Friday, July 25, 2008

What a Morning

Well ... this was the morning to end all mornings.

First I wake up with a splitting headache. It's so bad I lay there 10 minutes after the alarm goes off just so I can get to the point where I can lift my head- and my throat is sore. Sometimes I think the ceiling fan is the culprit when I don't feel well first thing in the morning.

Then I get up- get moving and get into the car. About 7 miles down the road I realize I don't have ANY gas! The gas light is on ... not good. So since I am already running late I say what the heck- and pull over to get gas. Still have the headache!

So I go on ahead and pull into Sonic which is right next door thinking a Cherry Coke will maybe help my headache ... I pull in, get the coke and a little spot of breakfast. I pull out on and onto the highway and THEN I spill mustard all over myself. I mean I am wearing a tan colored shirt ... so I have to get off the highway and pull over. I keep wipes in the car for Blanca - she tends to have accidents just like any other "kid" ... the wipes are DRY. They have been there a loooong time. (Which is REALLY annoying because I picked up two packs FREE last night at Wal-Mart with my new coupon skill ... but I didn't know I needed more in the car. Grrrr....) So all I can do is wipe and keep driving. I finally get here- having to revise my route since my normal route, by the time I get there is completely backed up with traffic.

I get here and walk in and am saved from a horrible yellow mustard tumeric stain by Erik, one of our product managers who happens to carry a Tide pen .... Thank the LORD. The stain has almost faded to the point I can't see it ... Thank goodness for Tide and for Erik!


Happy Friday!


DeeDee said...

not a good morning, but at least you got a Sonic fix to help you feel better. Sonic always makes me feel better.