Monday, October 15, 2007


Finally had pancakes this weekend- but not the kind you eat, the kind you drive!

I had been waiting for my tires to die. The ones I was waiting for, were bought in March of 2006. So not a bad run.... but I had been watching them and waiting... and finally this weekend the better of the two, in terms of the shape they were in, went to heaven. I know I should have taken them in when I saw a few months ago they were looking a little worn, but I wanted to spend my $244.46 a better way- I figured I would do it next payday, then the next, then the next, etc.... got paid today, tire died last night.

I really had been watching the right front tire, it was the left that went to heaven yesterday. Of COURSE though we had to wait for the Cowboys to finish getting their butts kicked before we changed it... and then of course, it started raining while we were out there. But the spare was on, no problem... and I went to Discount Tire this morning.

I have three suggestions for Discount Tire. I will list them out in "OU Sooner" speak.

1) PLEASE OPEN AT 7. Most people have to work by 8- if you would please open by 7, we could at least be in line and getting service before 8. I was 1.5 hours late this morning!!!! Almost all service shops open at 7- because they know that normally people work and can't just drop their car off after they roll out of bed at 10. I was in the parking lot at 6:30 this morning- and I wasn't alone. Two other people were there. By 8, there were 8 of us. HELLO!

2) If you see that one of the tires I did NOT have replaced is a little low on air, PLEASE FILL IT UP. Air is free. You rotated the tires.... the tires have been in your hands- did you notice the back one was low? Probably. How can you already be lazy at 8 in the morning???!!! Been drinking, huh? But yes, thank you, no problem- I will fill it up myself, on my way home, in 97 degree weather with my hard earned $.75- I LOVE coming home with dirty hands!!!!

C) I don't want the tire warranty. NORMALLY you ask me. This morning you did not, so I assumed I didn't get it until I looked at my paper and saw you added it without permission. Now I have to go at lunch to the one over here by work and get my $28 back. It's just $28 - not a huge deal- but you looked up from your desk and saw I was a girl with pretty red lipstick and decided the little woman just wouldn't know any better. Well the little woman DOES know better- I also know the last set of tires I bought from you lasted a loooooooooong time... I don't need your stinking Tire Hazard Warranty... so today you're taking it off.

Not to mention there are a list of conditions on said warranty as long as my arm. I understand this warranty is no longer valid if: I drive on the tires. I put more than 25 miles on them. If I drive them on a paved, city road. The warranty is null and void the minute I leave your parking lot. You will not cover the tires if I eat donuts in the vehicle. I understand this warranty does not apply if I in any way GLANCE or LOOK at the tires.

I mean WHAT exactly is the "WARRANTY" for????? No- I don't want it. I want it OFF and I want my $28 back. This $28 will pay for half the postage on wedding invitations....

Happy Monday to you all~

Oh- but here's the good news and makes all of this worth it. LSU LOST. YES! You needed to lose. You needed too. You were getting too big for your Cajun britches. GOOD GOOD GOOD! This is the BEST DAY. If I were in Baton Rouge today, I would run up and down the streets filled with JOY.