Sunday, September 30, 2007

First time in Aggieland

I am SO burned today... Aggieland was HOT.

Here are the lovebirds at their first Aggie game, together. Anyway, it was HOT HOT HOT. There was a breeze every now and then, but not enough! I did absolutely love the Aggie band though. They were great- very impressive. It's all military style and they don't wear the uniforms most schools do. I was very impressed. I'm even thinking of getting myself a DVD to watch them more. Very nice! ... and of course, Aggies won. Too bad, so sad for you Texas, OU or Florida fans...
Chicken Oil Company was good too- CROWDED, but good. They had a nice burger and I had some cheese fries with ranch dressing- OF COURSE, this IS Texas! Still not sure what all the fuss is about, but it was good. Different than the regular old Chili's or On the Border...
Anyway, it was a good time, but I am very burned today. I took a warm shower last night and used vingar. I need to do it again today, maybe by tomorrow I will look halfway normal. MAYBE.
We are off in two hours to put the deposit down on the wedding venue. WHOOP!

Friday, September 28, 2007

End of Month


It's all you hear around work today. It's the last full workday of the month, so all accounts must be closed. It's a pretty hectic day. I couldn't go to Vegas with Tracy and the Porch Monkeys from Arkansas cause of end of month. BAD BAD END OF MONTH!

Well, tomorrow we head off to College Station for the A&M/Baylor game. We're meeting Conrad's parents, sister and nephews there. WOO HOO on meeting the family but kinda ick about the game. I'm so selffish with my Saturday's. I don't like errands or cleaning or any thing I "have" to do on my Saturday's. I want the option of laying around. Although almost every Saturday I do housework, or laundry or run to the library or grocery store- there's always something going on to interfere with the plan of just staying in the house. But this is different- we have tickets and we have to go.

Well the bright side is- I do like Conrad's family and it's ALWAYS nice to see them. Another bright side is the baby, Kamden is going. We never really get to see him- only twice now since he was born. So every time we see him, there have been DRASTIC changes. I feel bad about that. I feel like we should be there for every little thing- I guess that's one of the bad things about living several hundred miles away... and then the other bright side is there is a place there, called the Chicken Oil Company. It sounds absolutely horrid- who wants to oil a chicken or even worse, DRINK the oil of a chicken?! NOT ME! However, I am assured by the Hopkins clan it's good eatin'- Conrad's favorite restaurant in College Station and I will enjoy the heck out of it. It just has a really unforunate name.

I have been here ten months and have not yet been invited or driven to College Station by Conrad (sobbing) to see what all the fuss is about the chicken oil. Actually though, it's different being with a family who bleeds maroon. I tell you, all this time, I didn't harbor a hatred for A&M, I just didn't care much about them one way or the other... now I am surrounded by Aggies, tomorrow will be even more of them. I sort of feel obligated, when I go back to school next year, to join the A&M online degree program, just so I can fit in. Then again, I never was much for fitting in. I am a TREND MAKER not a TREND FOLLOWER.


I will report back tomorrow night and tell you what all is involved in eating at a place called Chicken Oil Company, in College Station, Texas- surrounded by Aggies.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's All Gravy

Today is MUCH better. It has all been worked out. I had a thought and ran it by Conrad, he agreed and now we have this thing in the bag!

Instead of renting out an entire restaurant, as previously planned, we are just taking over the private rooms... and a few days before, I just call with the RSVP'd number of people and we pay for that amount of food. The wedding now is coming in $1000 UNDER the budget, instead of $4000 OVER. WHOOP! We are going Sunday to put down the deposit and take all the pictures the decorators are going to need. We're probably also going to have dinner cause that place is GOOD! Then we're done.

I will have to get invitations made, which is no biggie and I'll get my dress, Conrad will go get fitted for his tux (he wants the one with no tie- big baby) and it's easy street. I have always always wanted to buy one of those bridal packages at the spa. Where it's like six months of treatments leading up to the big day.... and now I TOTALLY am going to do it! That's going to be my one big "Bride Thing"... so we're pretty much done til the first of the year and pretty much very proud of ourselves!

Now to today's topic: I have myself a babysitter. I was getting tucked into bed last night and I got the question: "Did you brush your teeth tonight?" What I am - 4?! Well the answer was "No, I did not". I got marched into the bathroom and he stood guard by the door, arms crossed while I brushed my teeth. Then he had the nerve to say "Get the ones in the back." Like I don't KNOW that. DUH!

Anyway- he thinks this ring makes him the boss of me... he also told me he has 90 days to take it back for a full refund, so now I am on a 90 day probation. He is so funny... so clever. I'll give him his 90 days and then I have the next 50 years.

