Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am an amazing dog-mom, future wife and traveler!

I put together the best little information sheet today for friends and family- for when we leave for Maui next week. Blanca is going to the vet on Saturday for her pre-Strawberry Dog vacation and then we are all set...

I put together this little sheet with OUR vacation information, then skipped down and made a place for HER vacation information and then finally, filled the last third of the page with general information- vet, people in Houston, Dallas, and parental emergency contact information. This is for if the house floods, or someone steals the car out of the driveway and the police need to find me, if Blanca breaks her arm playing basketball- you know, regular stuff. I have received several phones calls from people on this list already wanting the information.

Today (EARLY) I put it together and emailed it off... and now, at 3PM I still have gotten NOT EVEN one response. The gratitude just hangs in the air... NO LOVE.

Here is why I also feel NO LOVE.... this is Blanca and her daddy in another one of their frequent and nauseating "love-fests"... I swear, they are both going to go through withdrawls while we're traveling...



Anonymous said...

Ok, you need to cut back on the coffee and chill. I got my list. Thanks millions chickie. xxx 000