Friday, October 31, 2008


THIS is the universal symbol for choking. When you see someone doing this, you should immediately jump to their aid. CONRAD.

Last evening, I was muching on some beef jerky and very nearly met my death. It's no surprise to anyone here that I have a cold ... since I've been talking about it for a week ... but it's now progressed into that really attractive hacking cough - unpredictable. In mid chew, the coughing came on and a piece of hot n' sweet Jack Links got caught in my windpipe. I immediately jumped up did the universal symbol for choking. Conrad calmly remained in his chair and chewing, just looked at me. I started pointing at my throat and gasping for air, whilst keeping one hand wrapped around my throat to continue trying to communicate that I was choking. Finally as I began to get lightheaded, I used my last little bit of energy to drag myself into the kitchen and lucked out, by washing it down with some lifesaving water. OK WHATEVER- so I didn't exactly drag myself- I ran frantically into the kitchen, gasping and hacking.

After the little scene was over and I had saved my own life, I tried to tell Conrad that THIS symbol means "please help me". He told me that I was NOT choking, since I was still gasping for air. He said that if I WERE choking, I would not have been able to make those sounds... I maintain that HE wasn't the one choking and HE doesn't know everything ... I was in mid-cough when it happened, I think whatever air was in there was just still coming out. Besides who cares about those niggly little details- I almost DIED.

After about 20 minutes I asked him if he would like for me to act out what it would have been like for me to be laying on the floor as the life forces slowly drained out of my body ... and he asked ME if I would like for him to act out his bank account getting fatter. I think he was referring to the new life insurance policies we put on each other.

The point IS, I nearly died last night in my own living room, eating dried meat that I don't even really like. If I was going to choke on something and die I'd hope it was at least something good like a Taco - and I would at least hope I'd be alone and that my dear husband wasn't sitting in his chair just looking at me.

The boy needs a first aid class.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conrad's People

I don't think this cold is going to leave me until my last breath does. I am so so so so miserable. I had to sleep sitting up last night and Conrad has been in the guest room for three days now. I am so very sick. I wish I had a week's vacation so I could sit at home and get over it.

But alas, this post is about Conrad's people ... we went to a family reunion on Saturday in Gilmer, Texas. This would be all the brothers and sisters (and their families) of his mother's father - who passed away about two years ago. I think there are only two sisters left out of a LOT of kids ...

Anyway, so we attended at the Cherokeen Baptist Church there in Gilmer and we happened upon a fellow by the name of Travis who is somewhat of the family historian ... and I told Travis, that I was very very sad that Conrad did not know who his people were/are. I told him that the best we could figure was he was at LEAST a fourth generation Texan, but that Conrad likes to torture me with made up stories about his Yankee ancestors ... and how he yearns to go back to the "Jersey Shore" ... so I asked Travis to fill me in. AND OH DID HE.

Travis says that the McKinley family started out in the motherland (it turns out for both Conrad AND me) of Scotland - somewhere back in the 1500's it was documented that a whole mess of them started out for Ireland. Also PERFECTLY acceptable! They dropped some folks off, picked some folks up and continued on to what is known as Mississippi, present day. (I am also on board with this- southern is southern) ... this is where it gets good! It appears that a few of them decided to go on eastward to the great states of NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA - where the present day McKinley's actually hail from. SHUT UP!

Conrad looked absolutely mortified to learn that the state(s) he had been making fun of for three years are actually his home state(s) TOO!!!! WAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAA .... it appears a rebel bunch of the McKinley's broke off and decided to be cowboys and headed to Texas ... BUT they came from North and South Carolina! HA!

It's too funny to me that after 30 something years the man I find and marry happens to be a Scotsman from the Carolinas. Not that he's not proud of his heritage he's just disappointed he can't ask me anymore if my family wears shoes or use terms like "Uncle Daddy" ... he'd be making fun of his own people.

