Friday, November 30, 2007

Thank You Tracy

(See comments on last post...)

I love you. This is why I love you.
You always support me and back me up.

I will go salmon fishing with you! I don't really condone random murder of fish, but to get one more state and hang out with you, I'm kind of on board!

Much love to the RAZORBACKS who destroyed LSU last week.
Oh how I love Arkansas- and the beautiful women who populate it!

love ya Trace!

What's UP?!

I don't know whether to be flattered or offended...

You see- I looked in the closet the other day and realized I have NO winter clothing... and I really don't need WINTER clothing here in Houston, but you do need some pants and some long sleeve shirts and of COURSE I needed some skirts to go with my new super cute snakeskin (faux) boots. So I was looking through the closet and I was like WHAT did I WEAR last year? Didn't I have some decent black and gray pants? Where is that sweater- oh yeah- that's right- it's scratchy and I hate it. So anyway- I totally needed some new clothes. So I went to Kohl's. For $163 I walked off with several shirts, two super cute sweaters (one with sparklies!!!), two skirts, one pair of pants and one pair of gaucho/capri things.

So this morning I decided to wear the gaucho/capri things- they are brown. I wore a white undershirt and a pink long sleeve button down, but unbottoned. I paired this with my brown boots and came on in. My co-workers are acting like Britney Spears is in the building (cute Britney circa 1998- catholic school outfit Britney- not super trashy, no shoes in the Exxon bathroom- belly hanging out, circa 2007 Britney). There has been a distinct buzz in the air and people are stopping by my "work station" and saying things like - "HEY, you look PRETTY today!" or blinking rapidly and rearing back like something flew in their eye, they will say "Oh ... that's a really cute shirt... you look um- you look nice today."

Uh- thanks?! So I guess every other day of the week I look like ground hamburger. You never thought I was pretty before? Are you guys saying I am a total schlub who can not be counted upon to look decent most days. I'm not sure how to feel. I suppose I should just glory in being super cute today- maybe make a few unnecessary passes by the higher-ups offices at some point in the day- stop in, wave- look exceptionally busy and harrassed (cause then they'll think I'm stressed out and completely engrossed in my job). I mean dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right?!

My point to them, if it comes up, is LOOK Houston is like Africa 10 months of the year. I have no desire to put on layers of clothing, suit jackets and hose and come in here when it's 115 degrees outside and 91% humidity. There is absolutely nothing I can do with my hair that will keep in dry and in place, in weather like that- and hey, if someone could PLEASE fix the thermostat so it does not mimick weather conditions outside, that would be great. When it's 91 degrees outside, it should not be 85 inside... I think if we could get that fixed, I could make a little more effort to look nicer.

I don't know- now I feel all this pressure to be super cute everyday. I have to go home and take complete new inventory of my closet and decide what goes and what stays... and I need to find some comfy summer/business clothes- although I really think there is no such thing. I'm SO STRESSED OUT. Why does being beautiful have to hurt SO MUCH?!

I should go home and ask Blanca how she deals with the pressure day in and day out.

Super Cute and Hot in Houston,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Round Two

So I told Conrad I had posted about my crazy hot ham n' cheese inspired breakdown. He said he will be interested to log on in a few days and see if anyone has commented. Clearly, he still thinks I am in the wrong on this one.

We ended up hashing it out again. He said what bothered him the most was the tears. He has never cried over a hamburger in his life. Well me NEITHER- I was crying over a hot ham n' cheese. There's a huge difference. Hello?!

Anyway, no resolution. He still is confused and scared of me and I still say it was at least 30% his fault I got that bottomless heart attack in a bag.

The good news is he has gotten almost the entire office cleared out. I saw it last night- VERY impressive. I will paint it this weekend and move in the queen set that was mine in Dallas. So it should be a pretty snazzy room. Conrad wants to keep his Bevis and Butthead poster up, but I am not on board with that... poor thing- he needs his own room to decorate. Maybe I should go get him one of those sheds they are always selling in the Home Depot parking lot- he could put up as many Beavis and Simpson's posters he wanted...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Crazies

So I got the "crazies".... seriously. Poor Conrad. I don't know how he makes it through some days. This is kind of funny NOW, but it wasn't really at the time.

Let me preface this by saying that I am heavier than I used to be- thanks to the Graves Disease and I am very sensitive about it. There's not a whole lot I can do- maybe more than I do- I mean I could work out harder and eat better but the fact is I have a disease and this is one of the side effects.