Um... kidding Conrad!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disappearing Act

I didn't mean to be gone for an entire DAY!
I just got sort of involved. All internet time has been reserved strictly for wedding plans. I found out through my friends at work that Houston books up very early. I thought NO WAY- we can book this at Christmas. Um- NO. Everything is booked for a year.... terrible! I have called hotels, chapels, banquet halls, reception halls, restaurants. Today I thought I hit pay dirt by calling our local Community Center- but they are not open on Saturday's and she MIGHT have been the rudest woman I have talked to in three weeks.

*sigh* anyway- I did find a restaurant that we like. They've agreed to shut down for the evening and we could have the wedding there. I didn't get the budget up front, so I'm not sure yet how to swing it. It's SO expensive here. I am wishing for good old Dallas where I knew 100 people with big houses, or at least I THINK I do. Nana's house is in SC and Dad's house is in FL and with doing either one fo those, we would automatically alienate the groom's family and all of our friends and coworkers.

I never thought I would be a stressful bride. I never thought I would be a bride. Turns out I am both. I have been in a bad mood for two days- my stomache hurts and I feel a little sad.

I just want the thing booked. If I can get the place booked, then I can calm down and have fun with the rest of this, but this is not fun. This is the most NOT fun I've had in a long time. I do not like wedding planning. This is 800 times different than my trade shows and fishing tournaments. I want to sit down with one of those kegs I am ordering and get lost in it.



Monday, September 24, 2007

Blinded by the light

We had a friend come over and he got the camera to work a little better.

Here is a bettter pic of the ring.

You can see it much better. The time stamp on the camera is wrong, so I have NOT been holding out on you for the past month!

I promise to resume interviewing family members for the blog- I just got temporarily sidetracked. I had a moment of panic last night when I realized that my comfortable, easy, no-craziness weeekends are coming to a screeching halt. We have a WEDDING to plan! But then I remembered that I am not a Bridezilla and I really am pretty low maintenance. All I have to do that is stressful is pick the place. After that's done- easy breezy. The most stressful will be picking the honeymoon location.

K- I HAVE to get to work now. People have been wandering by the work station (the HR department gets pretty offended if we call them cubicles), anyway- people have been coming by all morning to see the ring and ask me about wedding plans. All I know is April 26, 2008 and we'll have beer.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sunday AM: Walked one mile

The day has been decided.
April 26, 2008

My grandparents (Lina and Dick), who I loved and miss very much, were married that day in 1941.

Colors: maroon and white (my concession to the Texas Aggies)
Theme: Texas

There you go- that's where we are. Not bad for 15 hours.


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well... dear readers....

Since my last post 5 hours ago.... Conrad has asked me to marry him.

I was gone on my walk when he was back here setting it up. I came in, posted on the blog and then went to run some bathwater, when I found the ring on my pillow.

We are VERY excited!!!! Conrad travels a lot during the summer, so we have decided to have it in early spring, plus it will still be nice here in Houston. It will not yet have turned into Africa. So we're thinking... March.

We of course called parents and stuff and everyone wants to see the ring. I am sort of thinking it might be a tad tacky to post such things on the internet- but since everyone lives so far away... here goes. They are pretty blurry. It's not so easy to take pics of diamonds... so this is the best we could do.

I don't know a darn thing about rings, but Conrad tells me the center stone is a marquis and it's surrounded by princess cut diamonds, the princess cuts are on both sides, and there are two squares, made out of squares.

Guess you'll just have to see, AT THE WEDDING!!!!

Karyn Abercrombie (soon-to-be Hopkins)

Once Bitten

Saturday: walked two miles around the neighborhood

Back on the program! I did pretty well today- even though it's the weekend and we almost always go out to eat on the weekend, we didn't. We stayed home like a good little family. I AM thinking about making some brownies, but I'm only THINKING about it. Sometimes, just knowing I CAN is enough. If I know without a doubt there is nothing sweet in this house, then I am more apt to drive to Sonic and get a treat... but I KNOW there is a brownie mix in the cabinet and some juice boxes in the icebox, so that in itself, comforts me.

Well, I did walk today. I went and did a mile this morning. Conrad had to take his car in to get the brakes done, so I had to cut it short, so I could go pick him up. Turns out, they told him the brakes look brand new- which is impossible, the Tahoe has 130K on it- but they said there was absolutely nothing to be done to them. Now Conrad is convinced I took the truck while he was out of town and had the brakes done- but I didn't. Unless someone stole his truck out of the airport parking lot this year and had a brake job done, the mystery stands...

Anyway, so this evening after dinner and after the sun went down, I did my last mile around the neighborhood. I mapped out a little trail the other day in the truck so I could track how many miles it was. My track right now is two miles... and this evening, rounding the last curve on the way home, I was attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and bitten. Well, ok- it was a terrier puppy and his nasty, mean, biting chihuahua... one of the fat ones, not the Paris Hilton ones. It HURT! They were all the way across the street and on the other side of the street. I rounded the corner and they came tearing down the street. They were barking and running straight for me- and they almost got hit by a car.... anyway, they got to me. The terrier puppy was just barking and jumping around. The stupid Taco Bell dog bit me on one leg and when I kicked at him, he bit me GOOD on that leg. No skin is broken, but it's a fat swollen mark and it's purple. I was pretty close to home, so I yelled at them and they turned around and went home. I watched so I could see what house... then I got back home and Conrad put some peroxide and some Neosporin on it. DANG DOGS! I love them- but these ones were MEAN. It puts me in mind of that time I was attacked by that turkey when I lived in Austin on my uncle's land and he had turkeys and cows and stuff. Anyway- that's another story..... for another time...... but it brought it back for me. One more crazy incident and I could have my own When Animals Attack show.