Sorry Conrad!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Down, But Not Out

So the migraine was apparently a warning sign of an impending cold. I went to the doc yesterday and they said very nasty cold, swollen left tonsil and fluid in my left ear ... and what is it about colds that make your tummy feel so bad and like you're going to be sick? I fought that ALL four days!

It has been NASTY! I was sick on Sunday- but I did get out and early vote ... and when I got home, there I stayed until I went to the doctor yesterday. Sunday I was sick, Monday I felt like I was dying and Tuesday was better, but not 100% ... today I am back at work, but probably should't be ... I haven't been this sick in two years ... the last time was Thanksgiving 2006.

So, short post today- just checking in. I'm alive, but feeling badly. Drinking hot tea and honey and trying to get myself back to normal ... catching up at work. I'll probably go home and fall right into bed ....


Friday, October 24, 2008


I take for granted sometimes my youth and my health ... and that's probably why I should protect it more, but I don't. I don't take as good of care of myself as I should. Conrad either. I'm reminded of how quickly it can all go to pot.

Yesterday I woke up with a migraine I can only describe as horrendous. The bad one. The one that makes you squint against the light and makes you sick to your stomache. I was miserable- bearly able to enjoy my Berry Hill Tamale.

I ended up leaving at 2 and I went home and slept from 3:30-6:30 . It helped some, but I still felt pretty badly. I didn't want to fall off the wagon again, so I did get up and prepared our spaghetti. It was easy and I did need to eat - so I did that and I've brought the leftovers today for lunch. So I DID accomplish Goal #1 which was to eat IN four times this week at lunch. YAY me!

Anyway, headache still with me today - it's less, but still painful. I can already tell you I'll be in bed early tonight!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Run Over by the Wagon

I fell off and got run over.

Ok, but I have an EXCUSE! It started raining when I left work yesterday and if you know Houston you know that means traffic! I had already planned to go straight from work to the library and grocery store but as I sat in traffic longer and longer I realized that poor Conrad wasn't going to eat until late. SO I BROKE and I called him and told him to meet me at Goodson's Country Cafe ... and I ordered WATER and no appetizer, no dessert .... just a quick dinner and we were OUTTA there ... I went shopping and he went home ...

Kroger is having their Mega Deal again- all the 10 for $10 stuff ... I got smoked sausage, I got breakfast sausages, bread, all KINDS of good stuff for not very much, plus of COURSE I had coupons!

Today I am going to Berry Hill Tamales for the $1 tamale day. Tonight I cook spaghetti and I will bring the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Spaghetti is always better the next day ... so goal #1 which was lunch at work everyday except Thursday I will make! Goal # 2 sadly was broken, but I'm back on the wagon starting tonight. Forgive me.

We have a family reunion for Conrad this weekend ... I will be meeting all kinds of people I've never met before. There have been special requests for the "newlyweds" to make an appearance. That surprised me. I don't even think of myself as a newlywed ... just Karyn and Conrad ... I was also thinking this morning that you always hear "the first year is the hardest" ... it really hasn't been. It's been very nice. No big fights or disagreements or anything like that. It's not like we've gotten married and then discovered terrible things about each other or anything- everything is just very nice and "right" ... you know?

I am also VERY displeased to announce something completely off topic. Conrad looked at me the other night (and now that I think about it he was REALLY REALLY far away when he said it) and he said that perhaps I had Yankee in my blood somewhere down the line and we ought to investigate it. When I started sputtering, he said no, no really- you could be like a Jersey Girl. That's all American.

OH MY DOG, maybe the first year is the hardest.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Close Call

I almost fell off the wagon. I did good- I ate my lunch here at work yesterday (the lunch I brought) ... and on the way home I started dreaming of Gringo's Mexican Restaurant ... I was ABOUT to fall off the wagon and call Conrad to tell him to meet me there - when Conrad called ME to ask me what we were having for dinner. I couldn't answer and betray myself- so I just brilliantly said "I don't know" ... and then he saved me/us. He said he had to stop at Home Depot and didn't want me to wait to eat - so he told me to make my salad and pizza rolls and he would have his Frito Pie. WHEW! He saved us! I went right home, turned on the oven and there was no going back. It was SO HARD not to swing into the Popeye's Chicken parking lot ... I could TASTE those red beans and rice!!!! Once I was eating my pizza rolls though, I knew it was the right decision just a temporary set back ... today I have brought my lunch again and I am looking forward to the grilled cheese tonight. SO close to the goal!!!!

and tomorrow I get to have my Berry Hill tamales!!!!