Second let me say I love Hardee's. They have a hot ham n' cheese that will knock your socks off. I ate them all the time when I was a kid- this is a joint that's mostly in the deep south. Texas has none. VERY SAD. But it's been a few years since I had a Hardee's hot ham n' cheese...

On the way to Florida, I stopped in Louisiana and got myself one. HEAVEN, I told Conrad on the way back I was stopping to get another. Saturday rolls around- I leave FL and we get to somewhere in AL and I'm hungry. Now here is where it's funny but kinda not, WHY do men just NOT HEAR anything we say? I clearly said on the way to FL and on the way back that I loved HOT HAM N' CHEESE sandwiches. I even told Blanca I would share mine and give her some ham. Conrad heard me say that...

We get to the window, we order his burger and I order the #7- hot ham n' cheese... I was not paying attention, I admit... and I guess on the screen it popped up something else. Conrad SAW it and said naught.... I pull through get the order and proceed on my merry way. Well we are hardly out of the parking lot when Conrad starts diving up the food. He hands me this massive burger and I hand it back- no he says, I got the sourdough, this is yours. Apparently, the woman thought I said the # 11, not the # 7. Conrad SAW the # 11 order come up on the screen and he didn't say a word. I even think the woman repeated the order back- but I didn't hear her. So I am looking at whatever the # 11 is and it is I kid you not, the most massive burger I have ever laid eyes on- this is a double meat bacon something or another. Well- I had my lips set for hot ham n' cheese.. HE HEARD me order it, he KNEW I wanted it and he said nothing when they gave me something else.

Promptly, right there in the parking lot, I burst into noisy and wild tears. I was wailing and he had NO idea what to say... when I finally calmed down, this is what I said... "I miss my daddy. I have just left my daddy and I miss my daddy. I wanted a hot ham n' cheese and you knew it. You let this woman give me this double meat burger. I mean, am I THAT big? Am I so big that you would think I would need a double meat burger? Shouldn't you intervene if that is the case? If it ever gets to the point I am ordering double meat burgers, there is a PROBLEM. I mean- when have I EVER in two years EVER ordered a double meat anything? You must thing I'm a massively fat giant woman.".... and here is Conrad.... ????????? He later said, and rather unconvincingly, that he thought I had changed my mind. WHAT?! How in the space of 2 seconds would I have changed my mind and what made him think I could operate a motor vehicle with a 2/3 lb burger clutched in my jowls... ?

I cried for 25 more miles... and even though he offfered to share his fries I said no. Even when he offered to stop at another Hardee's and get me what I wanted I said no. I passed another 7 Hardee's and refused to stop. I finally fished the offending burger out of the bag in the truck and ate like four bites. It was so big I could not get my mouth around it and it frustrated me so bad, I just threw it in the garbage and kept driving, hungry... I cried and wailed all the way into Louisiana. I have no idea what my problem was... About two hours later, in the silence of the car, (because I think Conrad was afraid) I thought about it and how Conrad said "how can this by MY fault?" and his complete disbelief... and me being so unfair but him KNOWING I wanted that ham sandwich... and it suddenly seemed very very funny to me. I laughed and howled. He sat there just looking at me, very confused and a little scared.

Anyway- I apologized for my behavior but prefaced it with he KNEW I didn't want that burger... and told him I don't know- my grief drove me to act that way. I am STILL upset about that sandwich though. I still wish I had it... and yes, I know Conrad does not think I'm fat.... and yes, I think he is still scared. We finally did pull off late into the evening in Lafayette and he bought me a Big Grab bag of Doritos because I was starving... sweet guy.

CraZy Karyn

Monday, November 26, 2007


... and here is the new bedroom furniture. All delivered today. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Florida Update

Ok, so updates with a few pics. We did have a great time- and I think we're both now well rested. Conrad got THREE NEW STATES! I was so excited- we went through MS and AL, of course- on Friday morning, my dad and uncle took us into Georgia where we ate at the Farmhouse. They were um, serving MULLETS?

