Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sleep, precious sleep. I wish I could remember what it was.

Life is in general pretty fast paced, especially in a big city. I'm a working dog- mom, I cook and clean and then do other things like try to watch my tv programs, read my books, get the Save the Dates all filled out. Conrad does too. We are busy people- sleep is hard enough to come by.

Sunday night the tire died and we were outside in the rain fixing it. Afterwards, I was just keyed up- too keyed up to sleep and then the DOG. We have a neighbor who has a puppy. This thing has barked for a month solid. Lately it has been so bad. I barely got any sleep on Sunday night... then last night it was worse. It started barking at 3:11 AM. I finally asked Conrad to please call the police or something. Well once again, the rights of the working stiffs are ignored and the rights of the bad people are protected!

The sherriff's department said they couldn't do anything about it until the decibel level reached a certain mark- we could file a complaint with our worthless HOA and also go petition some judge- well I WORK. Neither of us has time to take off work to see if some judge can issue these people a ticket. SURELY the neighbors can HEAR their dog. Anyway- I am beyond tired. I got back to sleep somewhere around 5- and up at 6. Second night in a row. I believe we may be taking a trip over to these lovely people's house tonight. I can't go one more night like this. I'm absolutely exhausted and Conrad is too. HE has to drive to College Station today and I don't like him being on the road like that when he's so tired.

I have been trying to stay extra busy this morning at work to keep from falling asleep. I also need to grocery shop today and go try on this wedding dress I saw on Craigslist. I also don't feel well, yadda yadda- this has already been the week from heck! I didn't even get around to telling you about the rain that came from Dallas yesterday and hit Houston. It rained so hard it took me two hours to get home last night- Conrad longer than that.

I look and feel like dog poo.