We've had some problems with Ms. Blanca lately ... she can't seem to sleep through the night. For the past few nights she gets up in the middle of the night and whines at the end of the bed and FINALLY jumps down and starts making all kinds of noises ... calm, collected and mild mannered Conrad just LOST it last night. All I remember is being awakened at about 1:30 this morning by a big, yelling Conrad hollering "BLANCA!? BLANCA!? Where are you? This is going to STOP. TONIGHT IT STOPS!" .... He was shuffling around the bed muttering "where is she?" .... I was tired, no lie ... and she has been annoying me lately with this - but it was pretty funny to see Conrad completely lose his cool like that. I'm pretty sure the two of them will be having a discussion tonight about her behavior. She is queen of the roost though, so God be with him - he'll probably lose the argument. She has a way of looking at you, like you're stupid, that you come away wondering if you really are ... the girl has TALENT!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is my favorite time of year- fall! To me it means the windows can be open, cool mornings, days outside where you're not dying, cooking out, FOOTBALL, fall candles, Thanksgiving, Christmas, shopping, hot chocolate, sappy movies on TV- the whole thing. I love it!

The mornings here have been in the 50's and it's REALLY nice to get from the front door to the car without all your makeup sweating off. I actually show up looking decent. Pretty soon I'll be breaking out the boots and skirts and sweaters. We get at LEAST three weeks of winter weather here. Um, seriously ...

Conrad played golf yesterday at work and he didn't get home until really late. I did NOT break with the meal plan though- I cooked a frozen pizza- I'll just move off the pizza rolls and frito pie until another day. Tonight is still grilled cheese and soup. I ate my beanie weenies yesterday and enjoyed the heck out of them. So far, my challege is going well. Meals eaten in thus far:

Saturday evening
Sunday morning, lunch and evening
Monday lunch and evening
Tuesday lunch (today)

For some reason, we don't do breakfast during the week ...

I am so proud! I haven't actually used my debit card for ANYTHING since Saturday ... that's nice too ... I filled up last week and so I don't even need gas but even if I did, the prices are falling more everyday. I guess that's the one good thing with the economy being the way it is ...

I watched CNN and MSNBC until I went to sleep yesterday ... I am obsessed with politics right now. Fourteen more days!!!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Planning

First of all- BOO to Texas A&M and the Cowboys. We had a really SUCKY football weekend. THREE interceptions, Mr Brad Johnson? We need a real backup quarterback and HECK YES I am bitter about it ...

I wanted to talk today about menu planning. I think my mom does it and I've started and it helps a lot. First of all, you develop a PLAN so you can sort of make sure when you get home from work you have time to actually cook ... and lately it's helped with the budget.

We eat out WAY too much - especially now when it would really benefit EVERYONE to save a little more. I am sort of challenging myself this week. The challenge IS I will be cooking dinner at home for ONE WEEK- I began Saturday night... and I will be bringing my lunch everyday this week except for Thursday- because Berry Hill Tamale Company has $1 tamales on Thursday. I get three of them, a glass of water and free chips and hot sauce. It costs $3.25 total for lunch on Thursday's- that will be my treat to me! Maybe this is no big challenge to some of you- but for us, it IS! I eat lunch out at LEAST three times a week and we eat out at LEAST 2-3 times a week too. Especially on weekends.

