits, french bread, cinnamon rolls - all 50 cents a container.

They also had the big 10 for $10 sale. With no rebate ; but still a deal. This was on Coke products, Totino's pizza and frozen veggies. Also buy 1 get 1 free big bags of Tyson frozen chicken breasts.

It was like Christmas and garage sale Saturday all rolled into one! I strongly encourage you to go. I got some GREAT savings!

It was SUCH a major score! I was on a high all night. I took everything out and insisted Conrad stand next to me while I told him the normal price and then what I paid for it. Poor thing, he doesn't get as excited about deals and steals like I do - but he DID say "I think I love you more now" which satisfied me. I'm not sure if he meant it, but he knew that's what I wanted to hear, so we give him points for that!


Thursday, April 3, 2008


This week has proved to me that it really is about the ACT of giving, more than what you give ... and I think the care and thought behind it is also something rather than the actual thing as well.

There are five girls here helping my boss out with the bridal shower this weekend. I don't have a TON of extra money since we have so much going on with the actual wedding ... so I went online and I found a recipe for orange spice tea. I love that stuff... did you know it's made with Tang?! I then went to the dollar store and found five pretty substantial and super cute coffee mugs. One was pink, one was green with some ivory, one was a taupe with pretty flowers, one was light blue and dark blue with flowers ... you get the picture. Also at the dollar store they sell groups of silverware. I picked up 6 spoons (packed in 3's) with a cute pattern on them. My grand total at the dollar store was $7. I went to the store to get the ingredients for the tea - my grand total was $7. $14 divided by 5 is $2.80 each.

In a big bowl, mix up :

1.5 cups of Tang
3/4 cup of instant tea -unsweetened
1/2 cup of instant yellow lemonade
1.5 cups of white sugar
2 teaspoons of nutmeg
2 teaspoons of cinnamon

I put these in small food baggies (you can buy at Hobby Lobby). I tied with the maroon ribbon I'm using on the wedding programs. I put the little baggie and spoon in each mug, then wrapped it in cellophane (like a gift basket would have) ... also found at the dollar store for $1. I pulled the cellophane up like you would a sack ... I tied them off with strips of a maroon bandana I had cut up. Those were $.87 at Hobby Lobby ... and I think one bandana was used for the entire five cups. I also put in a personal thank you note into each one.

For like $15 I had five beautiful gifts and WOW, it has gone over like gangbusters. First of all, they love the tea ... I'm having to email out the recipe to everyone... and now they all have decided this is the perfect inexpensive Christmas gift for the neighbors, your kids teacher, the mailman, etc ... how many cookies and brownies can we REALLY give away?

Anyway, it's the small thing in life that count ... and just the effort I guess, was appreciated more than anything. Also the entire project from start to finish, once I had all my supplies, took about 20 minutes.

It was so much fun, so inexpensive and so well appreciated!

Try it!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For the Dogs

Before I adopted my precious angel, Blanca- I did not care for dogs. I was never a fan of animal cruelty, of course, but never a fan of dogs. Didn't want one, didn't want to be around one.

Enter Blanca and now I feel like when I look at a dog, I can see their entire personality. Everything they are- happy or sad, etc ... I also briefly worked at a dog kennel/grooming place for awhile after I got her and I so enjoyed myself. If it paid more, I would still be there. Dogs just love you no matter what.

Friday's Oprah is about dogs and dedicated to her doggie, Sophie, who she had for 13 years and recently died. I believe they have said she was Oprah's four legged daughter and Oprah is absolutely devastated. As I would be. She is dedicating her show to her on Friday and Lisa Ling will be reporting on Puppy Mills. Normally the mere sight of Lisa Ling is enough to make me want to scratch my eyes out- I really can not stand that woman and have no idea why. I will, however, watch this episode. I also understand it will be about dog shelters and how we should all frequent those instead of puppy mills and breeders. Unless you are TRULY going to show your dog or you breed dogs for show, come on people, we need to be visiting shelters and this includes myself.

I can't hardly stand to see animals locked up in cages and I daresay that Friday will be really hard for me. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the entire thing, but I hope those of you who have DIVO or DVR will tape it and watch.

I'd say on the behalf of Blanca and all the other little dogs I know and love, they will thank you. It's really horrible sometimes, the way we treat animals of all kinds ...

Which reminds me that my friend Sunny, this weekend, witnessed the horrible abuse/beatings of six hunting Labrador dogs at the hands of their trainer. She called the police and filed a report this weekend... and then she worked diligently to report him to all of his sponsors (which were emblazed on the side of his truck and trailer), the magazines he advertises in and he was smart enough to list the names of the dogs, the owners and their phone numbers on his website - I guess for references- she was able to get that information and passed it on to the cops who are going to call all of the owners. I know they would never PAY anyone to ABUSE their animals. If you know of a Bill Autrey of Autrey Kennels in Louisiana- who wholeheartedly supports the abuse of animals for training purposes, avoid him. I don't think he'll be in business much longer... I am absolutely sick when I visit his website and see his sponsors and pictures of all those pretty animals who work so hard to make him happy. I hope hope hope he goes out of business. I'm proud of you, Sunny.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday was pretty wild.

First of all, it was end of month, which at my work, is just insane anyway. It was also end of quarter ... so we were trying to get in as many orders to ship as possible- posting things out, so that the final quarter amount gets as close to forecast as possible. It was a double whammy. I was here until almost six, and I hardly ever stay late.

Then I went on some sort of RSVP mission too. I emailed and hounded everyone who has not sent their reply back. Today was the deadline and I know there are still some hanging out there. Every day I have been going home and checking the mailbox and it's been almost like Christmas, to see who all is coming and who is not. I have to say, there have been some disappointments, one that came close to heartbreaking- but circumstances come up, I guess. Anyway, but I need to tell the restaurant this week the final count, so I started sending out emails. Although out of 300 people - I have heard from 200 so really it hasn't been BAD with the responses at all. Everyone did very well. I'm so proud!

Then I had sort of a breakdown concerning the rehearsal dinner. Not my breakdown, but like a breakdown in communication. But I think that's squared away now. I need to confirm, but I believe we are about to send out the invites this week or this weekend at the latest ... it's a taco/fajita bar with margaritas- poolside. Very casual, Very Texas, Very nice. I hope we can continue this route, but like I said, I should know more later this week.

It was all very interesting yesterday. I did have enough energy however, to go home and make up some spice tea mixes and put them in some cute coffee cups with cute little spoons for the girls who are helping at my shower this weekend. I brought five of them up here. My boss is hosting, so for her I did a cute fish bowl from Crate and Barrel, some chowder mix, a ladle and a neat dishtowel- I wrapped it all up in cellophane like a gift basket and tied it off with a maroon (Texas A&M wedding colors!!!) bandana (Texas theme). I hope she likes it. She's not here today.

Anyway, that was my wild and crazy night.

Tonight, we iron bandanas for the tables! Only 36 of them. UGH