Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Foreclosures- Galore

Well, there are SO many out there... we have a list of ones that interest us ... but there is a part of me that hates to profit off of others misfortunes ... and that's what a foreclosure is. I sort of can't help but think of the family that used to live there and were so happy. Some of these houses are GORGEOUS and you can tell there were well loved and well cared for. Some of the houses have never been lived in- they are considered foreclosures I guess because the builders were never able to sell them. Then my personal favorite. There is a house on the market here, that's well over 5000 sq feet. Really nice when you first pull the picture up ... so neat looking, nice curb appeal ... tab over to the price. Hmmm... $150K ... so what's going on with that one?! Upon further inspection (clicking on the gallery of pictures) you can see holes PUNCHED in the wall, what looks like paint cans that have been kicked and turned over on the carpet. I mean there were some ANGRY folks leaving this home. I can't exactly wrap my mind around that one either- I mean, NO ONE lives anywhere for free and if you can't make your payments, then you HAVE to leave ... the bank has to get their money ... if they let everyone slide there would be no banks ... and worse than that, to DESTROY property on your way out. Part of me thinks these folks should spend a night or ten in jail- it's not your house anymore, you're pretty much destroying property you don't own. WOW. Whoever buys that house is going to get a HECK of a deal, but there's tons of work to be done. Not sure I'm up to it ...

The other thing that's bugging me ... we don't all decorate the same. I appreciate all sorts of decor and it doesn't have to be something I would necessarily put in my own home, but I am having the time of my life looking at the insides of other people's homes. You would never believe it. One kitchen was FULLY on EVERY wall and even on the shorter walls where the bar area was- decked out in floor to ceiling yellow and red circus stripes. WHO wants to walk into that first thing in the morning? I have a hard enough time getting up and walking through the house in the dark without wanting to kill someone first thing in the morning... It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen ... there is also a living room that's painted a sort of tan and orange ... which is ok ... but then the BIGGEST and I mean at LEAST 20 feet ... screaming orange University of Texas longhorn plastic head thing that takes up the entire LIVING ROOM of these people's house. If Conrad had seen that, he'd faint on the spot ... why would anyone do that to their living area?! I have seen some terrible terrible things in the past few days- but like a train wreck, I'm finding it hard to look away. I think I am safe in saying 80% of this country has really really bad taste.



Sunny 1 said...

I am so glad to see you have something to take your mind off of the insanity at work. Those people are LUCKY to have you there. Love ya & miss ya terribly from Dallas. The Dove's Nest said HELLO!!!