I shall interview my next family member tomorrow ....



Friday, September 21, 2007

Meet the Abercrombie-Hopkins'

For those of you not familiar with each of us, I thought I could devote a post to each member of the family. We begin with the baby

Name: Blanca Abercrombie-Hopkins
Birthday: March 23, 2004
Age: 3 Years, 6 Months
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current Location: Houston, Texas
States Visited: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Color: Snow White
Favorite Color: HOT Pink
Favorite Food: Donut Holes
Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms
Favorite Activity: Cuddling with Daddy
Favorite Football Team: Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Song: London Bridge, by Fergie
Siblings: None
Grandparents: Dickie and Brian Boring, David and Cheryl Abercrombie and Mike and Adelle Hopkins
Favorite Toy: Ally the Aligator for play & Piggy the Pig for night time cuddling
Commands Recognized: Sit, Stop, NO, Come Here, Go Night-Night, Kisses
Favorite Groomer: Diane at Strawberry Dog
Best Known For: Fits of temper, disobedience, lovely singing voice, sleeping all day, loud SIGHS to convey discontent, angry and shrill barking, sweet kisses, swatting with her paws, snooping through guests luggage, perimeter household patrol, pink fingernails, pink collars, love of "cookies" (dog treats), chasing birds and desparately but never successfully playing with kitties.

Everyone- Meet Blanca, the dog with the 100 megawatt personality.

Another family member to follow tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Use

My biopsy results came back- NEGATIVE!!!!!

I am so so so so so so happy and relieved!
It's amazing what your mind can do. This entire time, of course, I have just lived everyday- sleeping, eating, going to work, but I think there was some major underlying depression that I wasn't even aware of. Today, after speaking to the nurse, I feel like working out, cleaning the house, whatever needs to be done. I have been so upset and just internalizing everything- I barely even wanted to come to work. I either wanted to sleep or cry. These things are so scary... amazing what the mind can do.... and not in a good way. It has made me just lazy and sad and depressed... but no more! I feel like tonight I can get back to Turbo Jam and get my life back. This has been QUITE the last two months. WHEW! This means I can have a great trip to Hawaii, a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
I think I have found a place for Blanca to go while we are in Hawaii. It's called Miss Daisy's Dog Camp go check it out! This place ROCKS. It's like, Blanca is going to go on vacation too. This is a no kennel, kennel. It's sort of a big open room with beds and windows- so no one has to be locked up in those awful kennels or behind fences. It has two acres of fenced in land- with a kiddie pool and soccer and all kinds of things. It has dog doors that are open 24 hours a day- so if your doggie just has it mind to go play some soccer or take a dip, he/she can! The big open room has radios and TV's and of course, the dogs can play in there too- there are big baskets of toys and things. If you don't like the group sleeping plan, you can arrange to have your dog put in a private suite for the evening- and each suite has a private covered patio and and a dog door. This is the LIFE!
The one drawback is that you have to drop off your dog for an "interview" to make sure they are a personality who can be with other dogs and I THINK Blanca is. She spent a lot of time at Pappy's Pet Lodge playing in Daycare, in Dallas... but who knows. You are allowed to tour the facility for 20 minutes with your dog, then you leave her for theday. Her activities are videotaped and when you come back, you can sit down and watch her- to see if you're comfortable with the interaction. Interesting... if you know Blanca, you know she sort of has a mind of her own. She's stuborn and willful and has a bit of an entitlement problem. I don't think she'd think twice about knocking another dog off the bed if she felt she should be there. This is why she is sometimes known as Queen B. So *sigh* , Conrad and I are going to have to do a lot of training or SOMETHING in the next two weeks, leading up to her interview. I SO hope they take her. She will have so much fun, she won't even know we're gone.
I SO want her to be able to go to camp!
Proud and Hopeful Mama,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I really need to get motivated to get back to working out. Almost a week has passed since the biopsy (should hear from them tomorrow) and so I know I am ok to work out again. But the problem is, I don't WANT too.

It doesn't seem FAIR. I don't know hardly anyone who works out - and everyone seems to be a normal, healthy weight. I mean- I see some pudges here and there, but no one is severely overweight. I'm not SEVERELY over either, but I am OVER... and I don't know why. I don't know why everyone else is pretty normal and I'm not. The doctor has already told me, due to the thyroid issue, I'm not normal and I never will be. Lovely. That's the best news- I feel like it's Christmas. (GROWL)

We leave for Hawaii in six weeks and I want to be at LEAST 20 pounds down. I see on the Biggest Loser they lose that in a week- but I think they work out 6 hours a day too. I don't think Conrad is going to be ok with me quitting my job and becoming GI Jane. I'm fairly certain he would take me as I am now and use that income, rather than have me broke, but able to do a push up with one hand.

