Tuesday, October 9, 2007


HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a day for contemplation. It actually started yesterday.

The first thing that got me to thinking is I was looking over our wedding list. I'm sorry, our completely out of control, ginormous, gargantuan wedding list. Oh, it's not that bad, you say? REALLY- cause right now, it's 273 people and that does not include a few more people I know will be added here at a later date. By the time this deal is finished, I think we'll be at 300. I don't, however, expect them all to attend. Some won't bring their kids and some won't come at all- or like my Uncle Kelly will probably be in Iraq, so only a few people from that family will come, yadda yadda. I think we'll end up with a solid 150. I digress... I was working on the list yesterday, filling in addresses and I realized that there were giant gapping holes in my list- and all of those holes represent people Conrad is in charge of getting address for. Hmmm.... how ODD. Hopefully today, he will present me with a few of these addresses and I can start filling in the holes.

The second thing that got me to thinking was some sad news I learned yesterday. I was talking to a friend I used to work with and found out a lady I used to work with has passed away. It was a very sad thing to learn. Now I wasn't best friends with her, we weren't buds or anything- but I remember sharing a few meals and we all worked really hard together on fishing tournaments. If I think about her, I can remember walking into a itty bitty hotel in the middle of Nowhere New York and seeing her in the lobby area ironing everyone's shirts. She always had a friendly word and really was just a sweetheart. I had a few rushed lunches with her in the back of the sponsor tent on a few Saturday's in the five years I knew her... and I stood with her on the banks of many rivers during EARLY AM launches, watching her help her husband organize the anglers and sponsors going out on the boats... I am thinking about her today and about her husband- who also worked on the tour that I knew pretty well. He was always good to me too and this is the THIRD tragedy in his life. First his wife died, then their adult son and now his second wife... both wives to cancer. It makes me jut want to run out at lunch and donate some money- or hold a car wash or do SOMETHING to make sure that everyone knows she lived and she was alive and people loved her and she mattered. I am very sad today.