Thursday, July 3, 2008


Did you know the Declaration of Independence was ACTUALLY signed on July 2nd. Yes. It was. Perhaps it's like Jesus wasn't REALLY born on December 25th. One of those deals.

I am happy and excited that today MAY be a short day - there are rumors ... and tomorrow we are off. We have friends here who normally have a nice shin-dig, but he was sent to Malaysia for ten days and just got home yesterday. I don't think he's going to feel up to it. Besides, Blanca is terrified of fireworks. She hears them and just sits on on the couch and shakes. I feel so bad for her around July 4th and New Years. Poor thing. She sits in her daddy's lap and just quakes. So I'm thinking I don't really want to leave her at home anyway. I can just imagine her terror. Not to mention all the punks out there who think it's fun to be sneaky and illegal- although I don't know HOW you can be "sneaky" when you're setting off lights that go up 100's of feet in the air. It seems to me, you're easy to track. But every year they do it anyway- I am always afraid they'll set the roof on fire. I reckon we'll need to hose it down tomorrow night, have a nice little cook out with the dog ... and then of course, take our food INSIDE and eat it.

Ha Ha ... sorry Conrad!

Also, great new show out there on Wednesday nights- Baby Borrowers. Reality show, five teen couples that think they want a baby. So they get one and all hell breaks loose. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Those kids are throwing up and pooping everywhere ... the teenage boys are gagging and you KNOW the teenage girls were all crying. They made the girls wear the pregnancy belly and one of them flat out refused and sat in the bathroom wailing. This week it was babies, next week they get toddlers. That will probably be the best show yet. See, I can handle babies and I like kids when they hit about 8 or 9. But somewhere between 2-7, I get lost. To me, those five years, if I survived, would be a nightmare. I can not wait to see these kids try to handle these, well, kids ... ah good times! Highly entertaining and all my friends here at work who have teenagers are forcing their kids to watch. Slightly disturbing that 3 of the 5 teen couples are from Texas.