Saturday dinner was tacos, Sunday was Asian Chicken with Peach salsa.
Monday: Frito Pie for Conrad; Pizza Rolls for Karyn
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and Bean & Bacon Soup
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Thursday: Egg Salad Sandwiches and Soup
Friday: Homemade Pizza

.... and this week for lunch I made beenie weenies which I LOVE and then on Friday I'll bring left over spaghetti. Grocery shopping for the next two weeks cost $60 this weekend, with coupons ... the total WAS $80.... and included in that cost was also lunches for me.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday- Merry Chrstmas!


I am off today ... I'm actually going to go do some Christmas shopping. I think I can get one branch of the family done today or almost done.... which is a relief! I really inherited my shopping habits from my grandmom- that, or I just watched her and picked it up. My straetgy is usually shopping sales throughout the year. A good example is that last year RIGHT after Christmas, Kohl's had a huge sale on their nightwear and I picked up a $30 set for someone I kno would LOVE it for $12 ... I just stashed it away in a closet (Grandma did too- and also she had a cedar chest too!) .... and I keep a little journal with the persons name and what I've gotten for them. (My grandma did too!) ... and I keep it with me always. That way if I'm ever in a store I can consult it. When I've wrapped the presents I make a little "X" by the item and when I am DONE with that person I draw a giant "X" through their entire entry ... I am hoping by November I can a draw big "X" 's all over everyone's names except our nephews. We don't get the list for them until around November sometime. Then we can just shop for them and enjoy that during Christmas season.

This year I did try to do some creative gifts and some thoughtful gifts more than just BUYING people STUFF ... I will let you know how it goes over later this year ...

But I DO suggest people shop this way ... because I save a lot of money, time and stress when Christmas-time rolls around. I don't use those last three weekends running around like a mental patient. I drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies, bake cookies and enjoy the holiday. Try it!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well ... I know who I am going to vote for. The debate I thought was a good one ... and they say elections are not won by debates, but I think maybe so. They help show us who they are.

Anyway, I made up my mind and I made it up based largely on this last debate. I'm content with my decision and happy that I can finally make a decision I'm comfortable with. YAY me!

Also in the YAY me category- Conrad and I got out life insurance signed off on last night. We've passed our medical tests, got the policies and we signed them last night. We're covered and it's a load off my mind. Last and final step will be getting a will together - we just need something very simple- so I'll be ordering that off of Dave Ramsey's website. They have a combo package- will, living will and power of attorney- all of these things I think are very very important.

Conrad and I talked about the living will and about cremation/burial as well. He knows my opinions on the two- I don't yet know about his ... but I'll find out soon. Then we'll have everything in place and it's only taken six months.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political Yammering

So today I'm going to talk about politics, because that's what's on my mind and the final debate is this evening ... watch it!

I'm actually not very good at talking politics and I'm no political powerhouse, like my friend Tracy- her blog is the Daily Hero or Zero listed below. If you want an education, go there- she lives and breathes it and makes it easy to understand. I wish I could do as good of a job communicating, but it's not my passion ... so I can't ... but I can, in my own little way, sort of talk about the things that are on my mind and maybe make sure you go out and vote. I'm just going to sort of ramble ... an uneduated ramble, at that.

First of all, I don't believe you should complain if you do not exercise your rights. Unless you are a convicted criminal and have lost them- I believe it's your duty to get out and vote in 20 days. If you don't vote, I REALLY don't want to hear you whining the next four years ... if you did vote and your candidate didn't win-try to make the best of it.

For good reason, the President does not have Absolute Power. Our government has a checks and balances system that even a third grader could understand. We have the House, the Senate ... the three branches. None more powerful than any of the others ... It is my belief that MOST of what the candidates are saying they will "change" will not come to pass .... if only because of the checks and balances system. I think it's ok that people like Conrad want to vote for McCain- not because he likes McCain but because McCain is a Republican and Conrad/Republicans are on the same page when it comes to gun control. But I do not in my heart of hearts believe that if Obama becomes President, he can REALLY abolish private citizens having guns. It's in our Second Amendment for goodness sakes and up until now- which is 200 something years later, it hasn't really changed ...

