Sunday, January 13, 2008

Part Time

Today I decided to get a part time job, but one I love. We have a wedding to help pay for- Christmas will be back before you know it (seriously, it sneaks up on you) and of course, just like anyone else I have a little bit of debt AND I also like cool things.

I have a business account at Bank of America I don't use. On payday (Tuesday) I am going to transfer $100 into it and I also have a ton of things around the house here I don't use, don't like and can't fit into. These things are going on Ebay and Craigslist THIS WEEK. Any proceeds are going into this business account. I'm going to keep sort of a jounral or something and start garage saling again in full force.

I think this part time job is going to be me buying things and reselling them. It's in my blood. I've tried to fight it, because if I'm anything like my grandfather, I'll just become a junk hoarder... but really, this is my passion, it's something I love and you never know, one day it could actually be what I do...

So I am going to use the money in the account to start up a little EBay business for the year and we'll see how I do. My goal for 2008 will be to MAKE $10,000

This is why I have to keep the journal- what I paid for it, if I had to put anything in it like paint, etc... what I had to pay Ebay and then what they pay me for it, minus shipping. I'll have to come up with a fun little Exel spreadsheet or something to keep tally.

I'm excited!

Today is January 13th- Blanca got her heartworm pill today (the one she was supposed to get on the 1st) and the Dallas Cowboys have their first playoff game today. GO BOYS!