Friday, October 5, 2007


We are busy, busy, busy. This weekend will be another wild one.

Blanca has GOT to get groomed. She has an appointment tomorrow morning at Strawberry Dog. They just love her there- they say she is the most well behaved schnauzer they have, which if you know any schnauzers, you know isn't saying much. But she is going early in the morning. While she is there, I am going to go visit several boarding places in the area. We have less than a month before we leave for Hawaii and I really want to find her a nice place. I keep telling her she is going on doggie vacation and I want that to be true. I want her to make some friends and be happy and comfortable while we're gone- so I am keeping the Wednesday morning interview appointment with Miss Daisy's too. Conrad said he feels like he is putting his child into private school with all the interviewing and visiting of places. He is SO funny. He cares more than he lets on. I should know by the way those two kiss each other and fawn all over each other and the way he tucks her into bed every night... he cares very much what kind of "school" he puts his baby in.

Then I need to go to Academy to pick up some new dumbells- cause I DO have a dress to fit into- April 26th! Then I need to grocery shop- this week I read that we don't get enough fiber and it's a weight loss miracle- so I am going to get some fruits, whole wheat bread and some all brad cereal- that alone has almost 20 grams of fiber and the amount you're supposed to have is 25-35 grams a day. Most people get 7. BAD PEOPLE!

Let's see... oh yes, Conrad has informed me that tomorrow is the single most important day for college football so he will do the yard and be in charge of laundry while I'm out running around- Texas/OU this weekend, I think... and if so, then GO HORNS!!!!!

Also picked out two wedding cakes. I'm going to the bakery as well to find prices and order one of them. Then my October duties for the wedding will be COMPLETE!!!
Nothing left to do 'til November.

Um, then Sunday we are going to go shoot my engagement gun at the range. I have already TOLD him that I can shoot with one arm behind my back, blindfolded. Runs in my blood, dadgumit! But whatever- we're going on Sunday. I AM now thinking about getting my concealed license because a terrible thing happened to one of my sister's friends a few weeks ago. If you live in Dallas, you know about the 19 year old UNT student who was abducted in Denton, killed and burned and left in Carrollton... she worked wtih my sister at Red Bull and as a result, had to be out at very late hours, after events.... You just NEVER know when there will be a crazy person out there. For a full week after Bonnie called me, I didn't want to go outside by myself after dark. No gym, no library... but now that it will be getting dark at 5 here pretty soon, it wouldn't hurt to have a shiny new friend in my glovebox and a license in my purse. I would probably feel better and Conrad would be so proud. We could have our concealed licenses framed with our marriage license.
But back to the girl- her name was Melanie, from a good family, and I am sure they are devastated- thoughts and prayers for them would be appreciated.

Anyway- that's it... just seems like a busy weekend.
It should settle down, sometime in May.



Dickie said...

oh, your little mutt will be just fine!!!!! LOL

Jeremy said...

Blech, Texas? Is it just for meanness? BOOMER SOONER!!!