I am leaning, these days, to wanting to be broke with a one-handed push up.

Karyn (Huge in Houston)

Monday, September 17, 2007

This is for the Dogs

As many of you know, I am mother to a sweet, precious, but highly bossy and tempermental miniature schnauzer. Well, at least, I USED to be.

Don't get me wrong- everyone deserves a daddy, but I thought being a good mom was enough for her. WRONG.

Let me begin by showing you a picture of Blanca with her father.

LOOK at this... this is what I have to live with day in and day out. Look how she has just thrown herself across him in wild abandon. You can't see it well, but most of the time, she just tucks her head up underneath his chin, she lets out the greeatest sigh like she is beyond content and she will go to sleep.

Now let me show you a picture of Blanca with her mother.

LOOK at the wild-eyed fright. Look at her body language - how she is deparately pulling away from me. I had to clamp her down to get her to participate in this picture. Her eyes hold a trapped look and look at the grim set of her mouth. This is NOT a happy baby. This is an angry, resentful, teenage girl who is clearly thinking, "MOM...."

Last night I had to put up with yet another of Conrad and Blanca's love fests. I could hear all the kissing going on and Conrad with his giggling "oh Blanca... ha ha ha ha"... and then him BEGGING her to "kiss mommy"... telling her that good girls kiss mommy, etc., etc....

Thank you, but I won't beg my dog to love me. Without me and my decision to move this family to Houston, she wouldn't even HAVE a daddy. I get NO respect.


Friday, September 14, 2007


I am excited and pleased to announce the new Taco Bueno in The Woolands is OPEN!

When I drive down the street, my greatest joy is to see the building of which I am showing you now. I am SO going to Taco Bueno this weekend! I am going to throw myself in a big Bueno Chilada Platter!

Also pleased to announce I had a dental appointment this morning. I have been following all the rules- today was my two week checkup. I sat out in the parking lot reading for ten minutes just to calm myself. The last time I casually strolled in, I left drooling like a 3 month old. No thank you. Today I went in and they said my gums looks WORLDS better... I did have some tartar that was hidden by all the swelling and bleeding last time. Thank You Dr. Slatton! ... anyway, there were a few pieces that had come out of hiding and they got those off. They had to numb my bottom teeth again because the roots are so sensitive down there. It was not pleasant, but not nearly as bad as last time. Then she gave me some delightful strawberry flavored polish and she polished up my teeth. Sadly. I do have three cavaties and I have to go back in October to fill those in. Then I am released into my own care until Jan 22, when I have to go back for the three month check up. There will not be a speck of tartar there for them to hack away at, or I will get Conrad's automatic sander and take it off myself!

It's another college football weekend, so I'm sure tomorrow will be spent at home, for the most part. I SO love this time of year- football of course, Starbucks starts serving the pumpkin latte (YUM YUM YUM) and it gets cooler, I can wear my super cute knee boots and then of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

No updates on Conrad. He had meetings and dinner meetings all week long. So I barely saw him - only when he came in to tuck me in.... but I'm sure I'll catch you all up on him this weekend.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Pain No Gain

Thanks for all the calls, emails and general well wishes. The biopsy went well yesterday. It hurt though, and so when I went home, I went to bed. I know a few of you called- thanks for the messages, I just was worn out and took something and went to sleep. I needed to sort of sleep it off.

Doc said he really saw absolutely nothing wrong. We did go ahead and get tissue to biopsy, but he said when he looked at me, cancer was the last thing on his mind. So that was very good news- but, again, I want to wait for the actual pathology results and then we'll see...

In the meantime, I stepped on the scale there at the doc's office and NOT ONE POUND, I am still what I was two weeks ago. I guess that's good I didn't gain, but what about all the Turbo Jam? Clearly, there's going to be little to no Mel's in my future. I think I am going to actually have to go to the gym and RUN and use Turbo Jam has a supliment. Meaning, they have an awesome ab program, but that's not really a fat burner..,. and I can do turbo scuplt as a way to add in weight traning, but again, not cardio. So I guess I have really got to get serious. I was trying to ease my way in, but clearly, this is not working.

Meet Chalene! (to the left)

That being said, I can't work out tonight- still gotta rest up, but starting Friday night or Saturday morning, it's ON.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have completely disregarded my workout this week. I'm lazy I guess, but I am also nervous about my biopsy today. I'm not going to be able to workout for a few days after this, so I guess I just decided to blow off the whole thing.

