Friday, December 16, 2011

Cowboy Tree

This year I went to Hobby Lobby and got a Dallas Cowboy tree. It's blue & white - called a fan fever tree. I noticed that in the past few years I've gotten several Cowboy ornaments for gifts ... or things I've picked up. Why not have an entire tree? I love it!

The tree, clear lights and the white furry tree skirt were like $28 all together ... can't be that! I'm happy to have it. Next year, if we're in our house, it can go in the gameroom.

Taking pictures when the lights are on results in a terrible blur - but perhaps before I take it down, I'll put it outside and use the natural light for a proper photo shoot!

My friend Kelley made me the CUTEST ornament and I LURVE it. It's a GLITTERY (I know!) football ... and she tied on some blue and white ribbon. I don't have an actual star, so this ornament is the highest ornament on the tree - hung from the top, pointy branch.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let There Be Light

Conrad and I have finalized our house plans. We had a few things to rearrange and shrink. It's darn near perfect now. SO happy to say that we did not have to give up our marvelous entrance and shrink the foyer and get rid of the winding staircase. That means --- we are IN business for a fabulous chandelier.

Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware

Pottery Barn

Ballard Designs
Ballard Designs


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


You know what?

I'm really starting to dig owls. West Elm (online) seems to have the best selection. I mean I think they are adorable! I don't think I want to start COLLECTING them - like 300 crammed on every shelf and surface ... but a couple of these placed here and there, beautiful!

This owl lamp, slays me ... when it goes on sale, I am TOTALLY getting it. It's very whimsical. Love it!

Love these owl measuring bowls. They come in 4 colors. I thought about buying 6 or 7 sets of these for gifts -- like for Conrad's office ladies, but ... the best intentions. I never ended up doing it. Who says they will really love them as much as I do anyway?

 ... and then check this out - owl butter molds. I mean WHAT - I would melt butter all day long so I could pour it into these and mold me some owl butter. Brilliant!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

When Mama Is Happy ...

Everyone is happy!

Groupon had a deal this week for 1 or 2 seats salvaged from Texas Stadium (where the Cowboys played before the new stadium) --- and I went back and forth about it all weekend. Conrad told me to get them, I said I didn't want to spend the money. He said it was a once in a lifetime thing and THEN when he said I could watch the games in them - you know, like I have in the past when I attended games ... well, that sealed the deal! What a lovely vision that was ... me, in my jersey, sitting in my chairs, MAYBE in my silver and blue gameroom, if Conrad can be so convinced. It's enough to bring a tear to my eye!

I bought them today.

They are going to look SO GOOD in the new gameroom!

... and if not, then I'll pull the seats out of my car and all visitors must then ride in the Cowboy seats. :)