Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thursday night, Big Al- the trainer from the depths of HELL .... he made me do three sets of 15 SQAUTS. I haven't been able to walk since. I can't get up from a seated position and I can't sit on OR get off the toilet. It's like my legs are on FIRE. It has not been a fun two days.

They caught the guy that abducted that girl from Kohl's ... he ended up being a former classmate of hers. They went to high school together 8 years ago. Right now they don't think he stalked her or anything. I think he was trolling the Kohl's parking lot and looking for someone to abduct and he just got her ... and later on, after they lifted finger prints from the duct tape they figured out they actually went to the same high school together. I really do think it was a totally random thing but HOW WEIRD is that ??? Anyway - I am still wary about going to that shopping center right now. It's like there's this overhanging sadness there now or something - which is a real shame. I used to go there ALL the time- every weekend in some cases.

Anyway- just my thoughts on that ...


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Houston appears to be getting more and more dangerous ...

Saturday while I was at Massage Envy, a woman who lives in our town was at the local Kohl's n
(we go there all the time) and was abducted from the parking lot, in broad daylight and I can tell you that place is PACKED on Saturday's .... anyway, they found her body on Sunday morning. She had been shot in the head.

They did catch the man that did it - you can read all about it on - Houston newspaper website- if you want the details. The point IS, this is the third abduction in the past month.

I told Conrad I think it's time for me to get a concealed carry license. I think I'd feel better. Pretty dog gone scary stuff and people are getting more and more bold. We are going gun shopping this weekend.

I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to that Kohl's again without thinking about her.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Well ... dinner was a hit! So I'm posting my recipes here. These were experiments (my own made up recipes) and they were great!

Mushroom Shallot Rice

In a small pan- saute chopped mushrooms, chopped shallots with a few pats of butter and a tablespoon of worchestshire sauce

In a sauce pan, bring one of beef stock to a boil. Add 1 cup of white rice and the mushroom/shallot mix.

Turn on low for 20 minutes with the top on (like regular rice)

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Prep: one bowl of whisked egg - one bowl of bread crumbs with a tablespoon of garlic salt
Get out a piece of deli ham and a piece of swiss cheese for every chicken breast

Cut a slit in the side of each chicken breast (like you were going to butterfly it) ... make a pocket. Take your ham, put a slice of cheese in it, roll it up and place it in the pocket of the chicken. Holding the chicken closed, dip it in the egg, the roll all sides in the breadcrumb mixture

Place all breasts in a baking dish and place two pats of butter (spaced out) on each breast

Bake at 375 for 35 minutes

It was a BIG hit! We both loved dinner - this is for sure going to be in my rotation! Tomorrow is my PT session at the gym- so the next dinner is Wednesday night- BLT's ... I am going to add avacodos to my sandwich to add fiber.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Lazy weekend ... although I wish it was three days long. Then we'd have a day for errands and cleaning and two days for laying around.

Conrad has gone to the gun range so I thought I'd blog real quick. Personal training it going well- he almost killed me again on Thursday- we did "back" and it hurt BADLY the following two days ... so I took the weekend off to rest - but back to the grind tomorrow. I'll go do cardio and then meet with Big Al on Tuesday. I AM feeling better so I guess there's something to it.

Yesterday Conrad and I went to look at new houses again - Westin and Infinity are really nice ones! They were two builders we had never seen before - and we loved them! I don't know - maybe a new house is back on the drawing board in the next year or so ...

We cooked steak and shrimp on the grill last night and tonight- chicken cordon bleu!

Oh and I saw Madea Goes to Jail Friday night, with my friend Tosha. We went right after work. so funny- I love Tyler Perry movies!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Comp

I'm blogging tonight FROM MY NEW LAPTOP.

The other one I had for five years and it was really useless. The wireless in it was broken- I had to go into the bedroom and hook up to the cable - Microsoft Office had been erased and I didn't know where my disks were, the CD slot didn't open anymore and it would run hot and just blow air. It was a nightmare to work and that's why I stopped blogging every night. It was a pain!

But tonight I am blogging from the new comp. I like it - it's nothing special. Just a $449 Acer special from Best Buy. I just needed something for home - I think it will do the job.

Still exciting to get something new! ... and Windows Vista is a little weird. It will take some time to get used to it. It looks completely different from what I'm used to ... not sure I like it, but not much choice. It comes with what it comes with.

Conrad said it was worth the money - because operating my old laptop really was difficult. If I get four years out of THIS one, then it's well worth the money.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet Big Al

Want to meet my trainer? Yep- that's Big Al!

