Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Conrad and I had a great New Year's Eve. We went to a restaurant he had eaten lunch at a few months ago- near to where I work- called Cavatore. It's a nice little Italian place that is housed in an old Texas barn.

We had the fried ravioli, a nice dinner and ended the evening with a canaloni. It was really great. Conrad treats me very well, ya'll! Then we came on back to the house, because I don't think either one of us likes to be out much on New Year's Eve. It's just that we had our first date on NYE two years ago, so the night is special to us for different reasons than most I guess. I had a very sad and stressful 2005, and my 2006 started out so well and promising, since I had met Conrad a few days before. Since 2006, things have been up and down- probably for both of us, but we weathered all the storms together and neither one of us caused the stress for the other... we were just there for each other. We often say WOW- most long distance relationships don't last. It's mostly because the weekends you spend together and very idyllic where everything is happy and bright. Generally, when one person moves to be near the other, a break up soon follows, because the two people never really lived real life together... but we sort of did, even from Dallas and Houston. We had deaths in the family, job losses, financial problems, weddings, trips, holidays... all kinds of things that happened during our "courtship"... so I guess we felt like we HAD experienced real life together. It ended up working out GREAT. I really feel a peace I never did before. It's a peace knowing you're loved and well taken care of... and knowing you have made and are making the right decision. Most people say getting married and moving forward is pretty stressful - but I can honestly say neither one of us has felt stressed or cold feet at all. This seems like the next step, the natual progression of things.

I know for ME, but probably not for Conrad :) as I neared my late 20's a sort of panic set in... that I would be alone forever or wondering what was wrong with me... but now I am very grateful for the time alone, the time to grow up and the chance to meet someone and do things right... I am very very thankful that things happened the way they did. We are blessed.

I hope you all have a happy and blessed New Year.

Conrad found $20 in the driveway this morning, so he's convinced this is his best year yet. We went to lunch today and he refused to eat the black eyed peas and cabbage (*sigh* and this IS heartbreaking for a southern girl), so I tried to bone up and eat enough good luck and prosperity for both of us.... and then HE finds the money in the driveway. It's so unfair! Just like men only gain weight in their tummies and if they stop drinking soda for three days, they lose 40 pounds.

Sometimes life just isn't fair!

Love and Warm Wishes from Houston and a Happy New Year!

Karyn, Conrad and Blanca