Monday, October 22, 2007


So we got some major shopping done this weekend. We each found a few things (didn't go overboard) that will work well for the trip. I've ordered my books from the library and am making lists of things to pack- like sunscreen (let's not forget me being burned at Aggieland!)....

I am really getting excited and also scared. I do NOT like to fly. We have to fly into DFW and then from there EIGHT HOURS on the plane. EIGHT. The longest I have ever flown was four- and that was to Seattle. I am not sure how I'm going to make it... I'm absolutely terrified... and I also worry about Blanca. I want her to be ok and I've never left her in a kennel for a week- I think the longest was for three or four days during an FLW trip. I hope she'll be ok. I'm trying to think of an emergency contact in Houston for her, but I don't have one... so I'm going to at least put Toni or someone down from Dallas- and I'm going to email Toni and Mikel and our families all of our emergency contact information just for anything - the house, us, Blanca, etc... I guess I just need to one big email to give the kennel and all the family members... I probably should work on that pretty soon...

Other than that, nothing more to report. Rainy day here in Houston. I laughed this morning when I read the paper... it said "Winter is Coming to Houston- Hobby Airport to drop to 66 today"... WOW, 66 degrees... and I didn't bring my coat. I'll probably be an icecube before I got home. Why didn't I wear my winter boots to work? HA!

Any-who... here is a pic from the hotel we're staying at. Next Friday- here we come!