Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ten Days

I think we have ten days left... we have so much to do.

Conrad has a buzzzziness trip this weekend- Tuesday, so he'll be busy on Saturday washing clothes and getting ready for that.

I have to get prescriptions filled (cause I'm old and require daily meds now), wash clothes, get Blanca packed for her vaca at Strawberry Dog, run to the library, pack up all the things we need for the carry on, which also means grocery shopping late next week for stuff like apples and food to munch on. Blanca has a vet appointment on Saturday morning to get her kennel cough shot and also she has been messing with her ears lately AND she has a bump on her neck, I also need to make sure she takes her heartworm medication and my boss is having a party at her house on Saturday- jewelry party- there's SO MUCH GOING ON!

I just want to sleep... I guess I can, next week, on the Hawaiian beach.

Ah- this reminds me, I need to call my doc and see about getting some meds to put me to sleep on the plane- ya'll know I hate flying. Eight hours in a plane is almost more than I can bear to think about. Everyone keeps asking me about it- when the subject comes up, I almost burst into tears. I need to put "run to the liquor store" on the list for this weekend.