Monday, June 30, 2008



The weekend was good ... I had a nice, head-clearing day on Friday. It was nice. I needed some time to myself to sort things out in my head. I think I have a clearer picture and at LEAST know what I'm dealing with.

Sunday Conrad and I went house hunting. We still don't know if we need to build the dream house or take advantage of some of these "deals" ... which are generally foreclosures. The practical side of me says DEAL DEAL ... but some of these houses were drop dead gorgeous. There was even one that had this wrap around staircase- half way up, it had a men's den/office - just RIGHT THERE in the middle of the staircase. It looked like a floating room. Conrad was ALL over that one! There are some beautiful homes out there.

There was also one we liked in a subdivision very close to where we live now. They are selling their model home and let me tell you, it was KILLER. It had 4 bedrooms and an office AND an exercise room (with wood floors and mirrors) and also had a media room (with stacked seating) and a game room. This house was to DIE for and in our price range too. We have a lot of talking to do ... It was absolutely the perfect house for us. It had everything- including built in sound system in every room. But there is another house, different floor plan, in the neighborhood that's a foreclosure going for 1/2 has much and it's a little bigger. Decisions. Decisions.