I got sort of cocky tonight- because I signed up for the late sessio at 7:30. It was a long day at work and it was raining. When I got home, I just wanted to stay there- so I was in a mood. I got to the gym and I told him I wasn't even SORE last time- HA! ... and uh- tomorrow I will be. He was hard on me after I shot off my big MOUTH. I had to do THREE sets of 20 tonight. Some chick walked by and said something about lunges and I said NO NO NO NO WAY ... and Al said YES YES YES- one DAY. I think I may be in trouble.
Anyway- he is a pro body builder. He was in a bad car wreck a few years ago and was in rehab for seven months learning how to walk again. Nice guy though- can't wait til Conrad starts going. HA- then he will feel my pain. There's only so much misery I can put him through here at the house. I can't work alone.
Oh and I DID sign up- 24 sessions.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Million Bucks

I'm starting to feel like a million bucks.

I met with Big Al, The Punisher on Friday. We did legs and I did cardio afterwards ... and he also boxed with me because my leg work is limited due to my knee problem. The boxing was brutal. My arms were shaking again when I left.

Saturday we ran out to NASA. We're doing a Flat Stanley project for our nephew and he chose us and Houston- so we figured "Space City" was mostly known for NASA. We ran out there and then I popped into Kohl's for more workout wear ... skipped Saturday workout and ran out for a very light dinner on Saturday night. It was NOT a Valentine's dinner- just a dinner.

Today I went back to the gym and did arms by myself and cardio. I'm feeling good. I'm finally past that first initial awful soreness- and I'm starting to feel pretty good. I've got energy, I sleep better and I am RAVENOUSLY hungry all the time. I bought some fruit and yogurt this weekend - but I think I need to find some "good carbs" to stock up on ...

I no longer hate Big Al as much- so much so, I think I'm signing up with him for 24 sessions. By the time we go to the Dominican Republic in October I should be in tip top shape!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Two

I can not say my transition into health has been pleasant. This is day two after my first personal training session and I've completely lost the ability to use my arms. I can't lift them over my head or steer my car or do much of anything. I was almost trapped in the bathtub because I can't lift my body weight now with these arms and using my left knee (after the car accident) is impossible.

Anyway- tomorrow I am SUPER excited to be meeting up with the testosteroned fueled hellion straight from the firey depths.... we are working on "legs" ... it really doesn't sound all that fun at all. I can pretty much assure you it will ruin my weekend since I won't be able to walk.

It has also effected my dietary habits. I have begun cooking at home and (gasp!) bringing my lunch to work. I eye things like enchiladas and cinnamon toast warily because I know just one bite will negate 3 of the torturous 25 minutes I've spent on the Precor- exercise equipment from hell. I'm absolutely terrified a stray piece of cheese will somehow find it's way into my mouth and I'll have to start all over again.

It can go the other way too. Tonight Conrad wanted to go out- and so we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger this new diner place that opened up close by. Burgers, salads, fries, onion rings ... and their speciality is all the cool fountain drinks, egg creams and malts. We had dinner and then almost came to blows over a milkshake ... Conrad asked me if I wanted to split one and frankly, without the use of my arms, I was in a delicate state and I caved and said yes. But then we couldn't agree on what to get. I wanted marshmellow and raspberry and HE wanted chocolate? CHOCOLATE? There were 30 flavors to choose from AND you can mix them. He wanted dutch chocolate. I said no- I want raspberry ... "FRUIT" ... he sneered at me "is used in SMOOTHIES not MALTS" ... he got all snide and snippy so I said forget it, we're getting our own.

and THAT is how I was forced to ruin my diet and drink an entire milkshake alone. Marriage is a lonely place sometimes. :)

Don't worry- tomorrow night, Big Al- the trainer from Planet WhupAzz- will make me pay for it.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Pain, No Gain?

Well ... last night (Tuesday) was my first night of personal training. You may notice I didn't blog. Couldn't ... all I could do was lay in bed and try not to throw up.

It started off ok- I talked to my dad briefly before walking in the gym and uh, he was watching Kung Fu Panda and could not be bothered - yeah ... I don't know either.

I walked into the gym and found Big Al and told him I was ready to work! We did arms- personal training sessions are 30 minutes. No big deal, right? So we did arms- and he made me do two sets of 20 reps on each of the arm machines. It hurt, I won't lie- but it wasn't BAD.

