Monday, October 29, 2007


I took Blanca to the vet on Saturday- she needed an updated kennel cough shot because it expires the DAY we leave for Hawaii. She did fine- got her shot and she had a bacterial infection in her ear- I had them look because she has been scratching the heck out of them! Then the doctor rocked my world. She said she detected a slight heart murmur. WHAT?! First of all, this is not her normal vet- this was another doctor the vet must have hired. She had no bedside manner at all. So I said, "Listen, you don't know me- I am CRAZY. I will go home and listen to her heart continually, I need you to explain what that means, right NOW!"... so she said that Blanca sounded like a Grade 1, which is usually stress induced and she was NOT happy about being at the vet and also she had just gotten into it with the Vet house- kitty... so she was already pretty fired up. She had a rapid heartbeat and the doc said not every beat, but some beats were murmurs. She says it should be fine, but let them know if she ever coughs. I have never heard her cough before. I want to know WHERE this woman got her vet degree- Nebraska?? Kansas??? Clearly it wasn't any Texas school!

So now I'm a little worried about B being at Strawberry Dog, but I am hoping it will all be ok.

I also have had two very vivid dreams that our wedding was BUNK. There was no dancing, people were leaving early- and it was being held in some damp, dark, dusty barn... it was very depressing. I was heartbroken. What is wrong with me? Why am I dreaming stuff like this? County Line BBQ is a very nice place- very bright and happy- and we're having music and good food- no one should have a bad time!!!! Why a barn? I don't even know where any barns are located out here...

Oh and let's not forget the 8 hour plane ride from Dallas to HI this week. VERY excited about that. I could just throw up. If I was meant to fly, I'd have diamond encrusted wings, attached to my body- it's just abnormal to climb into a flying cylinder.



Dickie said...

don't be talking no smack about flying, cos I am right behind ya! Il isn't 8 hours, but to me, it's still like a zillion hours in the air, however I have Valium!

Christie Rogers said...

We just found out our cat has a heart murmur! Maybe it is just a veterinary fad and all the vets are diagnosing it.

DeeDee said...

stop your whinning about flying - you are getting no sympathy from me - boo hoo - have to fly to get to an awesome place like HAWAII