I also promised a picture of us with the kayak. Conrad had to haul it up the stairs of the LOVLIEST Motel 6 I have ever stayed at. It was such a pit. I didn't even want to take a shower there- if he had not brought that kayak in, it would have been gone when we woke up. Here it is, cozy in the room!
I have sort of gotten myself a new brother. My parents semi-adopted a really nice kid from the town they live in. His name is Chestin and this is the first time I've met him. He's very nice- good sense of humor, fits in well... he is the quarterback of his high school football team and this year he's a senior. They are one game from going to state- the entire town is in an uproar- so excited. So I guess my brother is about the hottest thing there is in town. My parents never understood my love of the Dallas Cowboys. I was the first one standing on the couch, biting my nails and screaming- now, it's them... they go to all the games, even the away ones, rain, shine, hot or cold... and one of the playoff games was Friday night. We all went- and it was COLD. Here we are - oh and the Madison Cowboys won 45 to 0. It was a complete shut out. WOO HOO!

There are three schools looking at Chestin now- one of them is Middle Tennessee- football scholarships... he wants to turn pro. I would like that as well. We sat down this weekend and talked about ways he could somehow recognize me when he turns pro. The things I did for him, the ways I helped him out... and I told him I was going to need some sort of signal like- when he throws for a touchdown, I need him to like point to me in the stands or better yet, run over to where I'm sitting and point to me or something. We really had not worked it out when I left, but I'm quite sure he's still thinking on it ... oh, and I also said I would need free tickets. Duh.

Florida U

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back from the Sunshine State

We are home and we are tired!

I hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day- we did! We were so tired though. We left about 3:30 when it was all said and done on Wednesday- we drove all the way to Biloxi and stopped. We had to get out of Houston which took at least an hour in all the traffic and then of course, I-10 was shut down between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, which added over an hour to the trip. We stopped and slept at the worst hotel ever. I would have gotten more rest just going on and sleeping at 4 or 5 when we got there. We even had to haul the kayak up to the hotel room - ha ha ha! That was funny! I took a pic and will post it later of Conrad, Blanca and the kayak in the hotel room.

We had a great time. We drove all the way back yesterday- left Florida about 1:30 PM and pulled up to the house at 2AM this morning. We slept til about 10 and then got up and started the day. The new furniture is coming tomorrow, so I had to run get new sheets and all that... Conrad did some Christmas shopping... then this evening, we took the old bedroom suite apart and moved it into the den, temporarily... I am painting the old office/new guest room this weekend before we move in the new furniture. It occured to me this weekend that people will start coming around the house more and more as the wedding approaches, so we need to get some things done. We have lights to hang and rooms to paint- pictures to get hung up- we have lots to do before the people descend on the house.

Ok, well I am getting tired again. I took Monday and Tuesday off though so I have a nice few days to just chill out. I have a few wedding things to handle and a Christmas present or two to get for Conrad, but otherwise, a few more days off!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Just a quick post before we head out of town. I'm at work this morning, so is Conrad- I think we're meeting at the house around 2 to load and go. I-10 is shut down between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, so there are big delays to have to deal with. NOT looking forward to that!

But very excited to see my family!

I also wanted to add, I re-read my post from yesterday. I don't know if I came off sounding diva-like or whatever but I wanted to explain the furniture thing. I think for the long haul, with two people and a dog who refuses to sleep in her own bed, a King is the way to go. When we were in Hawaii we slept in a bed that was like no other we had ever encountered. We were so enamored with it, we pulled the sheets off to see what it was. I haven't slept well since I left Hawaii- Conrad either. So we went to the store, on a strictly a fact finding mission- I THOUGHT... but once Conrad Hopkins got there and found his bed, that was all she wrote... so we went ahead and got it. The bed in the master now is a queen, so we had to buy a King to go with the new mattress. I guess because furniture isn't something you buy every day- we just decided to go ahead and do it right, get all the pieces we wanted and a nice set we could use for a long long time.

Conrad assures me that I need to enjoy my new bedroom suite, my tables he bought me in April and my ring, because he said he is doing all the good stuff now- so I will want to marry him still- all this spoiling that is going on. He says enjoy it now because I am not getting new furniture again for a long time and this diamond should not ever need to be replaced or upgraded.

Ah Conrad- so innocent (shaking head), so misled...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the Road Again

Craziness abounds!

We went Saturday night and bought a new bedroom suite for the master bedroom. This one is a king it has an armoire which I am SO stoked about! I get to actually hide the TV and get rid of the stereo cabinet in there. SO HAPPY! It's being delivered the Monday after Thanksgiving. Conrad has been busy dismantling his office so we can put my Queen set in there and have more room when people come visit.

