Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When I designed my wedding invitations I completely fell in love with them. They were simple and sweet ... and I wrote the interior myself ... when you have divorced parents, you have to get a little creative, not hurt anyone's feelings, not make anyone angry ... etc, etc ... I think I did an excellent job.

The current trend is to have the names somewhere on the top of the invite ... and then you open it up sort of like a book ... and the information is inside. I'm not big on trendy stuff but I LOVED that about the invitations ... and it caused me some grief too ... because I always wanted to be able to display my invitation in my home. SoI saved a few and figured I would worry about it later ... problem is, when you open the invitation, our names are at the top ... (the only writing you can see when the invite is closed) ... then you open it up and our names are still visible ... which looks sort of weird because then there's a big gap and then the interior ... Beautiful invite, but not good for display ...

Until my Aunt Robbie came through! I thought I would spotlight her thoughtful gift today ... on the night of the rehearsal dinner, she presented me with this ...

She SOLVED the problem!!! She does these really neat clay crafts ... and so she was able to put in some really pretty roses where that big gap was ... the gap I was worried about. I'm sorry the picture is blurry and not so easy to see, but you get the gist ... anyway, I just love it ... and I hung it in our dining room ... the picture at the top... is a shot of it on the wall ... again, not a good picture. SORRY!

Thanks Aunt Robbie! I will treasure it forever. IT was the absolute perfect gift! I just took those extra invitations I had and put them in our wedding box ... so I still have some in their original form too! Best of both worlds.
Happy Tuesday ...