Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls Week!

Conrad is in Orlando for a week- on his yearly meeting with his company. Blanca and I have the house for a week. Last night I washed the dishes and just puttered around. I ate my leftover chicken n' dumplings and was exhausted by 9. Normally, I don't sleep well if Conrad isn't in the house- but I don't even remember 9:30 coming. I woke up at 6, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Usually I go to bed at 10 and am pretty tired in the morning- maybe the secret is that extra 30 minutes and NOT sitting in front of the TV all night. I should be more active and see what happens.

Blanca and I have some girl "chick flick" movies ready to be watched. I have some food ready to be cooked that Conrad doesn't really care for and tonight I intend to purge my closet. It's a wreck. I'm holding on to the weirdest things. It's all coming out tonight! More fun to restock!

Wedding moving right along too... I bought a stamp yesterdaythat says Karyn & Conrad April 26, 2008- it should be here in about ten days. I have an idea on how to decorate some things for the table... today we'll get the jars for the BBQ sauce and I have a new idea on how to label those too! :) That stamp will come in SUPER HANDY!

It's coming so much faster now that Christmas is over. We're looking at just a little over three months now. I can't believe how fast time is moving. Was it like this for all of you, who got married?


P.S. In light of the Cowboys loss, and how much I HATE THE PATRIOTS and that rotten, baby-making Tom Brady. GO PACKERS!