Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st

Well the most important month of the year, August, has arrived ... my birthday month. If anyone cares to send some greetings (he he he) my birthday is August 12th. A day that shall always be a day of joy ... for my parents. HA!

Na - but I do get excited. It's my special day - all mine, all mine, all mine. I don't have to cook that day and we get a cake here at work and some balloons tied to my cubicle ... and it's always a fun day. I'm wondering at what age will it cease to be all that much fun and magical? To be honest, my WORST birthday (mentally) was 26. My mom was in town and we went to the circus and it was a wonderful DAY but the age 26 REALLY bothered me more than any other birthday. More than 30 or 31 ... so weird. So in twelve days I shall be 33.... and on that day I always miss my grandmother the most. She made it special.

Today's model home pic: hanging pictures by hooks and little chains in the ceiling. How modern! I actually like it very very much ... it's a neat concept and in my next house, I may do it. Very unexpected to walk in and see a picture hanging from the ceiling. Very "art gallery" ... I really am strangely attracted to it. I've taken some pics and I got a notebook and I'm just keeping things that I think are neat or different for my next house ... or even to spruce up this one for eventual resale. I think our current house has a LOT of potential and whoever does end up buying it will really be lucky. Conrad keeps it in tip-top shape and I've really made some things look nice ... and we're still working on that.

Happy Friday - happy and safe weekend.



Ms. R said...

Happy birthday month! May all your wishes come true!