Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Vomit Chronicles

Well ... anyone who says that having a dog is NOT like having a child, is wrong. Wow did we have a night!

I went to bed and fell asleep about 10:30 and an hour later I was awakened by the unmistakable sounds of a dog throwing up. It happens sometimes, usually not a big deal. We got up, turned on the light and ewwwwwwww- she was in the living room, head hanging, ears down (she thought she was in trouble) ... sitting in the middle of two HUGE piles. ICK. So we cleaned up ... went back to bed. Blanca jumped on the bed, I was petting ... trying to make her feel better. Finally she got up, made her way to the foot of the bed to her pillow and heaved once more and threw up all over the bed. OH MAN! So we had to get up AGAIN, strip the bed- put linens in the washing machine, find another set of sheets, remake the bed ... sit up with her for a bit to make sure that was all that was in her and it wasn't going to happen again. I don't think we went to sleep until after midnight and this morning I am TIRED. This must be karma for that one time when I was a kid and I threw up on my grandmother one summer night. :)

On another note, I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home last night. I went to the Money Saving Mom Blog and printed off the Wal-Mart list of deals this week. Some coupons I had and some I was able to print from her site. I got:

John Frizz Ease mousse
Gold Bond Powder
Clean and Clear Blackhead Erasing Pads
Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
Uncle Ben's Rice
Coffee Mate - new Tiramisu Flavor

At the end, when I went to check out the total cost was $9.61 and after coupons I paid $.38- LESS THAN A DOLLAR! SHUT UP! What a deal. I told Conrad that I think I need to do this every week or so and build up a nice stockpile of things we WILL use ... but maybe just wasn't on the grocery list this week. We are also going to start doing Angel Food Ministries - please check out their website- the menu is different every month. Depending on your state you get meat, eggs, veggies, etc ... for the one time price of $30. I know people who have done it and say it's GREAT. Please check it out. We all have to save money where we can. Lately, I really feel I have been able to serve Conrad and our home with these amazing deals ... it feels really good to be able to bring home things we need for very little money.