Then at the end, he walked me over to the Precor machine ... which is basically a stairmaster ... and I was like um- ... what are you doing? He said OUR session was over- but I still had 30 minutes of cardio to do. OH MY GOD. It was murder. Plan and simple... so when he wasn't looking, I snuck off and headed to the treadmill- you know my knee still DOES hurt from the wreck! I got in trouble, kind of- but really it was too much.

By the end of the 30 minutes of cardio, I was soaking wet, I had a migraine behind my left eye and my arms were SHAKING. I made it to the car and then in a blur, made it home - I somehow managed to tell Conrad what had happened to me- and I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran and took a hot bath. I ended up falling into bed, holding on to the sides of the bed, trying not to vomit. The last time I looked at the clock was 9:16- before I completely passed out. So you see, no time to blog.

My next session is Friday ... oh boy oh yeah ... and yet, I am going to stick with it. Even though today it hurt to type and I had trouble reaching behind me for the seat belt - but I AM sticking with it. I am having some minor trouble now reaching the laptop in my lap ... but this too shall pass.

Friday is legs. That should ruin my weekend.


No Pain, No Gain?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Highlights

We had a good weekend.

First of all, Friday I joined a gym. The recession is taking it's toll on everyone, but in some ways, you can get valuable things for cheap! I got a full gym membership for $12 a month, no contract. First and last month's fees due at sign up, no sign up fee. I literally handed them $25 and walked away. SCORE! DEAL!

I worked out Saturday AND Sunday- light stuff ... just 30 minutes of cardio, but I feel really good. Sore, but in a good way. I also got two personal training sessions for free with sign up. I'm meeting up with "Big Al" on Tues and Friday of this week. Can't wait.

I also went out to the softball fields and watched one of my friend's daughters play. We had a GREAT dinner at Landry's ... then today we went bowling. Don't even ask- we were bad, but it was something different to do and then I came home and cooked.

I made the Rachel Ray meat sauce- for spaghetti ... no more Ragu for me! This was the real stuff- it was made with panchetta and ground beef. Onions, grated carrots and grated garlic. Then a pinch of allspice, salt, pepper and a little bit of red wine. Then crushed tomatoes. YUM. It tasted like a restaurant. I think next time I'll add a touch of sugar, but it was GOOD and easy and fast. Like I said, no more Ragu for me.

Well the rain is heading in, I have a doc appt in the morning and a week to get ready for. I'm signing out - happy week to all of you.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again! Time for my annual Valentine's Day post. I hope it makes an impression on you ladies.

I'll start by saying I don't celebrate it. I haven't in years. I think it's maybe the most silly, useless "holiday" we have.

Exchanging Spiderman and Superman valentine's is cute when you're in school. It's fun to spend a week making yourself one of those "mailboxes" to put on your desk for all your friends to send letters too. That was always a good time ... and someone's mom would always bring in the pink and red cupcakes. Good times, simple times.

Sometime around the time I got my first job, things changed. Suddenly all the baracudas in the office are watching EVERYONE and sniffing around everyone's desk to see who got flowers or candy, etc ... and to see who didn't ... watching to see who has a good husband and who doesn't have a boyfriend. They compared their bouquets to everyone else's and I'm SURE there was more than one ungrateful woman that went home and gave her husband hell that night for not sending a bigger one. That was SO stressful for me. I can't imgine I'm the only one who feels that way ...

I hated Valentine's Day when I had a boyfriend because what if he didn't do anything for me at work? What would the snakes in the office have to say about THAT? He doesn't really like me? And I hated it when I didn't have a boyfriend either because then I felt like the most unloved person on the earth. It's a no win situation.

The straw that broke the camels back was the boyfriend I had right before Conrad. He sent flowers to my office. Mostly because I made him and I reminded him and I tried to casually tell him that if I didn't get anything everyone would think he was a jerk. The flowers arrived and on the card was one word- his NAME. Idiot. He thought it was hilarious. I thought it was mean. I already had my suspicisions regarding him anyway and his exgirlfriend. They were WAY too chummy and he defended her like I have never seen before. I was so upset and so insecure when it came to her, after I got the flowers I actually called the florist to see how many flowers he had sent out that day, just hoping to bust him sending me a set and her a set. They said he came in, bought mine with cash and that was it. I still don't believe it - she probably got dinner that night or something- but the fact was I had sunken SO LOW ...

From then on I declared Valentine's stupid and it really is. To me. It's also not man friendly. There is nothing out there I can get for $20 during this time that Conrad would like. He doesn't care about chocolate and what man likes to get flowers? It's incredibly stressful for all those involved. I stopped celebrating maybe four or five years ago and I've never been more happy.

