Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry for the absence! I'm here.

I wasn't feeling well on Friday and we had a really busy weekend, so the combo of the two = no posting. We found a really great house with ALMOST everything we want. Conrad went ahead and agreed to let the mortgage lady call him today to discuss what the end payment would be. The problem is that certain areas of Houston are HEAVILY taxed. We are not in that area right now and to go up 2% would be tough ... and we would be taxed on the value of the house, NOT on the great deal that they give us. This houe happens to be in the highest taxed neighborhood we have seen yet- almost 3% ... actually more than that, but after Homestead, about 3%. Judging from what the mortgage calculators SAY we should be fine, but I'm not comfortable with the end number. I'd like to see the monthly payment come down quite a bit. I told Conrad what that # would be ... So this puts us in a different range for a new home and if he would go with a foreclosure, needing some elbow grease then we could really get more bang for our buck ...

So I'm not sure just yet what we're doing ... but we're getting closer and we for sure know what we're looking for- in terms of kitchen, bedrooms, etc ... I think we'll end up with something really great.

Tonight, if I can force myself, I'll download some pics I've been meaning to share ...

Happy Monday.