Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Is starting to look really good to me. The guest list just slipped into the "ridiculous" category. I should have gotten married when I was younger and knew less people. Of course, with the people I had to choose from before Conrad, I would now be divorced. But that's totally ok- this would have been a second wedding and no one goes to those... so we would be on easy street... or maybe on a Hawaiian beach getting married.

Last night we drove to The Woodlands to go to Chuy's. Chuy's is a delightful mexican restaurant that just about everything on the menu sets your mouth on fire. In addition to salsa, they also give you this jalapeno ranch dipping sauce which makes my heart just sing. I was in hog heaven and it was well worth the 20 minute drive. Normally we stick to our 5 mile radius if we're going to dinner, but last night we just decided to be adventerous and really go for it. We are SO old....

Anyway, on the way back, Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" came on the radio. I said well since you are so ON BOARD for singing at the wedding. I'll sing this to you- come on sing with me... he wouldn't! I was singing... "I'm looking at the man in the mirror, oh yeah, I'm asking him to make a change... and no message could have been any clearer..." and he was just looking at me. I finally said, "Conrad sing with me! S'hamon! S'hamon!".... isn't that like Michael Jackson language for "Come on?" Yeah- well Conrad did neither. He would not sing with me.

Instead he changed my channel and we listened to the delightful sounds of Metal Church, Metallica and Vampire Mooose.... all the way home. I was especially pleased to hear a song entitled, "Goat Keepers Whore" as we turned into the neighborhood. He appeared to know all the words to that one.

I am NOT letting him near the song selection for the wedding.