I finished all the Christmas shopping and only have Conrad now to finish up. I will get him done on Monday or Tuesday of next week- we also have a cake tasting and I am going to swing by County Line and get some general information like where can a DJ set up, are their plugs outside, can I change the beer kegs to a different beer, etc... I have an entire list written down. Won't they be so excited to see ME coming?!

We leave tomorrow for Florida... taking Conrad down to see the daddy-kins. Should be a good time, but a little rushed. We plan to stop and sleep in Biloxi overnight and then onward to Madison, FL. Conrad does not yet have Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. My first reaction upon hearing the news was - "WHAT? And you call yourself a southerner?", but I have since calmed down. I am stopping in MS and AL so I get his picture in each state (PROOF) and then of course, we will make a jaunt to Valdosta, GA on Friday to shop or something. Maybe he can try a good ol' Georgia peach or something on his visit. HOW EXCITING!!!! It is not often one gets THREE new states in two days. I did it once- I got Michigan, Indiana and Ohio once in three days... oh wait- and then there was that time I got Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in two days. Ok so well, for ME it's pretty normal, but not for others. We have yet to print out the US map for Conrad to color in where he's been- shocking I know. My entire family has maps and all my former co-workers at Pro Pac had them too. I forced everyone into my little game. The only person I know who has beat me is Ms Tracy Curtis- King who has all 50. Because I love her, I forgive her- but the rest of you better let me win!!! NINE MORE TO GO.

Ok- off to the races. I have so much to do... including strapping a kayak into the back of my truck....


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Attention K-Mart Shoppers

Today has been a whirlwind shopping day!

First of all, we drew names at work for Secret Santa. It's three straight days of gifts, given secretly and with a $30 limit for all total. On the third day we have our Christmas luncheon and you get to guess your Secret Santa. I drew the most difficult to shop for person there is in my group. I can divulge no more in case my co-workers read here... but let's just say I have been CREATIVE!

So this morning I got up and went garage saling. I was looking for a few things like baskets I need for this Secret Santa thing. GRACIOUS- it was the BEST haul in years. I drug home brand new KEDS shoes in my size, never before used things from a newlywed couple who were selling off their gifts, an unopened Mary Kay bath set that I KNOW retails for $45- I got that for a buck... and a kayak. Let me explain. My dad has had kayak fever for about three years. Last year he finally got one and he's practiced and done well- and I thought there was no way he'd want another one. But on the off chance, I called him up this morning and told him I'd found a $500 kayak for $45... and he practically screamed at me to get it. He wanted me to sit in it so no one else would get it. I had to give the man $10 to hold it and go back to the bank to get more cash. Lucky for him (dad) I'm driving to Florida for Thanksgiving next week anyway- so it just happened to work out. He said he gets lonely on his own boat and was looking for another one so other people could go out with him. It is kind of a solo sport. Frankly, it's probably safer this way anyway. I always hated to think of him out on a river somewhere alone, rolling his kayak. I digress... I got the dog gone thing in my truck and came home. You should have seen Conrad's face when I hauled an oar out of the back of my truck. :) Poor thing probably thought I had one of my off the cuff moments and had decided to take up kayaking in the Gulf or something.

Then I went to Tuesday Morning and Target and FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I rock the cas-bah for sure!!! The only person I have left is Mr Conrad himself. I already know what I am getting and where I am going- and since we are always together I gotta wait til he is at work. I took a few days after Thanksgiving off and we'll be back in Texas- so I'll go then and get him done. By the time I get back to work I will be DONE!


See? Whirlwind shopping day!


Pic attached is of my dad teaching himself to kayak in his pool this summer.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Great sakes alive! By the end of next week I will probably be in the hospital nursing a nasty case of pneaumonia.

Turkey Day is almost upon us and yet, Houston is still in the blistering temperatures. When we left for Hawaii it was still Africa Hot here in town. We get to Hawaii and the time difference between the islands and the mainland almost did us in. We get back, to still blistering temperatures and have to deal with Daylight Savings Time (Hawaii did not change, so that REALLY screwed us up). Like a loyal employee, I got up and went to work the next day and darn near fell asleep in my "work station"..... then this past week I have to fly to Detroit- where it was a blustery 36 degrees. At night, it was like the air was just cutting through you. It felt like Chicago. Today I land in Houston- back to almost 80 degrees and then on Wednesday, we're heading off on our "southern road trip" to Florida to see my dad. GREAT SAKES ALIVE if the time changes back and forth don't kill us, the up and down weather I'm experiencing certainly will do me in. I feel like I'm 67 years old- no offense to all you 67 year old young people out there.

