Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Let me preface this post by apologizing to my BFF, Sunny, who is a Mary Kay Rep ... although this could maybe drum you up some business, Sunshine.

It's no secret Houston is hot. HOT. HOT. Every day I get out of the shower, go about my morning routine and by the time I hit the front door, I'm already over heated.

My makeup does not help. It's liquid foundation, followed by powder. It's like clogging up your pores and being trapped inside your own face, melting, as the day's temps get higher. So I had been thinking for awhile about getting some of that Bare Minerals- because my mom used to use it and I think she really liked it. I tried hers years ago and decided it wasn't for me. I didn't like it at all ... but I also think at that time, you had to put on like three layers of powder. Ugh. I was always a hardcore foundation girl ... funny how things change as you age... suddenly you're not trying to weigh down your face, because gravity is taking care of that for you.

Mary Kay now sells the mineral makeup and I wanted to try it- but I'm not down with paying a ton of money to try something I may not like. So I took the cowards way out and headed to the drugstore, something I have NOT done in 17 years. I have always had a very snotty attitude towards drugstore makeup and will budget my brains out to find a way to get the good stuff ... like Mary Kay and Clinique.

WOW. I can not believe I'm saying it and Sunny, please forgive me- but I LOVE this stuff! I paid $6.15 for it and it'll last I think forever. This stuns me ... because I can use a bottle of foundation for a year- and the price is about $25 but the powder ... I have to get the powder about once a month and it's $18. It also, I discovered, makes me look like that crazy Elizabethian queen (wasn't her name Elizabeth?) that was rumored to never wash her face and had like 10 pounds of makeup on her face when she died .... anyway ... I spend a fortune. A fortune. With this stuff, I only buy the one thing- it's a one stop shop ... it's foundation and powder and if it's possible (ha ha ha) I look better! I've never had lines/wrinkles or acne, thank the good Lord for good skin ... but sometimes when I'm hot or just waking up, I'll look a little pink and blotchy. Not with my good friend Maybelline Mineral Powder. I'd give any supermodel on the runway a run for her money. It's all the perfect tone, perfect color ... I don't even have that pesky makeup line I sometimes get.
You MUST try it ... although I daresay that Mary Kay's is probably just as good, if not better. I haven't tried it, although I think now I may. But the $6.15 price tag is so attractive when you're house hunting ... I just can't believe someone didn't think of this mineral powder thing sooner!