Monday, July 28, 2008

Before and After

Good Morning- Happy Monday!

We had a whirlwind Sunday of working on the house. We hung up some curtains and curtain rods that we had been neglecting ... and then I went and got a new duvet cover for one of the guest rooms ... it was very very GREEN in there ... but I bought some khaki items and I think, lightened it up a bit. Conrad said we should paint the ceiling (currently green) maybe a white or light tan and I think I agree with him. It's way to dark in there and I PROMISE you, for resale, when the time comes, we'll have to anyway ...

Here's a little project that was finished up some time ago. There is this weird little alcove going into our bedroom. It's just an open doorway (no door) then you hit OUR door and go into the room. Anyway, our room is navy with a khaki ceiling ... so I figured the little alcove is really more of an extension of our bedroom anyway - so I just copied what we did in there. It looks GREAT ...we can't believe we didn't do it sooner. What you are seeing is our living room wall (the really light brown) then the alcove which WAS white and then our room which is blue... and then the last pic is the white that is now blue. INCREDIBLE!

Have a good week!


Oh and I made these for breakfast on Sunday. DELICIOUS EASY and QUICK!