Ah- some good news. I don't want to JINX it, but it appears my dad has sold his house in Orange, Texas. It had been on the market when he first left. It never sold and my uncle moved to town- so he moved in and thank goodness- Hurricane Rita tore through there and did some damage. Uncle and Aunt Beth were there to be able to supervise all the repairs. Uncle accepted a job in Florida (yeah I know- uncle and dad always end up near each other) and so Aunt Beth stayed behind to sell the house. There was an offer accepted this week and if all goes well, they close December 20th. Merry Christmas to dad! Having two housepayments for three years probably wasn't fun.

Speaking of Christmas- this is the perfect time to purchase my dad's book- Shadows of the Prince- sold at - I will be happy to get him to autograph it for you and sent to you in time for Christmas. Really now- isn't that a FABULOUS gift???!!!!

Check out his website at

Much Love and Pneaumonia,


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

Tomorrow- for Detroit. Gotta go on my first bizzzzzzzzniz trip for Westlake Chemical. Plan to go see an old school chum while I'm there as well. So I may not be posting til Friday or Saturday.

I have a few more pics from the island.
Our last night, they shut down the Maui Ocean Center (aquarium) for us and we had dinner there at the Seabreeze restaurant. Good fun, good company- for me, once you've seen an aquarium, you've seen them all. For me, the most exciting part was seeing all the coral. Conrad and I had been collecting it all week, so it was sort of cool to be able to see it alive and well and reading all about it...

But I digress- it was a wonderful time, but it was HOT HOT HOT. It was Houston HOT in that place... all the pics are of us bloated and sweaty. It was an open air restaurant, which in theory is very nice and romantic, but in reality it's hot and uncomfortable and I may have contracted malaria from the insects. Not sure yet. Here are some pics from the Maui Ocean Center and Malaria Center. HA HA

.... and here's a pic of me, on a hammock, near the beach. The hotel had several of these and they were so much fun! I was surprised how often they were empty. So I hopped into this one and almost fell out- I was swinging back and forth so hard. Poor Conrad had to stop me and help me out!
More to come- after I get back from DETROIT ROCK CITY!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eatin' In

We are so awesome. We have not eaten out since we got back from Hawaii. I have been quite the kitchen maiden! I cooked dinner Sunday night and went on ahead and boiled eggs for egg salad later in the week AND I made potato salad we ate on Monday. I ROCK.

No Hawaii pics today- they are on the home computer and I am not home.

So I'll update more later.


Monday, November 12, 2007


I almost feel normal again...
Ok, so yesterday the Blogger cut off all my picture adding. I was talking about the pool at the resort and how I wished we had more time there- it was spectacular. So here is just the pool itself early one morning before it was overrun with all the honeymooners - there must have been 2000 of them... all the girls with their shiny new rings and all the boys who looked bored out of their minds.

We did get to spend a lot of time on the beach. There wasn't a ton of room really to lay out- but plenty to walk on and so we did. We walked and collected shells. Here's the Rad-Man getting his coral.
Then we had a night where they let the entire group split up (about 75 people) into groups of three and pick from a list of three restaurants to go to. We picked Kimo's- it was on the water. The dessert was Hula Pie which I guess is kind of famous- but it's basically an ice cream pie. Pretty good- but another restaurant served Creme Brulee which is my FAVORITE- but oh well, the Hula Pie we won't really normally get anywhere else.
So we got all gussied up (or as much as you can in Hawaii) and went out. This was us, getting ready to go- the background is where they hold the Luau.

A few nights later- they gave us money and we got to go where ever we wanted. We picked Pacifico's on the beach in Lahaina- which is a little fishing town a few miles away from the resort. This is where we went to shop. We had been to Lahaina earlier in the day to get shot glasses, my magnet, the frame I always buy for my pictures... and we had stopped into a jewelry store. Conrad saw a wedding ring he really liked, he tried it on and they offered 60% off. We thought about it and left... we went back to Lahaina that night for dinner... and he ended up going back to buy the ring... it was a great deal and it's very pretty. I'll have to see if I can take a pic of it. If anything, it's a nice memory and also cool to be able to say you bought your wedding ring in Hawaii. He wants to wear it now, but I said NO!

Here we are at Pacifico's.
Alrighty- that's all for today- I can continue tomorrow!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pics of Hawaii Part Two

Good morning. I have had my coffee and am ready to continue the story...