On top of just the sheer nerves and discomfort, I am going to have to ask for some private time with the doc to tell him I'm not super impressed with his staff. I am honestly really and truly nervous about the outcome of these results simply because I have no confidence in his staff. They have no bedside manner and take weeks to call back with any kind of results. They don't return phone calls and when they do, they have a receptionist call me. I love receptionists, don't get me wrong, but she can't answer my medical questions. She puts me on hold and gets the answer and comes back. That makes me really angry and let's not forget that Pass It On game we all used to play. You whisper "Johnny likes Ellen" in someone's ear and four people down the line it comes out that "John lives like an elephant"... getting PASSED ON information is not really trustworthy. The whole office makes me nervous. They also were supposed to send me out some information, and they did, TEN DAYS later with some very scary information highlighted. It ruined my weekend. I cried that entire Friday night, curled up in bed. Poor Conrad alternates between worried and trying to comfort me, who can not be comforted... SO, I'm going to have to somehow figure out how to communicate that today in a non-threatening way to my new doc, who I really do like. Chances are, when results come back- I am going to request my pathology results and then get a new doctor.

Wish me luck. I can get confrontational, if passionate enough and about my health, I AM... and of course, I'm also a mild hypocondriac.... and absolutely convinced I have cancer. HIs lovely nurse told me the one time she spoke with me I had pre-cancer, so it's not hard to make that jump. I was not aware that nurses had the ability to diagnose such things without a biopsy. Thanks for letting me vent. These sarcastic comments would not go a long way to my doc being understanding.

Anyway- not the best post today, I'm anxious and worried and I abhor pain.
I really wish I had stayed home today to just enjoy the off time and maybe go do something I like, like go to the bookstore.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stop Monkeying Around

Monday: No workout. I just flat didn't feel like it.

On to today's topic.

I absolutely adore the show What Not to Wear on TLC. They are the first ones who basically told me it was ok for your shoes not to completely match your outfit. For instance, if it was summer and you were wearing white pants and an orange shirt, it would be completely appropriate to wear a pair of gold sandals. I just love that. In my pre-What Not to Wear days, I would have probably worn orange sandals... which is ok too, but not nearly as fun.

So last weekend I was watching a "where are they now" show where they are bringing back about 8 people from prior shows to see if they were keeping up with all the things they learned. These 8 girls had family and friend who snuck into their closets and sent What Not to Wear a few pieces that were NOT on the "ok" list... and so it was basically like these people had backtracked a little bit. So imagine my shock and disbelief when one of the girls is called up on the carpet to explain a pair of shoes she had. A pair of shoes I, Karyn Abercrombie, own and ADORE.

Let me stop here and show you a picture. These are my Michael Simon monkey sandals. They are absolutely precious.

Please look at these works of foot-art and tell me what is wrong with them???!!! Clearly, you can see the banana there on the bottom of the shoe- CLEVER and IMAGINATIVE.... you can see the monkey there on the front, with FUR- also completely charming... and look how the little tail dips down there off the shoe. GENIOUS. They are also super comfy.

I am insulted and enraged that they would find one thing wrong with these adorable works of art. I can not even believe it. Do you know Stacy and Clinton, from the show, took these priceless beauties and THREW them in the GARBAGE?!!!??? I almost needed my smelling salts. I am simply stunned.

Well- they don't know EVERYTHING. Clearly, they are missing out on the next fashion trend. I went on Ebay and Michael Simon has other designs. Yes, that is RIGHT, DESIGNS- these are artwork. He also has these cute umbrella shoes and these strawberry sandals. Please, let this be a feast for your eyes!

I don't think What Not to Wear is my favorite show anymore.


P.S. I think I might need the umbrella sandals. They are so super cute. I could really make those look good.

Monday, September 10, 2007

3 for all....

Sunday: all day workout. I did pushups, situps, cruches, leg lifts, squats pretty much all day. I just tried to keep moving and incorporate movement into everything I did on that day.

Thankfully, all three of our teams pulled it off this weekend.

A&M barely made it, Texans pretty much had it in the bag and Dallas had me VERY nervous last night. It was a pretty exciting game, but I admit I was flipping back and forth between football and the MTV VMA's. Britney's performance was a DISASTER. I was almost happy to see it. She has enough money to live seven lifetimes, I mean HANG IT UP- she is just getting trashier and trashier- stay home and feed your children or take a class on how to restrain them properly in a carseat or something, for goodness sakes. This performance made me cringe.

First of all, that was the most poorly chosen outfit I have ever seen.... and listen, her stomache NOW is worlds better than mine NOW, but it was not the stomache of Britney of old... this was the stomache of a mom of two kiddos and of a person who inhales a lot of that Louisiana fried chicken. If you were known for your spectacular six pack and now you only have about a two pack left, I say there is no reason to advertise that to the entire world in a sparkly bikini get up. The bottom alone was WAY too small.... Then there was the terrible lip-synching. I don't think she knows the words to her own song... and WAS it a song? I mean really? It was mostly a lot of breathing and that mechanical voiceover stuff. Please, I can do that... AND then there was the just limping around the stage. She never danced and when she did move, she was not in sync with her stripper, pole dancers. She would just turn to the side (bad belly shot) and just sort of do this sick bunny hop. The entire thing was a nightmare. I thought I may be the only one who felt that way- and maybe I just had some kind of built up Britney hatred I wasn't aware of... but then I also read the same reviews on Yahoo and this morning. If this was designed to make me rush out and buy her new album, then the attempt failed miserably.

