Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Conrad has brought germs into the house!

No... he's sick. He has gotten the flu, somehow. It's probably my fault- I work with people who have kids and lately, all the kids have been sick. I thought they all had Strep, but maybe me or Conrad or something brought some flu-type germ into the house as well.

The poor thing can barely eat. He ate Monday afternoon and then not again until last night around dinner time. I bought chicken noodle soup, Theraflu and Gatorade. He said he thinks his fever broke sometime last night... and today he is feeling better, but still going to sleep most of the day. I'm sure Blanca is beside herself. Not only is her precious daddy at home, but he seems to want to participate in one of her favorite activities- sleeping! Sometimes I think she stays awake on our days off just to make sure she doesn't miss anything - like fun or food. But I know her and I know she sleeps a good portion of the day... Now her daddy is home with her and he wants to SLEEP- she must be in Doggie Heaven.

I think he is going to feel well enough to eat today though- so back to dinner cooking. I had a nice two days off! So nope- still no Marlboro Man Sandwich. I think by Friday I'll be making it. I actually may make it tonight and just heat up the meat Friday- I have a work thing tomorrow. We are going to the Grand Luxe Cafe. Now there's heaven! It's owned by the Cheesecake Factory and it is PHENOMENAL! They have them in Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and I think a few more places. The menu is overwhelming, the portions are huge and the desserts will make you sit at your table and sob like a twelve year old girl. They even have one you have to order BEFORE your order your meal- because it is cooked to order, it takes over 30 minutes and it is served STRAIGHT out the oven, baby! I think it's one of those molten lava cakes that the chocolate just pours out the side of- I think I'm having some kind of a moment just thinking about it. What? I have to fit in a dress in less than three months? I can't HEAR YOU!!!! ....

Anyway- we need all your thoughts and good wishes sent in the Houston direction- so Mr. Conrad can start feeling better. He says I have been taking care of him- I've really just been taking his temperature, washing my hands a lot and making sure he's breathing in the middle of the night... I also let him have more control over the remote and not making him watch Oprah ... OMG! Happy Birthday Oprah! (yesterday) ... anyway, *sigh*, just things you do for the people you love ....

Oh- and yes, I did change the blog backsplash. That black was very depressing, even super happy fireworks couldn't liven it up. I went with puppies this month- for Valentine's. Because puppies LOVE you unconditionally and I LOVE puppies and I wish I had a new doggie-baby to LOVE (Conrad are you LISTENING!) ... and well, this month is about LUUUURVE.. so there ya go.

Nurse Karyn