Most of my beliefs line up with the Republicans and I don't think it's because I am born and raised in the RED STATES- I think it's just who I am. But I have a liberal streak too - and I think most people are a mixture of both. VERY FEW people are absolutely and totally one or the other. So I try really pretty hard to listen to what each candidate has to say ... and try to vote from there ... and I have to say my choices are not that great. If you want to know who John McCain IS- go read the Rolling Stone article on him. It's on the internet- go to Google and type in "John McCain Rolling Stone article" and it will pop up. It's VERY disturbing and very unflattering and cements what I felt about him, as a person, all along ... I shudder to think that he will be in the White House. I think the President, largely is a figure head ... I am absolutely terrified we'll get some hot head in there that will tell the President of Iran where to stick it. He's been known to cuss and scream on the SENATE FLOOR!

Barack Obama - angry black man, Muslim, the Anti-Christ? No, I think he is none of those things ... I think he's in the wrong decade though- he would have maybe done well in the 60's. I like him as a person. I do ... but he comes off a little arrogant ... not angry and on the edge of an emotional outburst like McCain, but he comes off very arrogant like he know something we don't ... and I'd REALLY like to know what that is. I think his tax plan is ridiculous. I don't believe that Joe Schmo who works down the street and owns a mechanic shop- has had it for 20 years and now FINALLY has something to bring home to his family (over $250K) should have to give money to the family that had 8 kids and no one works. I don't think that is in any way fair ... it makes NO sense to me. I don't really believe in Welfare ... I think we are all put here with mostly the same capabilities and we're supposed to make our own way. I'm not sad that I don't make $300K a year and I'm happy for the people who do. I also don't feel sorry for the people who make minimum wage - they could do better ... as a figure head? I just really don't know ... I think he spouts off a lot about "change" and has no real experience. I think he'd do fine with the Preident of Iran, but would come off, much like Bush, as an uneduated moron ..

So you see, I am conflicted. I will end up voting for the lesser of two evils in 20 days ... and I'm not sure which one is worse. But at least I WILL vote ... and I think you should too.

In the end? I think it will be Obama. I think the economy is too far gone and people mistakenly believe it's all the President's fault. They think Bush did it and that Obama can fix it. That is my true belief ... can he fix it? I don't know - I think we have some major problems to fix internally if you ask me - like not paying these CEO's millions upon millions of dollars. My dad's a CEO, he doesn't make a million dollars ...


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's days like this I wish we were allowed to telecommute. It took me over TWO AND A HALF HOURS to get to work today ... which is so ridiculous it's not even funny. The cause? Rain. Well, ok- let me back up- MIST ... the cause was a light drizzly mist. NOT a good start to my day.

Last night was good though. I made BLT's which are about the best comfort food EVER- I don't know why. Then I sat down with a book that's due at the library on Friday and commensed to reading about 115 pages. I just got into it ... That Anne Rivers Siddon- she writes kind of sad books ... but sort of true to life. A lot of what happens in life is sad ... and bittersweet .... and happy too ... but I got sort of lost in the story - and watched Monday Night Football with half an eye. I was VERY pleased to see the Giants lose ... this is good news for the Cowboys because # 1 that game with the Giants was looking VERY Scary with Tony Romo ... now it's slightly less scary ... and # 2 they finally lost, which is good for us when it comes to playoff chances. It makes me feel better anyway ...

I also made a pineapple upside down cake which was GOOOOOOOOOOD - and I brought a piece with me to work today along with Sunday night's leftover beef stroganoff. Good stuff.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Tony Romo has broken his pinky and may be out for up to FOUR WEEKS.

Well listen here Yoko Romo- if you are reading this- you better GET IT TOGETHER ... you need to do a Brett Favre and get out there and play with that broken finger, like Brett did.

How did you break your finger during an overtime play. Come on! What are you- Jessica Simpson!? Can't her daddy find someone to heal you right quick? He seems to think he knows everything anyway.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Brad Johnson is our backup quarterback. He is 40 years old. Listen, I'm 33 and I feel like I'm 100 ... I know I know- BJ won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay but he's like 5 years older and those Floridians TAINTED him! Oh I could cry ...