There's just something about watching other people's misfortunes just unfold in front of you, I guess...

Well... interesting week coming up. Conrad has two late nights coming up- he has people in town for work. I have my biopsy on Wednesday and then my fine scaling and polishing on the choppers Friday. NOT looking forward to either of my procedures. Wish it was Saturday already...


Sunday, September 9, 2007


Friday: no workout
Saturday: 25 minutes stationary bike, 10 minute weight lifting

After the long, long, long (three overtime) Texas A&M game last night- we went back to Mel's. This time I had the 8 oz. chopped steak with two veggies and it was DYNOMITE. This place rocks! I had that, Conrad had the bacon cheeseburger and basket of onion rings, we each had tea and he also had a Diet Coke- we got out for a grand total of $15.50 AMAZING!

If you know anything at all about Conrad, you know his favorite movie is Grease. I don't know how that's possible. If you look on his walls of CD's you'll see bands like Skid Row, Lamd of God, Kill Hannah, Metallica, Megadeath, Anthrax, Tool, Fuel, Filter, and some heavy heavy heavy metal bands I can't even think of.... and yet, the man belts out the Grease soundtrack like he was on Broadway. On the way back from Mel's last night, he popped in the Grease soundtrack and sang to me all the way home. He started with Summer Nights, moved on to "Stranded at the drive in- branded, a fool....", then we went to You're the One That I Want, Greased Lightning.... thank GOD he didn't sing Hopelessly Devoted to You... I may not have made it out alive. He was a little annoyed that I refused to sing the girl part to Summer Nights- he wanted to practice for the wedding- but Summer Nights has NOTHING to do with our relationship. It would be like singing Beauty School Drop-out. Ridiculous.

That's all for today! I am going to see if I can get Conrad to agree to take me to the Studio Movie Grill tonight. I feel like getting out.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Shutting the Door

Workout: None, I went to Rancho Grande and threw myself in a big bowl of chips and queso. I had a craving that would not QUIT- so I blew off the workout and blew my diet completely.

Quick shout out to my Dad, my sire, my favorite author! I found out yesterday he has been reading the blog. Now if you don't have your copy of Shadows of the Prince by David Abercrombie, I urge you to run, not walk to and get yourself a copy. It is not too late to redeem yourself. You can also check dad out at and get his address so you can send your book to get it autographed or email him or whatever it is you want to do. Nifty website and has some interesting links to my home city- Charleston, SC. He does not mention ME, nor does he have a link to this blog, but I'm absolutely positive his readers and fans would want to know more about his charming and beautiful offspring.... I shall devote the rest of my days to convincing him that's true.

Now to today's topic. I have noticed lately and also when I was going back and forth to Dallas, that when I leave the house, Conrad just shuts the door. I had suspected it, but this morning, there was confirmation. When I used to visit, I would load Blanca and myself into the car and we would wave and back out of the driveway. By the time I got the truck into DRIVE gear and went past the house, he would be back inside and the door would be shut. Now, being from the south, I always fancied that my prince would be tearfully behind the glass door, waving a white handkerchief, bemoaning my departure... (you know, like on Gone With the Wind, before the war, when Scarlet would be on the porch and all the boys would be gathering around her, waiting on her hand and foot and acting a fool when she would walk off- they ALWAYS watched Scarlet depart!).... but I guess when I was traveling back and forth I figured he was just too torn up to wach us drive away. I had visions of him curled up next to the front door, sobbing and missing us something awful. I comforted myself with that. Now I know it's not true!

This morning was a rare morning when Conrad was up and about when I left. So he and Blanca walked me to the door. I commented on our pet froggies that live on the porch light... I said goodbye and I was barely on the last step when I heard the door shut and LOCK behind me! No watching my departure at ALL! Unless he's some kind of weirdo tht watches thru peepholes. Maybe I can comfort myself with that! :)

Now Conrad, if you are reading- I am just KIDDING. I don't need you to follow me out to the car everyday or press yourself up against the glass waiting for me to drive off.
However, being a little torn up when I leave would be nice (wiping away a tear)....


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mega Mel's

Wednesday: 20 minute Turbo Jam, 10 minute Turbo Abs (stand up set)

Conrad and I found a new place to eat last night. To all you burger lovers who have visited, we apologize for not having found this place sooner and taken you. We never would have found it anyway- it's deep in the bowels of Tomball. It looks like it's being held together with duct tape and chicken wire- the AC (window unit) drips and dust is covering everything. It's AWESOME! For those of you from Dallas, it's Goff's x 5. It's FANTASTIC. It's called Mel's... and it's back in the woods, there's no way we would have found it, if not for the internet! I found a website called and it has reviews from regular people, separated by zip code or type of food. I found review after review on Mel's.

