Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cardio FREE

I have been waiting for YEARS for someone to PROVE ME RIGHT when I always said, I don't like cardio and it is not necessary. The day has come. WOO HOO.

There's a new book on the market called Cardio Free by Jim Karas- he is a big trainer for Oprah and celebs. I heard him on the radio the other day. He says that people got fatter about the time the treadmill craze hit in the 80's. Why? Because they are burning up their lean muscle- you burn more calories when you have more muscle and when you cardio all the time, the muscle is eaten. In high school, I took weight lifting and it was the buffest I've ever been in my life. I've had many arguments with people when I tell them cardio doesn't do much for me other than put me in a really rotten mood. FINALLY someone who understands me! This weekend I went to Academy and got myself some weights and also bought the book. The exercises he proposes get your heartrate up just like you were on a treadmill. I LOVE it- I will alternate this with my Turbo Sculpt, which I tried and also love. After doing these exercises, I can barely walk. Wedding dress HERE I COME!

My good friend from OU commented last week and asked me if my rooting for UT was just meanness... I don't know. Maybe. I have so many friends and family who like so many different teams. I can't hardly speak without offending someone. It just so happens my two least favorite teams are OU and LSU. LSU I actually have a burning hatred for, OU I just... well, they annoy me. They are pretty much always winning. LET SOMEONE ELSE HAVE A CHANCE!!! This advice comes to late, since they beat Texas on Texas/OU weekend. I was sad.

Conrad warmed my heart today. We were at lunch, on the way to the gunrange and I asked if he wanted to watch a movie tonight. I have Breach from Netflix and I actually bought Knocked Up. We have both- so I asked and he said sure - he said " Cowboys play tomorrow night... so we can watch a movie. I'm not sure when the Texans play but I'm NOT REALLY INTERESTED in them." Oh I love that man! I'm not really interested in them either. Our hearts still belong to the Dallas Cowboys. I always knew mine did, but I had a bad feeling that seven years in Houston had turned our dear boy against us, but alas, it has not. He still loves his home city... why he turned his back on it and moved away... *sigh * I'll never know... but, he still has love for the 'Boys. Brought a tear to my glass eye. I love Dallas too- with all my heart - I miss it very much- but I love Conrad more. Now we have to get to the bottom of who HE loved more to move here. AAAHHH HA HA HA HA am I going to get in trouble for THAT one!

(whispering) ... I think he moved here for work.

P.S. Shooting the gun got gunpowder all over my engagement ring! I had this crazy urge the whole time I was there to say "bag the hands"... too much CSI, I think.

Anyway- I want to get Breach out of here so I can get some new Netflix movies in ... I watched Something New last night while he watched football- I wouldn't really recommend that movie. Not so great.... so we'll probably watch Breach tonight. I am making ham, green bean casserole and deviled eggs... nothing like a nice Southern dinner, watching Yankees on the tube.