Ok- so upon arriving in Hawaii and taking our pic on the balcony- they had a welcome reception at 7PM. We were all dead tired- it was like midnight "our time" and we were falling fast- but they did have the cutest table set up... so I took a pic. I have some of these type tables available for our wedding reception- but I was going to have the restaurant just put them away- because I had no idea what to do with them- they have no chairs. Well, I know now! Everyone at the welcome reception just bellied up to the tables and had the best time and they are decorated well. So I am stealing the idea. Here's the table- clearly, I will not have Hawaiian print or ropes made of nuts, but you get the idea...

The next day, Conrad Hopkins was up and off like a shot to the spa. I had no choice but to follow him. I hemmed and hawed about the cost (which was TWICE what you would pay here on the mainland), but we had a $200 credit that the company we were with that said we could apply towards the spa- then Conrad decided to treat me to a facial as well. HOW SWEET IS HE? So I had a pedicure and facial and he had a massage and then a scalp massage... inbetween treatments, they put you in this room that was open to the ocean and had like lounge chairs and tea/water/fruit. You never wanted to leave... but anyway, later on, we went walking on the beach. I took a pic of our feet in the sand- you can kinda see my super cute new pink and sparkly pedicure (I got to use pink polish AND I had her overlay it with the sparkly silver glitter polish). I'm a total rock star.
This was also my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Houston... who knew the day I moved, I would be in Hawaii the next year, on the same day? Rumor has it next year's trip is to Spain and Morocco. I wonder if all my November's will be so wonderful...

We did spent SOME time in the pool- not as much as we wanted- cause we were sort of busy... Here is a pic of Conrad in the pool. I think we went twice. More often than not, we ended up walking on the beach - lured closer by a nice piece of coral on the beach and we ended up fully clothed, in the ocean- looking for coral and shells. We got quite a nice collection- coral washes up in HI just like shells do anywhere else. We got purple, white, green ... and we got some lava rocks too, which are my personal favorites... we were usually drenched when we climbed out... so it's really a miracle we got in the pool at all... here it is.

Now the blogger is acting up and won't post any more pictures- so you'll have to wait for more!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Hawaii Pics

Alrighty... I have downloaded some pics. I'll have to do multiple posts before I get to them all- so this may take a week. But GOOD- it will keep you coming back for more!

Ok- so Conrad and I got on the plane- and I was REALLY trying to be ok with it. Here's a pic of the happy couple starting off on their trip... their trip on a tin can, loaded with fuel- a flying missle, if you will...
Look at the stark fear in my eyes....

Then we got to the hotel- Hyatt Regency- very nice, this company we went with KNOWS how to do it right! So we took a pic where you could see our view on the balcony- we had an ocean view. It was wonderful in the mornings - I would go out there with my book and read... but on this day, we had just arrived and they had given us leis which I was SO excited about. I put them in the fridge so they wouldn't die- but I think they died anyway...

Here is our arrival at the Hyatt.

The next morning we wandered down to the front desk where I spied some shell necklaces. I had seen many people in the hotel wearing these necklaces and I knew I had seen them at the front desk. So I went down and I asked the lady (who was standing next to a pole DRIPPING with these necklaces- so TRY to lie to me lady!!!) how much the necklaces were... she said they were not for sale. She said they gave the necklaces to the male guests and gave the girls leis. Um- no, I told her- that is not what happened. I told her Conrad didn't have a necklace - that he got a lei and he was sad about that... so she gave me one. SCORE! FREE SHELL NECKLACE- those babies go for $1.99 in the shops. WHOOP. So I grabbed the necklace before she could change her mind and I danced over to Conrad. I presented it to him and then said "but you don't really want it, right?" He said no- he did not. I think he may have been lying cause it's a pretty cool necklace. I decided to let him wear it in the elevator on the way to the room- because this might be his only chance, he decided to make it really count... here is Conrad wearing the necklace ...

As soon as we got back in the room, I took it from him... for safe keeping. It's really safe now, in my jewelry box.

Um... let's see... this is a pengiun who lived in our hotel. They are not always cold water birds... some species like the hot weather. I think it's a bunch of phooey- but that's what the sign said at the penguins area...

Ok- that's all for tonight... tomorrow morning I shall arise, brew my Kona coffee that I paid out the ying yang for and then post some more... stay tuned!


