Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today we are heading to the mall. Gotta do some last minute Hawaii shopping. Even though it never gets cold in Houston, you have to follow the rules of fashion! All the winter stuff is out, which means all the summer stuff is on sale. I wanted to see if I could pick up a few new shirts. I ordered some sarong pants from Ebay and they came in yesterday. They're just like a normal sarong you wear around a bathing suit, but these look like pants and they tie at the waist AND at the ankles. Super cute! But I do need a few shirts for the dinners and stuff.... and let us not forget the Wiki Wacky Beach Olympics. YES. We read over the internerary and apparently, this company who is hosting expects us to participate in some crazy beach Olympics. I told Conrad I'd probably come down with the flu that day, but he says I have to play nice.

I also wanted to print a quick retraction. Conrad was catching up on his Blog reading the other day and found a mistake. Apparently, the song we were listening to on the way back from Chuy's last week was not "Goat Keepers Whore".... the name of the song is "Goat Riders Hoard" and the artist is Three Inches of Blood.

*sigh* so- for those of you frantically searing ITunes and Napster and Lime Wire for it, I apologize. Hopefully you can forgive me and now your souls can rest easy- you can download the actual song now.