Conrad is off the hook too and we treat it like any other day. We rarely even go to dinner, I hate fighting those crowds and paying those "special menu" prices ... if I don't cook, we order a pizza. I just think the entire day is ridiculous ... Conrad loves it. He tells guys all the time "how lucky am I?" when the subject comes up and I feel no stress when the girls walk by my cube and see no flowers. I just tell them I don't celebrate and that's that ... it feels good to take control.

Not to mention these days - it's not really the smartest bang for your buck ... I'd skip it this year if I were you.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nostalic Part II

Yeah ...

So nostalic stuff is pretty cool. I like those stores you can go in that sell all things Ricky and Lucy - and Marilyn Monroe posters everywhere.... and isn't it exciting to think back to July 1969 when we had our first Moon Walk? GOOD TIMES!

I enjoy seeing Elizabeth Montgomery wiggle her nose and transport herself to 1600's Salem ... all super cute and who can forget my latest obsession? George Burns and Gracie Allen Show? That is some GOOD STUFF!

You know what's NOT fun or cute or good stuff? Driving to work on a chilly Wednesday morning. Tummy empty, eyes kind of tired, but pleased to be up and about. Enjoying the brisk air, listening to the radio and driving to work in relative peace. Because you are in your reflective and nostalgic mood you flip on to the Oldies station- hoping to catch some Beatles, or some Van Morrison or maybe the Doobie Brothers. They are ALWAYS uplifting. I kind of dig hearing 80's stuff sometimes too- Tears for Fears or Pat Benatar.

You know what kills the mood ENTIRELY? Hearing Hootie and the Blowfish come on, on the OLDIES Station and you're NOT old ... I went to their concert in 1996 for goodness sake. I still remember the idiots in front of me smoking pot. I remember everything. It wasn't THAT long ago. Suddenly I'm a middle aged woman driving to work, reliving her glory days.

CRAP. Since when did a 14 year old song become an OLDIE? Don't we need like I don't know 30 years for that or something ?????

I have a knee problem, brought upon by a wreck and Graves Disease brought on by God and my genes do I really have to be OLD now too????

Suddenly I'm no longer a young newlywed in Houston. I'm that crazy schnauzer lady that lives down the street ...
Old Lady K

Monday, February 2, 2009


Been feeling that way lately.

I've been enjoying older music- you know, The Beatles ... Van Morrison, Nick Drake ... ah - Neil Diamond. GOOD TIMES.

and then I started watching older shows- like The Beverly Hillbillies and every Sunday night TVLand they show two episodes of Bewitched and then I Dream of Genie. I have been having the BEST time.

I also discovered AMC channel and I watch all the old movies. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor was AWESOME!

My most recent thing has been reading the 1988 book by George Burns called "Gracie, A Love Story"- as you know, he lived to be 100 years and 7 weeks old ... but his poor wife died when she was 58. He was married to her for 38 years and then lived another 32 without her. Heartbreaking. But they had a long and lively career together- I never knew. They also had a show called the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (I know, original ...) for 8 seasons and I had NO IDEA. I have been watching the old episodes on Youtube ...

So anyway, that's what I've been up to. I've been this way since Christmas.

Oh and Conrad has asked me to say something about Petticoat Junction, even though I've never seen as much as one episode. He wants me to mention it so I will talk about "Hooterville".



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Update


Now that it's over I can FINALLY talk about it. Our brother in law had been planning a surprise party for Conrad's sister since around Thanksgiving. She turned 30 on Wednesday - so he planned the party for 7PM on Friday. The only catch was the party was in Dallas. So we left about noon on Friday and had a great time. I think she was very surprised and as always, it was nice to be "home" ... on Saturday we headed to my old stomping grounds, Richardson, to see my neighbor and my sister.

We had a good time. My FAV restaurant in Dallas is Luna de Noche- so we went there for lunch and then talked and hung out. Blanca loves and grew up with my neighbor's dog- so I know she had a good time and was happy to see him. Then I popped in and saw my sis and her husband. I still had Christmas gifts for them.

Then today I went grocery shopping for the week - I made Super Bowl Queso today for just the heck of it and then we had a SUPER YUM dinner. My friend sells these briskets every year this time - for her daughters softball league. I bought one and it was SO GOOD - we will be getting one every year. We had that, and some mac n cheese- the good kind, the casserole you make at home, not the box ... and we had corn on the cob. It was very nice.

Good to be home, glad our sister had a good birthday and glad to see my friend and my sis ... we had a nice weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow- but I feel pretty relaxed and refreshed. Maybe family and friends do that for you.