I'm a total schlub. I still have not downloaded all our fabulous Hawaii pictures. I got home last night and was SO tired from working all day on minimal sleep. So when I got here, Conrad suggested we go out to eat and I said NO - no more of that! That is making me fat! So I got up and cooked a very nice dinner and used turkey sausage- see, healthy!

Then I pretty much passed out. I woke up at 9 this morning- I haven't slept til 9 in ages. I needed to get up though- I had a nail appointment. I had let my nails go cause we were out of town and who knows how much those Hawaiian nail people charge! So I went there this morning and on the way home I thought about stopping at Wendy's for a Taco Salad. But I said NO- and I came straight home and ate the rest of the left over turkey sausage. See? I am being GOOD!

Tonight is homemade tacos. Not the healthiest thing, I guess- but healthier than going out. I told Conrad we can go out ONCE a week and that is IT. We are ON the plan - eating at home, walking and Turbo Jam.

We'll see how long this lasts... anyway, I need a nap. I am almost back to normal, but not quite there yet. Tomorrow should be a normal day.

After my nap today- I am off to the library and bank and then I need to stop in downtown Tomball. I drew my mother-in-law-to- be's name in the Christmas present drawing this year. There's a few stores down there that have some super cute things that I think she needs and just can not live without. We have lists we go by and I AM sticking to the list, but a little thing here and there that I think would make her happy- well, I am getting those too.

K gotta go lay down. Shopping and blogging- exhausting.



Friday, November 9, 2007



Just found this website today.

Go in and enter your fav Starbucks drink and find out about yourself. Here's what it said about me.

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:
Personality type: Ass-clown
You tell people that you're an executive at your company. You think that your repeated references to being "addicted" to caffeine make you seem intriguing and dangerous. People think you're a sucker because you spend 60% of your annual income at Starbucks. Everyone who drinks venti pumpkin spice ends up addicted to crack.

Also drinks: Zima
Can also be found at: Karaoke bars

Ha HA HA- I think that is funny.




We're back in Texas. I meant to post from Hawaii, but we always seemed to be so busy with something.

We had a GREAT time- it was really wonderful and I even survived all those hours in an airplane with little to no problem. You'll be happy to know Conrad and I are still engaged and this little plane trip did not destroy our relationship.

So much happened and I took so many great pics. I promise to start updating with my daily report and pics from Hawaii- just today is bad day for it. We flew all Wednesday night- leaving about 10 PM Texas time and flew all night long. By the time we got our baggage and picked up Blanca from Strawberry Dog, it was 10AM on Thursday. We slept about five hours yesterday before I finally said I had to get up so I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night last night, ready to go to work. So we got up yesterday afternoon and washed ALL the clothes- bless Conrad's hear t for staying up and finishing the last two loads- and we ran out to get some good ol' mexican food. We missed it so much!

So this morning I am still on Hawaii time- absolutely exhausted and I have so much work to catch up on. I'm glad I decided to come in today (Friday) so next week wouldn't be so bad)... so I can't write much more. I have a lot to do. Conrad is working from home today and we should get plenty of rest this weekend. I hope!

Ok- so all is well. Hawaii is VERY pretty and I got a new state. Only 9 left to go!!!

Oh and we found out next year's trip is Spain and Morocco... so we may just make that our honeymoon, even though it would be the same time next year.

ALOHA to you all- I will update again tomorrow.


Friday, November 2, 2007

So Sorry!!!!

I haven't posted in two days- I am so sorry! I was getting ready to go to Hawaii and then end of the month at work and then I was trying to leave my desk in decent shape before I left.... so I got sort of busy.

Our friend David, from high school, was in town last night- so Adrian had a quick dinner party. I ran home from work- I took out the trash, ran and unloaded the dishwasher, unplugged things that don't need to be plugged, turned off the icemaker, packed B, packed me- and then took B to the kennel. I cried all the way to Adrian's. I feel like the WORST mom on the planet.... is this how human mom's feel? At least I DID find out she won't be in one of those little boxes type things- they keep the doggies in dog runs. So her "room" is 8 feet high, 8" long and 6" wide- she has plenty of room and will go outside several times and I paid extra for more playtime. I hope she'll be ok.

I haven't QUITE gotten over the guilt. It's not quite 6 AM- Conrad is in the shower and I'm next up - so I gotta go. PRAY FOR ME about this long flight. I tried to bring a bunch of stuff to keep me occupied- like a little kid. HA HA- but seriously. PRAY.

I'll post more from the island! ALOHA