Monday, March 30, 2009


I guess I've sort of been bored with the blog .. nothing much has happened except us trying to sleep. It's been a week and the dog seems to have calmed down. I just feel like no matter what I never get much sleep anymore ... I can't wait for Good Friday and a three day weekend!

Next week we have a visitor from MN coming in. It's a friend of a friend - she's coming in to get some treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston. She'll be here all next week. The southern girl is for sure coming out of me- I'm already thinking of ways to make the place more comfortable for her and things for me to cook. It's hard to believe, but not everyone likes chicken n dumplings, biscuits, grits and cheese straws. I'm trying to think just like a regular person ... :)

Anyway, in the next few days I WILL be updating the blog ... thanks for bearing with me!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


In the next few days I will be updating the blog. It needs a facelift of sorts. I'm bored with it, I'm bored with me, I guess ... but I'll be working on it in the next few days ... something light, something SPRING.

Our neighbor have returned, only to leave again. They were gone again last night. He STARTED to bark and then stopped. I hope they are back tonight. They really and truly ruined our entire week last week ... and then today the guy next door to them started shooting PAINT BALLS. It sounded like someone was shooting a gun. Conrad ran outside and confronted the guy and the guy said he was only shooting at his fence ... AKA the back of OUR fence. So later on, Conrad found three paintballs in our yard- so I guess the guy really WAS shooting at our house. I mean, not on purpose- but when you aim the gun towards us, a few are bound to cross over the fenceline.

I don't know WHAT is going on with the neighbors lately. They used to be so nice ... it's like it's all falling apart or something. We have loud ones on the end, the dog that never shuts up and now someone paintballing the house. It's never been more aparent we need to build a new house and move on.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Our wonderful neighbors have left town for Spring Break. I hope they are having a FABULOUS time. They left their dog in the backyard and he has NOT SHUT UP IN FIVE DAYS. Conrad and I are both starting to get sick - because we haven't slept. Friday we were up til 4 and then last night, 2AM.

I mean, we have to WORK. I am so beyond upset ... I don't even know what to do except take 15
Advil PM's and try to sleep. I didn't even see Big Al tonight. I called in from sheer exhaustion.

I hope they come home before the end of next weekend ... I don't know how much more I can take.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Results!- and the Pecos Grill

After a month at the gym, I think I am FINALLY seeing some results. I have these jogging pants I wear on the weekend and they are fitting different! I used to fill them out pretty well in the stomache and butt area. This weekend I realized that they slid right on- didn't have to stop that that "bump" on my tummy .... AND the fabric in the butt area wasn't tight anymore. You can totally pinch and lift it away. I know- SMALL thing, but it's something.

oh and a shoutout! ...we ate at a place in Tomball called the Pecos Grill ... on Friday. We go there not a LOT, but often. We went and had a fabulous time Friday night. The owner was changing out tables and moving things around and I ended up helping him out. He was putting two small tables together- which he did. The empty chair at our table was blocking one side of his two tables he was putting together - and so when he was putting the chairs back, he was lifting them over his head and then walking around the table. That seemed silly- so I took the empty chair at our table and just pushed it on the side of the tables he was putting together- both giving him one of OUR chairs AND also clearing out that aisle he needed to get by. He was REALLY appreciative for some reason and he ended up taking like $10 off our check. Can you believe that? It was really nice and unexpected. So I am totally giving this place a shoutout! If you're ever in Tomball ... they have great ceasar salads and burgers. YUM-O

So Pecos Grill- on Hwy 249 in Tomball


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Defensive Driving

It was determined the accident in December was my fault. I still maintain it was NOT.

There is nothing like getting the scare of your life, being hit at well over 30 miles an hour. I was hurt, scared and confused. I had my cell phone but the accident had blown the battery off the back of it- I found it under the brake. Anyway- it took me like ten minutes to get over the shock and even to be able to figure out how to operate my phone- so I could call Conrad.

Back to the story -- so there's nothing like being in shock, bruised and somewhat bloody and having some JERK cop come over to you and hand you a ticket. I told the cop I did not admit any fault and he made me sign it anyway. Now I'm stuck with the ticket and I have until April 20th to take a Defensive Driving Class or I have to pay the Harris County Sheriff's Department ANOTHER $200 on top of the $110 I already had to pay for the court fees.

So I may go this weekend. Not sure yet. It's just going to one big day remembering the day of the wreck.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going Down

I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

About three months ago I was leaving work, walked into the parking garage and suddenly- was laying on the ground. I attribute it to the parking garage floor and my slippery shoes. The security guard and a coworker saw me go down. Still have the marks on my left leg from that one!

About two months ago I was walking in the Berry Hill Tamale parking lot with the same coworker and another one. I was looking down at my cell phone and suddenly, I was laying on the ground. Apparently I didn't see the curb and went DOWN - in front of my two coworkers who laughed so hard I thought they were going to throw up and a big group of businessmen. This fall was a little worse- my entire shoe filled up with blood.

Yesterday - Conrad and I dropped off my wedding ring for some repairs. Three of my princess cut diamonds were loose. I noticed some of them looked like they were moving last Thursday. I was right! So we dropped it off and then headed to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner. It was NOT a good dinner, by the way. I got the carne and enchiladas. The carne was Carn-GROSS.

We left there and headed to Lowe's. With all the kidnapping and murder going on these days - I asked Conrad to please install a motion activated light on the garage. I leave in the dark and sometimes I come home in the dark. We were walking into Lowe's and suddenly, I am on the doggone ground again. Right before you walk in, there are these two concrete rails on the ground painted a BRIGHT YELLOW (that you can't see at night) that hold the shopping carts. I didn't see it - and ended up on the ground, right inbetween them. Once again, my leg is injured - and now my wrist and elbow. This time it hurt BAD and I cried .... Conrad, thankfully, didn't.

I seem to be having some sort of a problem standing up. Pray for me.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Designer

So ... Conrad and I have checked out what seems to be every home builder in Houston. We've seen a lot of really nice homes but not a one of them has every single thing we're looking for. Maybe that seems snobby or whatever, but that's not how I intend it to sound. We just figure if we build/buy a house it should have everything we want.

What are some of those things?

Farm House Sink
Window above the kitchen sink
Work shop OR three car garage
Drive thru portico
DARK DARK hardwood floors
Built in's for cookbooks in the kitchen
Big porch- front
Covered back porch/deck
Split level OR a house with some dimension to it
Stone walk in showers

So we got some software- Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Suite, to be more exact and I say let the planning begin! It does floorplans and 3-D models and even shows fixtures and floor options, paint, etc ... I think it's going to be a good time.

We plan to be in the house for a long long time so why not do it the way we want, you know?