Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2nd

Fourth of July is CREEPING up. I wish it would hurry up! Today we are having our annual cookout here at work. They bring in a really great BBQ place called Goode and Company. They come in with hamburgers and potatoe salad and they have big freezers full of ice cream like popcicles and drumsticks and things like that ... we have a place called "The Annex" here on site, which is where they hold seminars and classes, training ... and so at noon, the entire company is going to The Annex for lunch. We also got to wear blue jeans today... only day of the year!

Tomorow should be a short day I hope!!! ... and then off on Friday. I am feeling sort of beachy and summery right now. Like I should be floating in the pool and drinking lemonade. I don't know if Conrad is on board or not, but that is where he will be able to find me on Friday ... he swam with me in Hawaii, so I'm pretty sure he'll suit up and follow me to the pool. I actually saw some pools at Big Lots for $99- they are INFLATABLE! How crazy is THAT ... I think they're big enough for two people to float around. It's completely and totally white trash ... but I don't care. I'm really considering getting one. I think it would be so much fun to have a little floaty pool outside I can play in. We could deflat it in December, when it finally drops below 80 degrees and put it back up in the garage. Portable pool! I would be outside ALL the time- and I bet Conrad would be too. We'd fire up the grill and probably have to get a picnic table, ALTHOUGH I did find out something new about Mr. Conrad- he does NOT like to eat outside, ever. It's not something he digs. He thinks it's weird and uncomfortable- he didn't say it, but he might think it's unsanitary ... he's not one to pick up a glass of tea and go outside with his sandwich and he will never ever want to sit outside on the patio of a Mexican restaurant ... never. But if we had a little floaty, trashy pool out back we could blow up with an attachment on our vaccum cleaner- you never know ...

Sounds high class, huh?