We got two burgers, a basket of onion rings, a tea and water for $13.00 YES- and it was GOOD. We were seriously talking about having them cater the wedding. Three people could share one of those baskets of onion rings. They are GOOD- they blow Goff's away.... the hamburgers are $2.75 each- so I mean, how could we NOT look at having them do the wedding? They had a big sign there too that said they cater events. Perfect! We have an event that needs catering! Theyalso have fried mushrooms and chicken fried steak and salads and things like that. I'm sure we could find a little something for everyone. As far as I know, there are only three vegetarians attending- surely I can find some tortillas or something for them to chew on. :) Kidding! I'll take care of them... but seriously, it's heart attack city in there. For all out of town guests, be sure to bring your running shoes, you may have to work out after this wedding.

Thank goodness I did Turbo Jam last night - I really needed it after that meal. It was great though... good place. I'm going back to the website for more places to try this weekend. Maybe a Mexican one this time.

I need a garage saling buddy- so I'm thinking about rounding up the neighbor lady next door. Conrad knows her husband- I have asked him three times what the woman's name is- he said he has been told numerous times, but he can't remember. GREAT. So, "hi neighbor lady- will you come out and play with me?" I am thinking I need a better plan than this... so I'm thinking on it today and please feel free to comment and give me your thoughts. She has a new baby- like 10 months old- and I'm sure the daddy can watch it for a little while. She may welcome the chance to escape from the two of them. There are bargains to be found in this city and I need someone to go with me and keep me jazzed up about it. Conrad is no help- he's addicted to Lowe's on Saturday morning, plus he's my yard boy... and he has a job to do.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA. Kidding Conrad. Kidding.
(not really....)

That's all for today, folks!


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Turbo Death and Mascara Alert

Tuesday: No work out

How could I? I can barely move. Turbo Abs didn't even cause me to break a sweat- but I haven't been able to make any sudden movements or stand up straight after getting out of my desk chair for TWO DAYS. Turbo Abs= Turbo Death. I BETTER have a six pack after this. Chalene Johnson is insane. She was just a lifting her leg and swirling from side to side...

"You look GREAT!"
"Just a little longer- and you'll have that 6 pack!"
"Work those obliques!!!"

She is a complete nutjob and now I am terrified of turbo sculpt... so tonight, perhaps I will do the Turbo Jam 40 minute version. I don't know... it hurts to think about it. Why did Jane Fonda retire? So she's 85 years old- whatever, jump back into those legwarmers and give us some NORMAL exercise...

Um... nice suggestions Tracy Curtis-King.
I suddenly feel the need to fill my truck with Pennzoil. KIDDING! I kid, I kid.
Something tells me my dad is going to balk at walking me down the isle to White Wedding... but we can always ask him. Bonus points if he does his hair like Billy Idol.

Now mascara alert... I cried all the way to work this morning. Gayle King, Oprah's best friend and frontman of the Gayle King Show, XM156, Oprah and Friends- had to put her dog down this weekend. She was telling the story of Simon, her Mastiff who had bone cancer. He broke his leg this weekend and when they went in to set the bone, the doctor found the bone tumor. He had already lost 80 pounds, with the cancer, but Gayle though the diet he had been put on was just working. They had no idea he was in so much pain. She talked about the last few minutes they had with him and I just bawled all the way down the street. I have never been through it and I don't want to go through it. When the time comes for Blanca to go, I dont' care if it's at the vets or at home, I am going to be a wreck. I just can't stand to think about it. This Simon thing has put a damper on my whole day. HOW do people become vets? It would break my heart every single day and this, from a woman who could not stand dogs four years ago. Now I see one and my whole day is better. This was a terrible weekend for Gayle and now a rotten day for me. :(

R.I.P. Simon the Mastif.


Taco Bueno The Woodlands countdown: Grand Opening, 8 days

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend Update

Monday: 20 minute Turbo Abs

Turbo Abs KILLS. It wasn't so bad doing it, but this morning trying to sit up in bed was pretty challenging. I am going to try soon, to combine the Abs with the Turbo Jam. That should be a well rounded workout for awhile, before I move on to Turbo Sculpt.

This weekend was pretty easy, breezy.
As you know, we did go out Sunday night for our "I love you" anniversary to Steamboat House. SUPER yummy! We also watched two of our Netflix movies, which was awesome, they had just been sitting there forever... and all weekend, it was football, football, football... We watched the Michigan game, the Clemson game, the Virginia Tech game, ah- and the Tennessee game. Sadly. I heard that Florida won their game.... and of course, A&M won theirs. We didn't watch the last two.

