Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Back


So sorry! I had a bit of an emergency yesterday. I got an email last week from a friend of mine who's mother was ill last Wednesday ... she passed way Friday morning and since I am brilliant and didn't check my email ALL weekend ... UGH ... I had no idea. The memorial service was yesterday at 5PM about 2 hours from here ... so I had to hurry with my work and get on the road as soon as I found out. Lori is a good friend, she actually was instrumental in me getting my job here, she's done a lot for me ... and she's good to me ... so I felt like I really should be there for her in her sad time. I've known her for 8 years and she's just the nicest person. Her husband ain't bad either. :) Terrible to lose your mom when you're only 28.

Nothing else much to report ... I'm tired ... I'm hungry ... all the usual stuff.

Ah yes, we have suspended our house search for now. We could abosolutely get a new house tomorrow but I feel the strain of it and the house we have and bills we still have are just too much. When I get my dream home I want it to be a happy occasion. Conrad and I have come to far to ruin ourselves for a pretty house. This society is all about WANT WANT WANT anyway and I don't WANT any part of it ... I have two more cards that need to be paid, he has a small student loan ... and we need to prepare OUR home now for sale ... I told him how I thought we could do that inexpensively ... and that I think when that is done, we will be a lot happier we decided to do it that way. We need to make it a showplace and then get all the $ we can from the sale to put down on a new home. Plus enjoy the showplace while WE'RE still there too!

We have looked at DOZENS of builders ... and we bought a House Design computer program and I think we're going to take what we love about ALL the houses we saw and build our own that incorporates as much of that as possible ... and build it in a low tax rate area... and frankly, every single house we looked at had a formal living and dining room and I would no sooner use those than an axe to shave my legs ... two completely wasted rooms for US ... and this house we fell in love with the other day had that AND one bedroom there's no way we'd need ... we're not greedy. I'm not looking for a home to fill UP with STUFF ... I am looking for a nice place to give us peace ... an oasis ... with everything we need ...

Pray for us- we will need it! We need patience and willpower, etc ...


Editted at 2:09PM
I just got back from the mall. I walked over there to get some new walking shoes for my new mall walking routine. 1 mile walk. Ironic?


Tracy said...

Hey there! I'm really glad things are going better. I was concerned for you there for a while.

I've been out of touch for a while, cause Jamia had her baby so I am doing both of our jobs right now. Crazy begats crazy, huh???

I'm also glad to hear you are going to take your time on the house right now. Also, I would advise not to go too big. I am already dreaming of the day I can downsize our house. It's just so much to keep up with!

Are you guys still going to make it up here for Labor Day? I really, really hope so!

Also, tell your mom I have gotten her emails, but for some reason I get my responses kicked back to me. I guess my server doesn't like hers...

Love ya,

Rebecca said...

When you figure out this patience thing, can you let me know?