Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm so sorry I still haven't shared a picture or two. I am going to write myself a note today and then make sure I download the pics tonight. Our evenings have been pretty busy ... and I keep forgetting.

The week seems to be going by pretty fast. Still on the house hunt. We did get "approval" for a loan ... so at least we sort of know what range we can look in. The thing about Houston is the taxes ... so we're trying to stay in low tax areas. Funny how one neighborhood can be one thing and the next stoplight can be 2% higher. I'm learning a lot! We also know what builders we like and what we don't. Research is good!

Well, work is good, home is good ... no problems. My friend at work and I are going to start mall walking maybe twice a week or so. We have other coworkers who do- I thought they were crazy to walk everyday- it's HOT outside ... and when I asked my coworker why she does it, she told me they actually go to the mall. Well, DUH?! How could I not have known that- HA HA ... but I didn't ... and it makes all the sense in the world, we are right next door to the mall here ... so that made sense and I can totally do that. So starting tomorrow, I'm bringing some casual clothes and tennis shoes to work. At least twice a week, I'm shooting for three. I think that will help get my energy up ... until I get to the endocrine doc next month.

Happy Wednesday.