I don't know what it is with Conrad, but every time Clemson scored he wanted me to jump up and down and scream and yell. I do love all things South Carolina, but that's going a bit overboard. He thinks I should celebrate all things SC- since I go on and on about my heritage. But I really go on and on about all things southern. I mean, I get just as jazzed about all things Tennessee or Georgia or North Carolina... now, Florida and Virigina, I don't know... Virigina is pretty close to being Yankee-town and Florida is just full of Yankess. So those two places are pretty hard for me to get excited about. But if someone wants to sit me down and have a conversation about how beautiful Alabama is, well I am IN... or how well they cook in Mississippi... sign me up... ! But I refuse to jump up and down like an idiot every time Clemson scores. Now that's just silly.

Oh- Conrad DID take me to Taco Bueno on Monday and I found out the new one is opening in The Woodlands on 09/13. This is a good 20 miles closer. I am SO excited. It will no longer be considered "crazy" for me to drive to Taco Bueno... because that was 26 miles. I don't believe TB is on my Turbo Jam plan- but I think every once in awhile is ok!

Alright well... that's it for today, at least from ME. No telling what Conrad is cooking up to post about. He asked yesterday if instead of singing at the wedding, if I would prefer him to do his interprative dance... mmmm.... NO


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday: No work out

I am NOT on board for an 80's themed wedding. Can you think of anything more tacky? Conrad loves to get me riled up by talking about it. I love the 80's as much as the next gal, but I do not want a tacky wedding!

Today we celebrated our one year "I love you" anniversary. We went to a great place called the Steamboat House- top ten steakhouse in Houston. It was really, really great... I give it two thumbs up!

Tomorrow my prince is driving me into Conroe for TACO BUENO and some outlet mall shopping!!!!!!!! Happy Labor Day!


80's Theme Wedding

So, I figured I would poll the public on the best idea's for mine and Karyn's 80's themed wedding. Below, I have given choices for everyone to vote on. Any new idea's are welcome as well.

Here we go!

First is attire for the wedding. For Karyn, I am thinking about either leg warmers or those knee length stretch pants. Possibly a Uni-tard. She should also wear one of those oversized pull overs that look like a turtle neck, except that is hangs down. She should also have her hair with those bangs that stick straight up. And a Debbie Gibson hats. Finally her shoes should be jelly's.

For me, it will either be MC Hammer pants or parachute pants. Along with the fake snake skin patent leather shoes, or boots. I think a good 80's hair band poofy pirate shirt should go well with either. And of course it would not be buttoned to keep the chest wide open. For hair, either a full mullet or a Flock of Seagulls hair-do.

Now for the song I will sing to Karyn after the wedding. Anything by REO Speedwagon should work. Or, Sweet Child O' Mine. For the people more into hair bands, maybe Whitesnake's "Is this Love". Or, for the real rockers, Britny Foxx's "Long Way to Love."

Finally, instead of a traditional diamond ring, maybe a mood ring.

Karyn is very interested in this idea, so post up your idea's.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

We're Cookin'

Good evening to all.

Friday: Did not work out, rest day.
UPDATED 11 PM- Saturday: 20 minute Turbo Jam

Today was clean the house day. Conrad went out to Lowe's and Home Depot this morning and I stayed behind to try my NEW Blueberry Cobbler coffee creamer. DELICIOUS! After I sampled that, I decided the house needed a good scrubbing. I vacuumed, dusted, washed clothes, washed sheets, swept, scrubbed bathroom and kitchen counters, scrubbed toilets, you name it. This house is clean! That should count as today's work out, but *sigh* it won't- I'll be doing Turbo Jam in a few hours.

Tonight Conrad requested I make hamburger pie. This is a dish developed by my own sainted mother. :) The recipe is as follows:

Preheat oven to 350

In a pan, fry up hamburger (I fry up one of those little rolls from Wal-Mart)
right before it's ready, add a 1/2 of a chopped onion. When the onion is soft, add a small can of tomato sauce- I've been getting the roasted garlic kind, but any SMALL can will work. That's your filling.

Then you need to get some of that Pillsbury pastry sheets. You need TWO sheets (a top and bottom). I let those get to room temp while I'm making the filling.

Anyway, grease a pan, lay out the first sheet.
Then I put down a layer of meat filling, then I take some shredded cheddar cheese (about a nice heaping handful) and I put it on top of the meat, then I layer with the last meat layer and one more layer of cheese. Then I put the top sheet of the pastry on top of it all and press the two together. Looks just like a pie! Then I put on egg in a bowl, beat it and I use a pastry brush to put an egg wash on top of the pie. Bake for about an hour.

DELICIOUS! I love this thing- Conrad does too. We have it at least once a month.

I just got done making red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing... yum, yum too!
This is our "I Love You" anniversary- the weekend we first said it. So red is for

We have been watching college football ALL DAY- and I guess this will go on through the night. Conrad is all up in arms over the Michigan upset. I say good! I always root for the underdog!