I see my Super Bowl dreams slowly going down the tubes.



I can not believe how badly my Dallas Cowboys played yesterday- they played about as well as any high school football team in Texas ... and I apologize to any high school football teams this offends. I am so beyond disgusted.

Here's the other thing- PLEASE let's have a game or two at NOON this year! I mean when you have a game at 3:15 and it's over somewhere between 6-7 and you LOSE, it ruins my entire evening. At least if it was at noon, it would be over at 3 and I could lick my wounds for a few hours and have a nice dinner. Instead, I am trying to eat my dinner and yell at you all at the same time. It's a health problem! Poor Conrad had to get up in the middle of the night and eat Tums. We're all upset ... although truth be told, I am ALWAYS more upset than him.

The only shining light in this atrocious weekend was that Texas beat OU - and I am ALWAYS grateful for that. Also, as much as I can't stand Florida, I hate LSU even more- I was pleased to see them take a beating too. I think at this time of year, the more violent the better! Nothing like a good beating to kick off the fall and Christmas season.

UGH- I am going to have to fix myself a delicious pop tart or two and try to heal myself from within this Monday morning ... I can't wait for BYE week.


Friday, October 10, 2008


Just call me "KO" - that stands for KNOCK OUT!!!! Which is what I did last night on my Wii boxing game. I had a KO in the first round. WHOOP!

Goodness, Wii wore me OUT last night. First I got on the Wii Fit and did hula hooping, running, two stength training exercises and a crappy step work out ... then I boxed for 7 rounds (3 minutes each) ... I'd say a good thirty minutes. Is it as good as getting out and running 2 miles in the neighborhood? NO- of course not, but it DOES get you moving on a week night when you have no energy for an actual "workout" ... it just gets you up and moving. Which is mostly what I need. I have to say the people at Nintendo are geniuses. We've been complaining for years that kids are game addicts and never move, never go outside anymore. Well you move on this guy!

No big weekend plans. We have the A&M game and the Cowboys game to watch. I went grocery shopping yesterday and loaded us up on good stuff for the weekend. $30 for about 10 days worth of food. GOOD food too- YAY! coupons ...

I think we're having homemade stroganoff tonight ... with french bread. Spaghetti, grilled chicken with mango salsa, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, homemade pizza, etc ... that's what's on the menu plan in the next few days. I got the stroganoff recipe (made with hamburger) on the Food Network- it's Emeril's - and it is GOOD. I've made it several times ... it's actually pretty easy - which can not be said for his recipes normally. He and Rachel Ray have really complicated stuff! My favorite person is Paula Deen. I have some of her cookbooks and her stuff is EASY to make- but she is trying to single-handedly kill off the population of the United States with all her butter, whole milk and heavy cream ... so I have to take it easy on making her stuff sometimes - but I DO love her!!!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half Day

I took a half day today ... got lots of stuff to get done! Sometimes I really wish we could go to a four day workweek ... I don't think it will ever happen, but I know some people here wish it would. It would mean longer days ... but that day off would be SO helpful in errands. I give up half my Saturday's, it seems, running all over the place doing errands. So that's what I will do today and maybe Saturday will be low-key.

We have an A&M game this weekend to watch and also the Cowboys play Arizona on Sunday ... I'm a little nervous about that game after that- the Bucs. They are my stepdad's team and I don't like 'em! So this means if they win - I have to listen to an entire season of him going on and on and on- the year they won the Super Bowl I thought I was going to have to relocate - to Australia. If the Cowboys win, then that means months and months of emails and crazy voicemails ... from ME! May the best man win!

Did you hear Hugh Heffner (who is 80) and his girlfriend (who is 26) ... ok, his MAIN girlfriend broke up? So sad ... he told her they would never have children. Um, how SELFFISH is she? Why would you have children with someone you KNOW won't live to see them grow up. That's not very nice ... anyway, I read an article- he plans to replace her with SEVEN new girls. Um, wow. Ok- well good luck to him. He may die sooner than he planned.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AIG, New Cousins, Conrad


Well ... goodness ...

