Thursday, July 10, 2008

North Georgia

One of the greatest joys of Conrad's life is to irritate me... or at least bug me a little bit.

The two things that will get me fired up before anything else are: South Carolina/making fun of Southerners or Burger King.

Burger King because I worked there in high school and was banished to the kitchens (from the front counter) for mild attitude problems, back in the day. Customers would just annoy me to no end. Let me give you a HINT on how to order and also how cash registers work. On an old timey BK cash register there would be a button that said WHOPPER ... there was another button that said CHEESE, we had one for PICKLE, one for LETTUCE, etc ... and we had one that said NO.

When you come to BK and order a Whopper with Cheese, no pickle- we hit the buttons in this order. WHOPPER, CHEESE, NO, PICKLE ... very simple. But when you come in and the conversation goes something like this- I would tend to get upset.

Customer "I would like 5 Whoppers"
I would hit 5 and then the Whoppers key and here is where it would get ugly.

Customer *SIGH* "One with Cheese and pickles only ... one with no lettuce, the other three with just cheese and ketchup oh- and wait, on that no lettuce ... that one I also need to add mustard."

ALRIGHTY ... nothing made me angrier ... I need to know, slowly, per Whopper what you need ... and this was with every other customer. Other customers were more savvy and knew how to order. I would have to void out my entire order, and ask them to start over and because it was "Your Way, Right Away" at BK, I was forced to comply with these picky customers and their families. My favorite was when 4 adults would come in with 9 children. I always just wanted the ground to open me up and swallow me whole. These adults would ARGUE with the children and order 9 different kids meals all with special requests. If *I* was a parent and I was taking my child to BK, then you know what ... you get what you get. You don't like pickles on your cheeseburger, then PEEL THEM OFF!" Barring any allergies, it is my opinion this is how picky, demanding children should be handled ... and I know, I know- spoken like a childless woman. Whatever.

So eventually, the manager moved me in the back where I shined and was referred to as "The Burger Queen" for the rest of my tenure there.... but I digress.

SO - Conrad knows he can irritate me by ordering improperly. For your general information, Whoppers come with mayo- if you want one with mustard it's called a MUSTARD WHOPPER and if you want one with both- then it's a WHOPPER PLUS MUSTARD. Conrad likes to send me into full out convulsions by informing me every once in awhile he'd like to get one of those Whoppers with mustard. WHAT IS THAT?! It could be either one!

UGH ... and last night he came up with a new one. He told me I was from "North Georigia". I said "I am not." I was confused- he knows I'm from South Carolina. He said "Yes, you are. There's the GOOD Carolina and then there's North Georgia." .... as the fire shot from my eyes, I knew immediately he was calling North Carolina the GOOD Carolina which just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard since "Whopper with Mustard" ... and I knew he meant that my precious state was NORTH of the state of Georgia. Ah, we could have gone round and round all night.

The only thing that saved him was he went to Subway to get us dinner and he shared his chocolate chip cookie with me.

He is very good to me. Sometimes. When he's not insulting my state or challenging my order techniques.



Jess said...

Wow, I did not know those things about Burger King. I do have to say, though, that North Carolina IS the superior Carolina. Being from there, I'm allowed.