Thursday, July 31, 2008

Model Homes

Model homes are a good source of decorating inspiration. I took a few pics of the things I liked the best, neat things or things I could have never thought of on my own.

My absolute FAVORITE was in this game room. They have taken the carpet up from underneath the pool table and replaced it with this really nice wooden floor. They also (not shown in the picture) have a rich wood bar running the full length of one of the walls ... it looks just like a pool hall. It's the neatest thing ... I think it may be the nicest thing I've seen in a game room. I don't even play pool! I told Conrad though if we get a house or build a house with a game room, we are totally doing this. I think it looks so "custom". I took a few more pics and I'll show them in the next few days ...

Not much else going on. We have company in town, so I'll probably not be bargain shopping much these next few days ... Gotta stay home with the family ... but back at it next week for sure! I did though last night get a FREE box of Uncle Ben's rice and a FREE box of the Betty Crocker's Mini Delights ... and those are GOOD. We tried them last week because I had coupons and got them free from Kroger ... so this sample showed up today and I can't wait to eat it.

I LOVE FREE STUFF! I'm just getting a kick out of saving and enjoying it before the food companies catch on and stop offering coupons. That will be sad day.