First of all, my friend Darlene (Arkansas) made me smile this morning. I suppose she was emailing me about my post yesterday- the gist of it was- hush up- you get to go home to Conrad! Hmmm.... GOOD POINT! Things could be worse! I am VERY lucky to get to go home to Conrad. I mean, have you SEEN HIM?

I have a new cousin- little Jacob Hartmeyer. My cousin Misti had him on Friday night ... he's SUPER cute ... and in his pictures looked wide awake and alert. I am no baby expert, but I know that's unusual ... he's gonna be smart!

AIG um- wow. These companies that are coming out of the woodwork "needing bailout" are just ridiculous. Obama brought this up last night in the debate, but Conrad told me first. A WEEK after getting an $85 million or billion or whatever bailout ... they went on a $400,000 weeklong luxury report spa business meeting. Things like this just MAKE ME SICK. No wonder we are in the trouble we are in. Why aren't these people being fired. HEY- remember Enron? Remember how we put the execs in JAIL? Why aren't these people in Jail? Lehman Brothers- JAIL ...

I would have to hope whichever one is elected, things HAVE to get better- otherwise, we're in a timemachine straight back to 1938. Think about that when you're voting- REGISTER immediately to vote ... you don't have a right to complain when you don't even make an effort to vote.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Good

Today is not a good day. Well any day you wake up is good ... but I don't FEEL good today.

It's raining - it took me almost two hours to get to work, I was 45 minutes late. I brought my lunch and I really don't want it ... I worry about money, about Christmas ... etc ...

There are people out there I'm reaching out to and they won't talk to me ... won't return phone calls, barely return emails ...

Today is just a bummer day.


Monday, October 6, 2008


The weekend's pass too quickly ...

But we had a good time and we did go to the wedding mentioned in my Friday post. It was beautiful, held at a really nice place (Shirley Acres)and she looked GREAT ... and I am just fine post- wedding. :) I was able to confirm that our wedding was very "us" and perfect for us. We are just not formal people- and this was a formal wedding. Her colors were blue and I think white ... she had the orchestra there to play her wedding march- and it was held outside. Pretty white chairs on the lawn, she walked into a structure outside (not a gazebo) I'm not sure what it was- but it was white and trimmed out in clear Christmas lights. The reception was inside the hall ... pretty white tables with white chairs ... and big silver candleabras filled with white flowers. They had a DJ - and her cake was four tiers ... looked like white icing with the blue ribbon on the bottom of each layer and I think it had edible silver pearls on it (my piece didn't have pearls - but I saw it on someone else's).

Anyway, just confirmation that we did the right thing. A lot of people referred to our wedding as a "party" and for a long time, I didn't like that ... because it WAS a wedding ... but now I can see it can be a little bit of both...

Then yesterday we watched the Dallas Cowboys win. YAY! But I'm really not sure they deserved too ... it was a nailbiter. For me, at least. We also took naps and I cooked some meatloaf and potatoes for dinner ... it was a good weekend, just too short- like all weekends are.


Oh- and this was funny ...
"OJ Simpson was found guilty Friday on charges of armed robbery, assault and kidnapping, but really murder." — Seth Meyers on SNL's Weekend Update

Friday, October 3, 2008

Good News

The Tomball Branch of the library is opening today!!! They are open for regular hours and since this is my last day on the 6-3P shift, I will be there in PLENTY of time to get my holds!!!! They said they will hold them until next Wednesday, but that is SO NOT necessary!!!! I will be there today by 4. SWEET! A weekend full of reading.

We also have a wedding to attend on Saturday ... my first since my own wedding. Conrad was laughing at me because I am such a GIRL. I told him I like the girl who is getting married and weddings are always fun and happy ... but I'm scared I'm going to get there and see an idea she has that I will WISH I had done. Trust me, I thought and over-thought everything we did. The colors, the music, the cake, the favors, everything ... and I really and truly can't think of a thing I'd do different ... but then I see sometimes a wedding blog or a book and I think CRUD! I could have TOTALLY done that and people would STILL be talking about the wedding ... but to be honest, people still are talking about it. The food was phenomenal and I bet the best wedding food anyone has ever had. If you ever have a chance to eat County Line BBQ- DO IT ... their sausage is the BEST ... and I also think the people who danced had a good time.

So we'll go to the wedding and have a good time and I'll try not to look at things and wish I had done them - the ultimate Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Happy Friday! ... and Happy October. This is my FAVORITE month!!!!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Peek at Conversations

Two recent conversations between Conrad and myself:

* (Conversation One) Conrad was in the den, sorting through CD's and getting some new ones to put in his truck. Background on this was that Ricky Nelson, of Harriet and Ozzie fame, had two sons that put together this cheesy "hair band" in the 80's and I LOVED them- I think I was the only one. Their tape was pink and sort of an aqua color.

Me: Do you have Nelson? From 1989?

Conrad: Um, No!

Me: Oh I loved that song ... (singing a few bars) 'There she goes, just like an angel ... seems like forever since she's been on my mind' ... I totally still have their tape! Do you have the CD?

Conrad: *sigh* No. But I saw them in concert once- they opened for someone else I had gone to see

Me: Omigod! YOU saw Nelson?! YOU saw Matthew and Gunner?!!!!! I am SO jealous!

Conrad: (Disapproving look ... like HOW could you know their names?)

* (Conversation Two) Conrad and I are at a restaurant and it's my turn to pay ... I sign my debit card slip and say ...

Me: Hey! I remember to sign my name right now

Conrad: What?

Me: *sigh* my married name. I remember to sign "K. Hopkins" now ...

Conrad: .....and you didn't before?

Me: No. I had problems remembering ... but now I am remembering all the time

Conrad: You SHOULD remember

Me: HEY! I had "Abercrombie" for 32 years ... it's hard to remember to change ... and I didn't HAVE to change

Conrad: Yes you did

Me: No I didn't ... you don't REALLY care if I am a Hopkins or an Abercrombie. But I did it for YOU.

Conrad: You did SO have to change ... I am SO writing this in my memoirs!!!

... and there you go. A day in the life of Conrad and Karyn


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Common Sense

My daddy has always said I have no common sense. Smart? Sure ... Book Smart? Absolutely ... I never had to study. If I read it or you tell me, I can remember anything ....

But he says I have no common sense- no "street smarts" ... my retort has always been You Don't Know Me! (In my head ... I'm not crazy...)

Um ... turns out he does. Know me, that is.

One of the worst casualties of the hurricane, for me, was my local library ... it must have had some bad wind and water damage - it's closed until October 6th. If you know me, you know this has caused some major panic in my life. HOW would I live with no library for THREE WEEKS?! I had stuff on hold there ... things I was planning on reading! I got on Amazon and Barnes and and looked for bargain books. $3.58 ! You want me to pay $3.58 for a book I will read ONE time!? I'd get all the way to the checkout and then back out - I can't bring myself to pay for a fiction book. Non-fiction, sure! Fiction, no way - because I only read them once. This was just awful. I was depressed and I took to reading garage sale books and books I had been given I had not much interest in. It was kind of a depressing two weeks ... then I went online one day to check on the status of my library ... and I saw a listing for all the other branches- and their status.


Holy crap! I had forgotten the Harris County Public Library system had other branches. Or maybe I never knew. I have a tendancy to get used to something and sort of never come out of my little box. Point IS- yesterday after work I stopped at another library on the way home from work and got my fix.... and point IS most other humans would have known to resort to Library Branch # 2, or 3 or 7 ....

... and this morning when I woke up and was leaving for work, I saw that Conrad had left me a letter to take to work and mail. What was it? His voters registration! Conrad is SERIOUS as a heart attack about his gun control, apparently.... funny what your subconscience will make you do. :)